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So I woke up this morning 2 hours early. That was the start of a bad morning. To make amends I decided to fill myself with carbs and ate two bagels. That should do me for another 6 hours until it is lunchtime (

I’m getting an overwhelming sense of wanting to move away. Be it possibly Austin, TX or somewhere like it. Just not in the northwest. I’m tired of this life I’m in right now and if I moved north to Seattle to live with friends / work there I don’t think it would help all that much.

Just in a permanent funk right now and not entirely sure how to get past it. If I were to find a good job in the town of portland then sure, that’d be a good step up. But I highly doubt that is possible due to the shitty economy we have now in the northwest.

Perhaps I just need to take some time to plan out what I need to do in order to be happy. Now my current wishes are: Job, lose weight, and find the one girl that makes me happy. Notice how none of those are material things? Probably because I’m not a material person. I just like to have my specific necessary things in my life. Working computer, TV, place to sleep, clothes, etc.

I know I’m rambling on so I’ll stop now. Just wanted to let the world know I am considering my options.

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