faster internet!

Ξ March 13th, 2008 | → 0 Comments | ∇ techie, blog |

The great news has finally come. I upgraded to 1.5Mb/384 DSL yesterday. It’ll go into effect tomorrow, after 8PM. Most of you will be laughing at my 1.5Mb speed, but when you’re 17000 feet from the CO, that’s wonderful. I’ve been scraping by on 384k DSL since I got it, years ago. This was necessitated by mom and dad getting their own computers. I don’t want to share my bandwidth! Oh, It’s also $15 cheaper. Woot!

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new blogsoft

Ξ March 7th, 2007 | → Comments Off | ∇ techie, blog |

After using the blog crap I coded so long ago, I finally moved to wordpress, after maker notified me that I was susceptible to SQL injection hacks. Easier to move the software than try to rewrite the code. Hurray for security


Google Reader

Ξ May 30th, 2006 | → Comments Off | ∇ techie |

So, I’ve been prompted by Maker to start using Google Reader. Here are my thoughts:
For some reason, it’s not sorting by dates correctly for me. PA’s May 29 post is somehow more recent than BoingBoing’s post from 5 minutes ago. Maybe that will go away once the dust settles from adding penny-arcade. Hopefully.
I’d like to see tabbed feed browsing, where I could have all of my friend’s blogs (updated less frequently) in a tab seperate from the behemoth feeds (slashdot, bb, etc), and even a tab for my comics. That’d be nice.


XML gooderness

Ξ May 30th, 2006 | → Comments Off | ∇ techie |

I’ve redone the way the xml gets updated, and now I shouldn’t have any problems with “badly formed” xml. hopefully. I can’t protect myself from stupid things with html entities though.


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