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Information in the modern age is a strange monster. We have instant access to the internet and this giant collection of information and the ability to obtain answers is something that has changed out lifestyles in this day and age.

I currently work in the IT Support industry. It is a pretty fair assumption to say that I sit in front of a computer ALL DAY long. What I use it for is not only for work use, but for loading my brain with so much information that I can’t quite make out half of what I read when trying to recall later. Best thing about that is that it is still readily available to me if I have to look something up again.

With this influx of information we have the masses of people who refuse to or don’t catch on easily of where to find information. The market for this business is rather substantial. Learning the internet and its intricacies is a pretty big feat. If it isn’t a part of your life like it is mine I can see how some may have difficulties learning how to use it.

There are then the companies and people who decide to prey upon those unaware. Scams out there that to the trained eye are blatantly obvious, but to many they fall victim to the “too-good-to-be-trues.” Say you have your grandmother or grandfather using their internet. They go to a certain website and get a pop-up that asks for their e-mail. They automatically think “oh hey, sure in order to get to this website I need to enter my address.” Spammed. Another occasion is on the installation of software from prompt of a script in a website or annoying software. This is where Internet Explorer is the devil since ActiveX is evil. By all means, if you feel like having 100 toolbars on your browser, feel free.

I hear stories of this happening from friends and family. The sad part is that many people don’t understand the gaping lack of security they just introduced.

As a general guideline, I tell people “less is better” in the lines of what software you install.  For instance say you install a program for your ISP – Did you really need that installed?  Or was this just a way so they could generate more revenue by loading bloatware on your system and having you use the websites they set out for you.  Think also of a program that might appear to be innocent, downloading a downloader toolbar or a search toolbar for use on your browser.  Chances are you didn’t need it and it is most likely that will log your browsing history or bloat your browser from the resources it uses up.  Just ask yourself “Is this necessary?”   More often than not I get tired of my OS bogging itself down due to it gaining clutter over time.  It is at these times that I just wipe my hard drive and start over.


On the subjects of advancements I’m not simply saying this is just for the “internet” alone. Technology today has advanced so rapidly to the degree that fifty years ago you would see these types of multi-use devices in science fiction magazines. I’m not stating any new revelation, just saying this as a matter of fact. My phone isn’t the most spectacular thing in the world, but this single device, if it was created over a half a century ago it would have started a revolution. Take our technological advances in the last century in retrospect. The US has only been around for 230 some odd years, but given progress of technology by the US and the world in the last two centuries leads me to believe that within this next century we will see breakthroughs that will astonish even me in my lifetime.

So cheers to progression! May we see advancement in my lifetime that I will never have believed to become a reality.  Just remember to use caution and common sense with these new tools.

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