Interfacing With Another Species 7.2 Ksecs Too Early

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I’ve been scheduled for a conference call without my input on the time for more than 7Ksecs before I usually resume consciousness.  In the past this has usually resulted in disaster for the other involved parties, as I typically can’t resume from standby that early, let alone speak in coherent sentences or form what humans would consider lucid thoughts.  My ideal employer would either be able to work with this better, or be located in Japan.

This article on Code Climber identifies a lot of the most important reasons I and so many others work best at night. There are numerous benefits to working at night:

  • There are far less interruptions by email, instant message, and news via RSS
  • There is minimal interaction with human species, as they seem to prefer sleeping while Sol illuminates the oppopsite side of their planet
  • My best and most productive work requires long periods of concentration and Focus

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Work is stealing my energon.

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Recently I’ve noticed that after I leave work for the day, I don’t want to do a damn thing. This is putting a serious crowbar in the gears of getting ready for my black belt test, maintaining my car and my own health, and general enjoyment of my life.

I don’t know if its just the stress of all the crap currently going on at work, or if its because of the incessant, rampant ignorance displayed by the employees there. I am seriously at a loss as to how these people have made it through life to whatever point they’re at without figuring out how to learn something new. I mean, they’ve made it this far, right? I bet they’ve learned from their mistakes before. Why are they so afraid to do it when you put something with a keyboard in front of them? The damn thing isn’t going to transform into a giant blood-sucking robot if you have to hit ctrl-z because you accidentally bolded something.

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I hate sleeping.

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Really, it’s not the sleep that bothers me so much, as the getting to sleep that I hate so much. The thing that really sucks, is that I want to be asleep right now!

My sleep schedule is all sorts of messed up right now. I blame all those damn kids coming back to work now.

After a horrificaly failtastic display on my first attempt at getting my black belt, I will be retesting in “a few weeks.” Hopefully I’ll pass. More on this in another post (see? I’m setting myself up to post more.)

I think it’s time to try sleep again.

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The bitch of it all is that I can’t stand the *nix communities blind hatred towards M$. I guess I’ll just be a bitter outsider who points out the most obvious flaws.

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Fun with TSA

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I got on the plane, sat down and went back to sleep.


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