Movie Review: Machete

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First off, I just wanted to mention nothing I say here will do this movie justice.

The movie itself was pretty cool. I came into the theater knowing Rodriguez’s style for this movie genre. It is akin to his work in Planet Terror, From Dusk Til Dawn, and even Sin City. If you don’t like humorous gratuitous violence and nudity then this movie isn’t for you.

You are introduced right away to the mexican BAMF who has been wronged, his daughter taken away from him and his wife had been killed by the “mexican” version of Steven Seagal. He is left for dead and then we come to several years later where we meet the real story where ‘Machete’ is now in Texas and he runs into a suspicious character hiring him on for a job.

Nudity and sex in this movie is presented in a humorous manner. Bringing the audience into the movie with the notion that “yeah, sex can be funny.” We often don’t see that in modern day movies where the writer / director will keep the subject light and the fact that somebody isn’t wearing clothes isn’t the end of the world. The US mainstream media still clings to the taboo that nudity and sex is wrong in a christian society when in all honesty its just a person in the buff and they can be fine to look at.

With that said, I have to say that I enjoyed Lohan’s bewbs in this film.

On the other end of this spectrum we get the violence factor. Now I’m a die hard fan of the Kill Bill movies and what they gave the movie watcher public. I think that Tarrantino gave us something that all movie makers should go off of. Bringing the bits and pieces of masterpieces of yesteryear into modern cinema. With this he also brought tons of gratuitous violence. And I have to say, if it is in jest, I’m okay with it. It’s not a horror film. You don’t have some teenage ditz running away from a guy with an axe, or a serial killer tormenting innocent people in a mind fuck. You have limbs chopped off, you have people getting impaled with swords. You have a force that cannot be stopped killing whoever the hell he wants to get some goddamn revenge. It’s great, it’s genious, it is just want I wanted in this movie.

Honestly I think he makes the Spy Kids movies just to even out the level of testosterone in his films.

So like I said, all in all the movie was very enjoyable. I left the theater with the sense that “wow, that was badass.” There were tons of good one-liners to quote for days and great moments in the film where it was so off the wall that you just had to slap your knee and laugh. In the end of the film there are a few hilarious moments if you can catch the references.

Just want to mention that I recommend this movie to any mature movie watcher. It was a great action trip and had a ton of humor to boot. I hope you’ll leave the movie pleased like I did.

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Movie Review: The Expendables

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* Just to start, want to let you know my reviews here on out will contain spoilers, so by all means stop reading, but only because of the spoilers, not because you dislike me. That’s just mean. *

So I just got through watching ‘The Expendables.’ I had a free moment and saw it had decent ratings on IMDB so I thought I’d give it a shot. As a whole I’d say this is 90% older men kicking people’s asses and 10% mindless drama. Here is a synopsis:

The setting of the film is there are old badass mercenaries that are given a ‘job’ to take out a ruling dictator on some no name island in the middle of nowhere. This rag-tag group of individuals is led by Stallone and barks orders in some nonsensical manner.

Speaking of which, half the time in this movie I couldn’t understand what anyone was saying. When this gets to DVD I need to watch it again with subtitles. Between Stallone’s mumbling, Lundgren’s accent, and Jet Li’s engrish I was left wondering what the hell was going on for a good part of the movie.

We have a subplot with Statham where he feels heartbroken because of getting dumped, but the girl comes back to him because she got knocked around a little so he gets to play the gallant knight and rough up some basketball players.

So queue the assault on the island. We have a major character, a woman with daddy issues, introduced to us when she shows Stallone and Statham around the island. Turns out there is a third party that was funding a cocaine producing operation. Who knew?! Queue the dictator, Sgt. Batiste from Dexter and his kind hearted attitude. Stallone and Statham end up escaping and taking out a bunch of extras dressed up as soldiers in the process.

I just want to mention that there is a clear correlation between knives and how big the character’s e-peen is in this movie. That is all.

So the characters are wishy washy, Lundgren is kicked out of the group and is sad about it. We end up getting the group back to the island where the “rescue operation” commences for this one girl. We have some cocky british guy who you knew when he was introduced he was going to die in the film. Then we have Steve Austin giving his same tough guy routine that he can’t seem stray from because he isn’t an actor (hint: he plays a bad guy and he dies by getting lit on fire in the end).

I just have one question for Stallone: Why did he have the bad guy take the hostage girl with daddy issues? The guy clearly stopped in his tracks and grabbed the girl. WHY?!?! He could have gotten away easily with time to spare if he’d done that. Why be so cliché and attempt to take the girl that the good guys are clearly here to get. Maybe he needed a cleaning lady or liked her pretty paintings and wanted a mural or some shit. It’s almost like he’s never seen a single action flick, ever.

In conclusion, nobody could “get to da choppa” because it was blowed up, the bad guy dies, and Stallone gets to have his girl that is 30 years younger than him, but he decides he’s better off alone and takes the gallant routine and flies away, not getting any that night.

It wasn’t the “worst” film ever made. It is what it is: an action flick. I couldn’t expect anything else. I still can’t decide if the movie was brilliant or retarded. I guess I’ll let you decide.

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Dexter Season 4

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DEXTER (Season 2)

So I finished season 4 of Dexter this week. This post is going to be really hard to write because I don’t want to give away any spoilers. Regardless, I wanted to give a bit of information on season 4 to those who haven’t watched it.

