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Ladies, let me try and give you some advice about making a profile for online dating sites.

1. Use proper grammar and punctuation. I know this is really hard but your Shift button is not hard to press. Also is too much to ask to hit the period button?

2. If you are going to make a list of “things I like in a guy” don’t include things we really hate to do like being forced to tell you that you are pretty. I mean, if you are pretty we are going to tell you. If you aren’t would you rather us lie to your face like that?

3. Why would you put “will never cheat on me.” Are you that horrid that your last BF had to cheat on you? Do you think its a good idea to advertise something like this?


im Briana im 20 i love to hang out with my friend and family i attend fidm in LA i love to travel im a very independent and happy person and alwasys smiling i love the night life i hate dramaThings I look for in a guy:he can make me laugh, honest, romantic,is really nice, tells me im beautiful, will never cheat on me, someone im never bored around, doesnt pressure me,We have to have chemistry, doesnt call me mean names,we can talk for hours, introduces me as his girlfriend in front of his friends,loves to cuddle, loves me for me, acts himself, and will never break my heart, will love me for me,gives me butterflies everytime I see him, and makes me feel so happy that i just cant resist him. .. I NEED A GUY WHOS NOT ALWAYS ON MY CASE ABOUT WORK AND MY JOB I LOVE WHAT I DO I KNOW IT BUGS GUYS BUT GET OVER IT OK

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  1. Mmax said,

    on March 25th, 2008 at 1:05 am

    Lol… The all caps part is a sure-fire way to turn away any guy.

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