Why I Love America #1: Packaged Cupcakes

Ξ February 18th, 2009 | → | ∇ Life, Food |


As a South African teenager living in Greece and flipping through magazines like Seventeen and Sugar, I’d often daydream about what it’d be like to purchase one of the products shown in the those flashy advertisements. We didn’t have a CVS down the street where you could buy the latest CoverGirl mascara. There was no fat-free ice cream. And there were certainly no Sketchers stores or Starbucks coffee. After graduating high school in Amsterdam, I decided to go to America: the land where you can open a magazine, have your eye peruse an ad, and *gasp* actually go out and purchase that product the very same day!

I love making cupcakes. And now with more America in the mix, they’ve become even easier to make! Stroll down the street to your local grocery store, and you can purchase almost any pre-packaged flavor cupcake mix you can think of!

I made cupcakes tonight for a work colleague’s birthday. Thank you America, for making my life easier and tasty!

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