John Lithgow plays a serial killer, Arthur Mitchell. He has been committing murders across the united states for the last 30 years and always in groups of three. You end up finding out what drives this “Trinity” killer insane to be able to commit these crimes. Throughout the season you get to experience a chase of the police trying to find him and also with Dexter trying to beat them to it. Dexter however isn’t the usual predator as he has been in the past. He uncovers that Arthur has a family and hides behind them to create the perfect cover. With Dexter constantly battling his multiple personae he finds that there might be a way to live with his dark passenger and also be a family man. Two roles he feels he cannot live without. Dexter soon discovers that Arthur isn’t exactly the role model type and in fact has many flaws.

Lithgow plays the part of a psychopath famously. His cold presence when he interacts with others and the rage he displays when Dexter pisses him off is just amazing. Dexter of course is his usual self. Confused and jaded by trying to juggle too many balls at once. He finds him self committing many mistakes that end up letting Arthur get away several times. It is only when he focuses on his “dark passenger” that he truly can seek vengeance or whatever type of righteousness there is to fulfill his own dark desires.

I’m glad to see they kept Lithgow as a character for the entire season. There are other characters in the season that you see come and go and many side stories between the other familiar characters. There questions about Rita’s commitment to the relationship with Dexter, a romance between Batista and Laguerta, A re-ignited flame between Debra and Lund, and a new fling with Quinn that turns mysterious.

The season had a few slow parts with the drama we all see from shows like this in order to develop the secondary characters of the show. Tensions flare and people get hurt. The drama was more of a build up to the climax at the end of the season. I’d just like to say that the conclusion of the season was a real shocker. I was literally yelling at the screen “OH SHI!” I’m really hooked and want to find out what happens next season!

The bottom line is, if you are a fan of dexter, you won’t be dissapointed in this season. It was very solid and adds to the case that Dexter is a complete badass.

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Weekend Update

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I know I havn’t had a real update on my life for a while, so I suppose I’ll do that now.

Yes, I am still unemployed.  I’ve decided I have chosen to be unemployed until I find / land a job that is best suited for me.  It is a long-ass journey, and it’s not easy, but fuck it… I’ll do what I want.

I’m currently working on a few programming projects to bide my time.  Also I’ve began reading “Soul of the New Machine.”  So what is new in my life?  Well… I’ve watched a few movies, played a few games since I last wrote.  Some new movies I’ve seen are: “Once”, “Hitman”, “The Assassination of Jesse James”, and “The Darjeeling Limited”.  I guess I’ll write minireviews of each one here, just to let you know what I thought of them:

This movie was excellent.  I love indie films, and I love musical films, so it was a direct hit.  I saw the reward speech on the academy awards for best musical score and I was intrigued.  So I picked up a copy and watched it.  The movie kept me wondering what was going to happen next.  With the dialects and slower pace, along with it’s emotion, it proved to be a good watch.  I won’t add a synopsis here, just check out IMDB for a quick outline if you are interested.   I give it a 5/5.

First I have to say, I love the genre of games.  I think Eidos gave a good storyline and decent gameplay to their series (even though hitman 2 blowed).  I however, had no expectations for the movie before watching the film.  I knew it was possible that it might stink, so I watched with an open mind.  I found the acting to be unbelievable.  I think the main actor showed too much emotion and too much intrigue for the opposite sex or for the opposite characters.  It didn’t fit well with the storyline from the game (which I suppose is just as bad as a movie not fitting to the original novel).  The stunts were “okay,”  I was never half out of my seat in suspence.  I guess if you want to see a naked russian chick, then see this film.  I give it a 2/5 for merit.

“The Assassination of Jesse James”
I really enjoyed this film.  Brad Pitt did an excellent job portraying his character.  The acting was superb and I was glued to my screen watching every minute of it (every 180 or so minutes).  I would recommend that all my friends watch this movie, even if you aren’t into westerns.  It is a very good film that had great acting, great cinematography, and great writing.  Check the info at IMDB if you are interested.  I give it a 5/5.

“The Darjeeling Limited”
First off I want to say that I am a very big fan of Wes Anderson films.  I enjoy the dry humor and the deepsetted emotion that is present in every one of his movies.  With this film (which I also saw in theatres when it came out) I felt that Wes did a very good job.  I feel that it might be his 2nd best movie (following Royal Tennenbaums and followed by Rushmore).  The trio pack of Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman was great.  I really felt that they had a connection on film.  Once again I won’t ruin the plot for you or give anything away, I’ll have somebody else do that for you.  I say that if you are a Wes Anderson fan, go see it.  If you aren’t, go see it anyway.  I give it a 5/5.

Um, I suppose that’s all I really wanted to say.  I am currently scheduled for an interview for a job, so I’ll let you all know how that turns out.  In the meantime, stay classy.

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Movie Review: Into The Wild

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I recently had the pleasure of watching the recent movie considered for academy awards titled “Into The Wild.” Let me tell you, I think this is probably one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. Even now I am thinking about it at 4am in the morning and cannot sleep.

It is written (screenplay) and directed by Sean Penn and is based off a novel, which was about a true story of a boy who graduated a Georgia college in 1990 and “ran away” from his life and set on a journey across the U.S., down to Mexico, and finally ending in Alaska. Along the trek he meets many interesting people who give the plot it’s vibrancy. As the movie is presented, it felt to me like he was on a spiritual quest, to find the true meaning of life and what his calling and purpose was on this Earth.

The main character is troubled from his parent’s abusive relationship and materialistic lives. This is what sets him off once he graduated and he doesn’t want to be found. The reason for his travels is to find a philosophical truth to life by way of living in nature and connecting to the people and places around him. Throughout the movie there are literary quotes that were very profound to me and I took them to heart.

I just want to say again that I found this movie to be an amazing work of art. I thank you Sean Penn for introducing this story to me.

I give this film a 5/5 (I’d give it more if I could).

(note: this was written at 430am and is in no way coherent. making adjustments later)

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