Lies from central Florida!

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The University of Central Florida has made up the following lie, in an attempt to prove we’ll never land on the moon again:� 3-D Digital Storage System Could Hold a Library on One DVD. Belfield’s team claims they figured out a way to use lasers to compact large amounts of information onto a DVD while maintaining “excellent” quality. The information is stored permanently without the possibility of damage, they assert.
I have yet to review their research and until such time, I’m assuming it’s a lie. The same goes for all other research in every field. It’s all lies.

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A small update

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I haven’t posted in a while, so here’s what you’ve missed. Skydiving was great, some websites broke and I fixed them. Some hardware failed, and got fixed. In other words, I’ve been busy. Tonight I have a company formal event to attend, and then its off for skiing Saturday and Sunday. There will be no snow and the temperature is about 80F, though they lie and claim 51F, it isn’t much help.

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Re-entry Practice

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Sunday I fall from the sky. I’ll be falling with my sister and others she knows. We’ll see if it can give me a new perspective. tick. i don’t pretend to know the intricacies of my mind. tick. I’ll be departing the ground at 1800 UTC from a place I’d almost never have as a destination, Lake Elsinore CA. tick.
Pay no attention to the ticks. You don’t see them. Hit control + l.

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It will leave a lovely scar

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I’m having a wonderful time waiting to click over to twenty-five here. It happens to fall on pay day this year, at least. You can’t hide what you hold. You get in the middle. You lift your arms to try to catch a star.
And there may be a reduction in car insurance, but with my luck I wouldn’t bet on it. Unless I was awful at gambling. In which case I would bet on it. I urge you to bet against whatever I’m betting on.
So many things happen at once sometimes its hard to keep track of what to do next.� In spite of Annette’s vocal problems since the last one, the colors in the wheel is magnificent to say the least.

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HOW Conference and Jelousy

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The following is some information on the HOW Conference in Chicago taking place now through Wednesday. I’m jealous I’m not attending.
HOW Design Conference
Like HOW magazine, the HOW Design Conference recognizes that graphic design is a business as well as an art. HOW launched this annual event in 1991 with the goal of providing a hands-on, educational program to enable designers to better balance the three key components of graphic design: creativity, business and technology. Conference sessions cover a mix of these three critical design issues, with particular emphasis on creative and business topics.
Mind Your Own Business Conference
The Mind Your Own Business Conference is a bi-annual event sponsored by HOW magazine and ReCourses, Inc., a management consulting firm that works exclusively with small service providers in the communications industry. Together, HOW and ReCourses recognize making the transition from successful artist to successful businessperson can be challenging. At the Mind Your Own […]

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not entirely screwed

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Note: if you followed this link from one of my client’s websites with a negative attitude with the intent to find
“inappropriate material” for only the Amish, please leave immediately. You may be offended by opinions
and free thinking.

California General Election via Secretary Of State
Official Voter Information Guide Grant Henninger’s Voting Guide
Guide available via blog and
via PDF (Mirror)
U.S House of Representatives
Find out which republicans to avoid in your area
“Unbiased” Voting Guide from the Secretary of State
List of issues presented to voters with pros and cons

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Censorship By Parents Who Can’t Conrol Their Children

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A website I maintain was recently brought under attack on one of the links I post on my personal website which has no affiliation with my employer or any projects I freelance . I post these thinks to further my ability to illustrate my ability to freelance any project regardless of content.One of the users of these side projects dug deep to find a correlation between my personal site ( and one of my professional freelance sites and had a major problem with artwork. I imagine that in this particular users world all artwork would be subject to approval by this user, which of course makes zero sense in the world we’ve created on the internet.This kind of thiking, where an entity must censor their content so that their underage internet user is not subject to its artistic content should immediately indicate that this user not produce offspring, and […]

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You will pay for calling me a liar

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A lot of people have been questioning if I actually did see Massive Attack as I reported. Some of these individuals are become violent. Some of them are doing filthy things to my apartment complex gate when I drive out in the morning. Some of them are laying eggs in the stomachs of their friends to spite me. I thought I’d upload a scan of the ticket I had just to prove these nay-sayers wrong once and for all.

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Vitamins win again

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the Vitamin O’Yeah has recommended what I’d call a good anime. Worth your time at the least. I wish for more traditional hand drawn things from it, but any mixture anime will I apply that wish to.
Appleseed was released in 2004 by Geneon. It is based on the characters created by Masamune Shirow in the original Appleseed manga series that started airing in 1985. Although some of the characters are the same, the storylines hold little in common.
Either way, I liked this story line.

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The next hurdle

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Hardware secure to case. I had to go with the AMD solution for cooling versus the one recommended to me. I now see the reason for ventillation slots positioned exactly where they are on the top of the case; the CPU fan nearly extends to the very top of the available space. Without those slots there’d be no air getting to the heatsink.
2U Enterprise NCC-1701-E posts.
Now I contemplate how different an evms install will change my normal gentoo install pattern.

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Moving and Instability

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I like pattern. Routine. Lack of it tends to disturb me and interrupt many of my routine functions on a fundamental level. I must move out of this apartment; I can no longer afford to live here, and the cost of living in this area has escalated beyond what my salary can handle. I don’t want to live in a place I don’t feel safe, and I dont want a big commute. Finding a new place to live is just one problem I’m facing. Moving all of the ’stuff’ I’ve collected is going to be an entirely different problem. I almost wish a Tyler Durden would burn down my apartment so I could be free of all this junk. I will be acquiring a new television which will not fit my entertainment center, so I may have to give that up after ten years or so of ownership. I think […]

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