In the words of the great peons of Warcraft; “More work?!”

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I’ve recently been engaged in trying to make an idea profitable.  In addition to my heavy workload at my office, and my regular daily activity this is going to prove more than a little tricky to manage, but I’m pretty confident that I can devote the amount of time and CPU cycles to it. I’m intensely busy with this project at the moment, but hopefully something easy and lazy will manifest from it to generate revenue.

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I will be moving tomorrow to somewhere in central Orange County. I can’t say where, because its Tustin Ranch. I’m not sure yet if it’s a real city. Anyway, my point is that some services will be disrupted while enterprise is being moved. DNS should be fine, but obviously anything thats hosted or running on enterprise will be unreachable. I should be setting up enterprise’s replacement in the next couple of weeks, with an actual data center for it to live at.

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So in this new place the network is as follows: a cable modem -> wifi router. Presently I’m the only one hard wired in.
What I’d really like to do is increase the upload speed, and obviously the download speed, add a relay or use the same type of router already in use here to repeat the wireless signal. I dont have the foggiest idea of how to go about setting up one to be an AP, but I imagine a few minutes of trial and error should do the trick. My alternative to this is microwave dishes to broadcast the signal for a few miles more than I want.
If any of you have experience in hooking up two wifi routers/APs to spread the wealth, please send a few pointers my way.
Once I have the wireless signal closer to what I’d like to experience, I’m going to push for a faster […]

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Questions to ask a SQL Server database developer applicant

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Standard set of baseline technical questions he asks SQL Server database developers during an interview. These questions will help you weed out less-qualified candidates.

It is very difficult in today’s job market to find well-qualified database developers. It’s very easy to attain a basic understanding of SQL, yet another to master SQL.
When I interviewing SQL Server database developer candidates, a standard set of baseline technical questions works well. The following questions are ones that can really help weed out less-qualified candidates. They are listed in order from easiest to more difficult. When you get to the question about primary and foreign keys, it starts to get challenging because the answers can be more difficult to explain and articulate, especially in an interview setting.
Can you give me an overview of some of the database objects available for use in SQL Server 2000?
You are looking for objects such as: tables, views, user-defined functions, […]

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AMD and the future of a 2U

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Enterprise NCC-1701-E, the 2U designed to outclass and outperform its predecessor is nearing its final construction stages.
I’m going to use the AMD cooling system vs the alternative one I bought; I’ll keep an eye on temperature. It has a decent number of fans, I do not think cooling will be a problem with this case.
I’ve nearly secured space, but there are a few questions I must determine myself before committing. Estimated time to completion is one to two weeks until its online and performing admirably.

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Something wicked this way comes

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Once I solve the mounting cpu fan issue, I need to install and test the following:

I’m having issues with postfix at the moment.
Implementing a backp system on my current system as practice
Email supporting IMAP
webmail interface that doesn’t look like squirrels or something worse.
Determining how I want to do DNS
Figuring out evms

This has to be solved roughly by Sunday. I’ve secured rackspace already, at least.

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For this cruel unsaid, won’t concede.

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The fan plate is of the wrong type for the board. This confuses and frightens me. I will either solve this with additional mana or have faith in AMD’s ability to build a decent heatsink and fan. The board is built for a cpu plate with four screw holes in each corner. The third party one I bought has only two, and they are positioned in such a way that I can’t even rotate it 45 degrees to rig something together.
This completely halts my plans. It will remain in a disassembled state on the floor in my living room.

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