Bento Boxes!

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Sometimes I think I go a little over-kill with the amount of exclamation marks I use, but when I get excited about something I can’t help it! “Bento Boxes” looks so…boring. “Bento Boxes!” is way more exciting. But anyways, I digress…

Almost every day, I visit various food blogs, and today I came across this one:

Soy and Pepper

I love the idea of fusing cultural foods together, and a lot of recipes on this site achieve this result. What got me very excited was this woman’s use of bento boxes:

Soy Pepper Bento

These are just a couple of examples, but I like the idea of presenting food in an organized and appetizing (and cute!) way. Looking at this block set me off on a bento box rampage. I spent about 2 hours researching the bento box, and which one would be best for my needs. I think I’ll be purchasing a few different kinds in the future, but for now I purchased the following:

Monkey Bento Box Set

  2 bento boxes


Sauce/condiment containers

Sauce and condiment containers

I purchased these through Bento Crazy. They have a PayPal payment process, which makes things quick and safe. Another site that I loved is Sugar Charms.  Their bento boxes are a little pricier, but there’s a huge variety of them, and they have lots of accessories.

So now I have to sit and wait patiently until my bento boxes arrive! This will give me some time to figure out what I’m going to make first.

Iz it to can bee bentow timz now plz? kthnx bai.

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Typographic Tea Towels

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One blog that I visit almost every day is that of Scottish illustrator/designer Linzie Hunter. I really love her illustration style. She recently designed some silk-screened tea towels that I thought were just too freaking awesome:

Sadly, she no longer has these specific towels in stock, but she has some new ones in her online store.

I’m very inspired to try some silk screening of my own. Maybe within the next few months…

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Oh Happy Day

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The first half of today sucked. I got to work an hour earlier than usual, and spent the entire morning editing, cropping, image-searching, printing, fixing printers, re-printing, mounting, copy-writing, and PDF-making (whew). I was so busy that there wasn’t even time to wage my daily war with the antique toaster that is the embodiment of the anti-christ. So by 11:30am, my hand was looking mighty tasty. Luckily Sean agreed to nom CPK with me. The weather outside was beautiful and it was perfect t-shirt temperature. I ate my entire BBQ chicken pizza, followed by an ice-cold pepsi. That was a lunch of win. I popped into Restoration Hardware afterwards really quick to purchase two items that were on my super-duper purchase list of 2008: a bathrobe and some hand cream. Restoration Hardware has the best bathrobes EVER. They’re super-soft and very, very comfy. I also bought some hand cream that Sean’s mom introduced to me. It’s called No-Crack Hand Cream, and comes in a variety of scents. She uses the lemon-scented one, so that’s the one that I got. It smells divine, and feels great.

bathrobeHand Cream

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