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Update to the 3DPO project I’ve finally hashed out adding a 2nd extruder.  Searched around for the parts on my own and figured what was needed based on the one extruder I already had.

The 2nd extruder parts was around 90$ and I’m printing the other parts needed for filament loading and spool holder as I type this.

  • 40mm Fan – link
  • Heatsink – link
  • Extruder loader + small feeder gear for the filament + spring – link
  • Screws – I used #4 x 1.5 ” screws at home depot

I already had:

  • All Metal Hotend – link
  • Heater block with thermocouple and ceramic heater – Monoprice replacement hotend.

The whole thing would probably have been only 60$ if I used a regular PTFE tube tip + hotend guide, but opted to use this side for PET so the all metal hotend will allow me to go hotter and faster.

Here’s the result:



I’m pretty happy with the result.  I’ve only heated up the new extruder end and found I had miswired the fans so that was a fun discovery.  All is well.

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