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I got to thinking now about my life again and what progresses I have made.

One good thing I can think about is that I can judge my success on material things. I have a decent car, a great computer, a kick-ass bed, and a roof over my head. The same can’t be said for everyone.

This is an interesting concept – How do we measure success? Are material goods really an accurate assessment of success? Mr. Leisuresuit in his mercedes could be the loneliest man in the world and contemplating suicide. A scenario such as that does not sound too successful to me.

Then some may also pose the question: “Do we have to be successful?” I find that to be a retarded question. Yes, it is human nature to strive to be successful! I suppose if you MUST stray from the pack on this one, go right ahead. Mediocrity in life is one route to take.

Going back to me for a bit here, I don’t think I’m all that successful. I don’t see plans through past fruition. Take my “lose 100lbs” goal for example. Month by month I’ve really stayed around the same weight as I was before. Only now am I trying this out again since I started months ago. I do have one caveat to my original plan though. They way I’m built and my body shape I don’t think I’m going to be one of the skinny fellows. Instead I should probably do a little cardio and more weight lifting. This will probably end up giving me more muscle mass which will burn some weight off, but put more back on in the end. I doubt I can do more than I am now, but using weight as a gauge of success probably will not cut it.

I think I’ll end my thoughts here. I’m just trying to figure things out again in this silly little world we live in. I have some other ideas so perhaps you’ll see another post soon.

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