New Phone and New Comment

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Real quick, here’s a little clip about when I’m getting a new phone:

SAN FRANCISCO, June 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Apple(R) today introduced the new iPhone(TM) 3G, combining all the revolutionary features of iPhone with 3G networking that is twice as fast* as the first generation iPhone, built-in GPS for expanded location based mobile services, and iPhone 2.0 software which includes support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and runs the hundreds of third party applications already built with the recently released iPhone SDK. In the US the new iPhone 3G is priced at a stunning $199 for the 8GB model, and just $299 for the 16GB model.  (Gizmodo)

Onto something just as important,  ojuice and I got a comment on our screenshots from a while back and it wasn’t spam!

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Mobile Computing Device Settlement

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I have decided to wait for the next generation of iPhone. Hopefully these will be out by early 2009. The keyboard on it may be two times slower than regular qwerty phones, but it suits my giant fingers and missing keys a lot.

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Blackened Berry Shortcakes

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Phone - Blackberry Curve 8320 BlackBerry Curve 8320

Probably out of the running is this little guy. My understanding is that the way email is handled is fantastic and everything else is severely lacking, most especially the web browser. As I prefer to read email when I’m ready with consideration to the vast volume of it that I receive.

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Maker and Sprint Meet For the First Time

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While experimenting with a Palm Centro phone tonight, I discovered a couple things:

  1. Sprint’s EVDO is about what we’ll call, “trillions” of times faster than T-Mobile’s 0.001kpbs Make-Believe GPRS. When you have good reception. Which is to say never. Did I mention I work across the freeway from a T-Mobile corporate headquarters? They probably all use Nextel.
  2. The web browser is even more of an important feature for me than I suspected.
  3. The Centro’s web browser is considerably lacking when compared to my current phone’s browser which an extremely stripped down version of one the worst desktop browsers to ever have been made.
  4. Price is more of an important factor than I had previously guessed at. Fortunately, I can get a really good deal on any Sprint phone I like. I know a guy.

This guy also suggested the Sprint MOGUL by HTC. My current phone is an HTC with WM 5 on it. I’d feel right at home, except with a better OS and better network.

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New Mobile Phone Project

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I will be selecting a mobile phone product and carrier for personal needs as my company decided to switch to T-Mobile. The T-Mobile “service” I get is completely unacceptable, especially considering I live and work in a pretty densely populated area and can see one of their corporate buildings from my own office.

Now begins the requirements analysis phase. mmm, organization.

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So in this new place the network is as follows: a cable modem -> wifi router. Presently I’m the only one hard wired in.
What I’d really like to do is increase the upload speed, and obviously the download speed, add a relay or use the same type of router already in use here to repeat the wireless signal. I dont have the foggiest idea of how to go about setting up one to be an AP, but I imagine a few minutes of trial and error should do the trick. My alternative to this is microwave dishes to broadcast the signal for a few miles more than I want.
If any of you have experience in hooking up two wifi routers/APs to spread the wealth, please send a few pointers my way.
Once I have the wireless signal closer to what I’d like to experience, I’m going to push for a faster […]

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Questions to ask a SQL Server database developer applicant

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Standard set of baseline technical questions he asks SQL Server database developers during an interview. These questions will help you weed out less-qualified candidates.

It is very difficult in today’s job market to find well-qualified database developers. It’s very easy to attain a basic understanding of SQL, yet another to master SQL.
When I interviewing SQL Server database developer candidates, a standard set of baseline technical questions works well. The following questions are ones that can really help weed out less-qualified candidates. They are listed in order from easiest to more difficult. When you get to the question about primary and foreign keys, it starts to get challenging because the answers can be more difficult to explain and articulate, especially in an interview setting.
Can you give me an overview of some of the database objects available for use in SQL Server 2000?
You are looking for objects such as: tables, views, user-defined functions, […]

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Edwards Airforce Base Air Show

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Air Show Acts
Gates open at 7 flying starts at 10:00 AM
Saturday and Sunday performances are identical.
Flying starts with the F-16 Sonic Boom commemorating Chuck Yeager’s breaking of the sound barrier.

Golden Knights Flag Jump
Opening Ceremonies
F-22A Demo Flight
P-51 Demo Flight
A-10 Demo Flight
F-15E Demo Flight
Heritage Flights F-22A, F-15, A-10, P-51
Mr. Craif Treft and his aerobatic Pitt
Red Bull Aerobatic Mig-17
NASA ER-2 Fly By
T-34 Demo Flight
F/A-18 Hornet Demo Flight
F4U Corsair and Hawker Sea Fury legacy flights
B-25 Mitchell Fly By

General Break for Lunch

Hang Glider Demo by Dan Buchanan
Mr. John Collver’s AT-6
Royal Dutch AF Precision Team Performance F-16
Ms. Margaret Stivers Wing Walker and Aviatrix
C-17 Air Drop and Demo
B-52 Demo
Golden Knights
B-1 Demo
F-117 Stealth Fighter Demo
Predator MQ-9 fly by
AFFTC Aerial Review
Air Force Thunderbirds

Show will end at roughly 4:45 p.m.

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The Burning Crusade

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I think we require some organization here. I volunteer for this, provided there are no complaints or whining of any kind. teamslack will live again, and thrive.

We need a complete front end splash page
a forum very categorized
a clear idea of what will happen and when and how we’ll be set up

Our current “solutions” require much to be clarified. This includes the order of our posts and general order of what is going to go down.

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The next hurdle

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Hardware secure to case. I had to go with the AMD solution for cooling versus the one recommended to me. I now see the reason for ventillation slots positioned exactly where they are on the top of the case; the CPU fan nearly extends to the very top of the available space. Without those slots there’d be no air getting to the heatsink.
2U Enterprise NCC-1701-E posts.
Now I contemplate how different an evms install will change my normal gentoo install pattern.

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Something wicked this way comes

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Once I solve the mounting cpu fan issue, I need to install and test the following:

I’m having issues with postfix at the moment.
Implementing a backp system on my current system as practice
Email supporting IMAP
webmail interface that doesn’t look like squirrels or something worse.
Determining how I want to do DNS
Figuring out evms

This has to be solved roughly by Sunday. I’ve secured rackspace already, at least.

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