Flickr Moment

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Random flickr photo I came across. They look sad, or eager for something?

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Movie A Day

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So I’ve decided to try something new out. I will promise to watch a movie a day for a while. This will most likely happen around when I am going to bed. Sometimes I’ll watch more than one. I figured “I love movies, why not do this?”

Tonight I will watch “Serenity.” Followup in the morning (will create new “page” with ongoing info).

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Hi all, I’m sorry I’ve been posting stupidly lately… I’ve been tinkering around with plugins, etc. and wanted to show you all the cool features I’ve been looking into. So as a result I have self hosted *.flv video working, mp3 working, and lightbox working again.

As for an actual update? Well life is pretty shitty lately. I wish that I was still in school working on another diploma or something. I know that this is practically impossible at this venture, but honestly, I need a break from my pitiful life as it exists right now. I yearn for some action, preferably in the job form that gives me money. It is not a choice that I exist this way. It is my inevitable place right now that I can’t seem to get out of for the life of me. So ya, fucking great, eh?

Screw this life.

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video flv embed

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[See post to watch Flash video]

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Sound test!

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Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton

(A neat little wordpress addon to add audiofiles into posts…. click the play button!)

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Big Trouble in Little China has got to be my #2 of my favorite movies of all time (#1 being The Princess Bride). For some reason hulu doesn’t have the entire movie up, but here is a clip:

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Flickr Photo Moment #1

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This marks the first post where I will deliberately make random posts about completely arbitrary things on the internets.  Starting with flickr, this is a funny photo I stumbled upon…

Isn’t it fun being random?

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An Update In Motion

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I’ve been meaning to make an update for a week or so now. It seems to be a hassle to remember these things.

What is new? Well, I am going to sum up things, if that is alright.

Last week I went to LaGrande, OR to gather the rest of his belongings at his ex’s place. It was a five hour trip and I thought I’d keep him company. Plus I don’t have jack shit else to do. So we scrambled to get his stuff and made it back to Salem.

Saturday I went to the festival thing in my town to go see Barack Obama. He was passing through on his way to Portland. My mom and I were right in front, to wait and meet Obama as he and his wife walked to greet the crowd. It was pretty awesome, to meet someone famous and shake their hand. If he ends up becoming president, it will be an honor for me to say that I have seen this person up close and personal. Obama’s wife hugged my mom and they said their wishes. Then Obama shook my hand and I wished him a successful campaign. Pretty freakin’ cool. In my town of 29000 people, he decides to visit!

In other news, I watched a really good movie yesterday. A foreign movie titled “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.” It is a french film that captures humanity and shows it’s weaknesses and how frail it can be. I’m just going to sum up the plotline because I will write another post later on my review. It is about a man in his prime who suffers from a stroke and is completely paralyzed throughout his body except for one eye. His brain is fully functional. In his state, memories and imagination are his freedom. It is a really good film and I’d advise anyone to see it.

And now for something completely different:
My mother purchased a Wii. I bought Super Smash Bros. Melee so I can have some fun with it. I enjoy it quite a bit. The game has really great gameplay and the fact that i can play it online is even more a selling point for me. Tonight I played with some of my friend’s from WoW. Tres fun.

If you want to play sometime, message me via this post, or on irc, mmax@efnet.

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FotC - Ladies of the World

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Holy crap, his stash is awesome.

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Movie Review: The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters

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So, I’m currently watching “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.” What can I say… I’m kind of sad to say that I am a gamer. I had no idea that there was this type of competitive gaming out there and that it has existed for so long.

I want to say that from what I saw, the people who were obsessed with high scores and world records were completely retarted. I know you will not know what I’m saying until you see the film so I will give you a brief synopsis:

It is a documentary about video gamers who play classic video games and are completely obsessed. They put everything aside aspects of their life: family, job, and respect. The dirty tricks and one-sided gameplay is ridiculous. As I watched this movie and my mouth was open wide in awe. I was like, WTF?! The focus of the game is between two people trying for the world record in Donkey Kong. Through back and forth playing and complete crass on one part, the movie comes to a close.

Anyway, so “Billy Mitchell” and “Steve Wiebe” were competing against each other for the world record. In particular, Steve was insane. Even his kids thought that he was being retarted. So far Billy Mitchell has refused time and time again to appear to beat the score. Steve on the other hand is showing up in competitions and what I’m guessing is taking time off work, etc. to be there.

So yeah, long story short, time and time again Billy showed to be a fucking asshole in the movie and he pisses me off because he is the biggest douchebag / tool known to man. If anybody feels like defending this asshat, I don’t give a shit and don’t want to hear it. Put perfectly in a rambling manner, a post on imdb about the film, titled “Billy is a Douchebag! Seriously! - Kuh Too!”:

Go ahead and try to defend that tool…he had every opportunity to have a positive image - but he came off crass - arrogant - by the way until this doc I didn’t even know people like this existed. Evey hear of women?? Billy you’re a TOOL. And I bet your boy lover KUH is the one defending you on these post.. It’s funny that Donkey Kong went out in the 80’s - but you haven’t realized that your wardrobe did too…Steve Wiebe seemed like a Stand up guy — BUT YOU a tool box Billy — when you broke the record — did you do it in public?? I assume not!! Even your wife sold you out..NIce boobs? Fake like your “God speeches”. Nice job contradicting yourself — Nice mullet…And the whole world NO matter what Twin Galaxies says - everyone knows YOU ARE A COWARD!! Wiebe was right there (challenging you) and all you did was make an ass comment and move on. COWARD!!! WIEBE for President…and KUH find a women you ass….get a life..

OH and the IRONY — his buddy who LIED about having the highest score - and now is an ATTORNEY!!!..

So yeah, pretty much that sums it up. Some nice guy tries to get a world record and gets his hand slapped by some fuckhead from Florida.

Anyway, the movie itself was entertaining. It made me feel that my life was fine just where it is because I am not as self-absorbed as these foodbags. They never fully moved on from the 80s and are living a sad existence.

Spoiler?: I looked up to see if Billy ever tried to claim back his title after Steve Wiebe took it back at 1,049,100 score and evidently he supposedly did (on film, mind you) at a whopping 1,050,200. During the movie the fucker says that he’d pay 10 grand to someone who beats his score. Steve Wiebe, by the end of the movie, beat it and I doubt he ever saw any penny of the money.

Here is the face of a complete douche:

Heed my warning: Do not try to become this man. This gross mullet-haired dumbass who’s only pleasure in life is playing a video game. In fact: I may quit playing WoW entirely just so I don’t become this asshole.

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