Why I Love America #2: Large Portion Sizes

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I have lived in many countries, and the United States, by far, has the largest portion sizes that I’ve ever come across. At a trip to Marie Callendar’s last Friday, this cookie caught my eye. It’s almost as big as my head! There’s been a lot of criticism of the size of the meals that most American restaurants/fast food places serve to their patrons due to the U.S. population’s increasing weight. I, however, LOVE the portion sizes here! There’s nothing like going to a restaurant, paying for a meal, and having left overs for the next 1-3 meals. In most cases, the food here is comparatively cheaper than in Europe, and you get way more of it. Why would I complain about getting more food for the same price? BRING IT ON! I think obesity has more to do with people as individuals than the vendors that serve them.

My grandfather always made my brother and I eat everything on our plate. Even when we were full. I can’t wait until he comes to visit me here, and I take him to Claim Jumper.

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