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Welcome Back, Kotter!

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If anyone doesn’t know what my title is from, I’d suggest watching this video:

It’s the intro to a 70s sitcom staring John Travolta.

Anyway, that’s besides the point.  The real reason I felt like making a post at 3am is because my friends from Ohio are in town for the week.  We had a great time yesterday eating, drinking, and being generally merry.  Good times, indeed.

I started to think about if I’ll ever leave Oregon.  I’m really not sure if I ever will, unless the opportunity presents itself that I will get a job out of state.  This is fine by me, I guess if I find a job that I can live off of and at the same time have people around me that I know and can hang out with, if need be.

This is just a few things that have been running around in my rat-trap of a brain.  Well, I’m extremely tired, so I will end this post here.  Soon I’ll write more on my experiences as of late, but for now, I must catch the Z’s.

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Site Test: Scribd Documents

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Job Possibility

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Today I went up to Portland and had an interview with a recruiting company called “CampusPoint.” They keep in contact with local companies around Portland (usually smaller ones) and basically recruit new graduates for positions at these companies. It seems they have a pretty good rep and placement rate. The people I spoke with were very nice and cordial. The next step is talking to them about applying for one of their positions that they have posted on their website. There were a few programming positions that I noticed, but will definately be keeping up on them as they are posted daily.

So who knows, maybe something will come up. Once again, tired of staying at home doing nothing all day. Would be nice to have some moneys.

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After 3 years of playing WoW I never looked into getting the furbolg form rod for any of my characters. I finally did it tonight because I thought it would be fun. Sure enough, it was.

Here is FURBOLG FEZZIK! Warrior furbolg extraordinare:


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Old Screenshot

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I was going thru my fraps folder of game screenshots and I came across an oldie of the latest F.E.A.R. expansion game: F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate. It is of a small easter egg that I found whilst jaunting through an office building:


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Sad Songs Say So Much

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The title is there because I have Elton John stuck in my head. Anyway, for my post:

I watched the movie “La Vie En Rose” tonight. It was a story / biography of the supposed “greatest french pop singer”(according to wikipedia) Edith Piaf. I found it to be a compelling story. The main actress performed beautifully and rightly deserved her academy award. The storyline takes the viewer through Edith’s troubled life. Revealing her hopes and dreams, and also her fears in life. I’d say if you are in the mood for a good foreign film, then watch this movie. I really enjoyed it. 4/5, imo.

I’ve started thinking about how people go on in life day to day. What their priorities are and such. Personally I hate that I stay at home day in and day out doing nothing. But I feel that I might need to ease off this rut slowly, since it has been going on 8 months since I graduated college. Finding anything at this point would be a godsend. Ugh, I guess I’m just blowing off stress again.

Time for sleep, until next time…

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Weekend Update

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I know I havn’t had a real update on my life for a while, so I suppose I’ll do that now.

Yes, I am still unemployed.  I’ve decided I have chosen to be unemployed until I find / land a job that is best suited for me.  It is a long-ass journey, and it’s not easy, but fuck it… I’ll do what I want.

I’m currently working on a few programming projects to bide my time.  Also I’ve began reading “Soul of the New Machine.”  So what is new in my life?  Well… I’ve watched a few movies, played a few games since I last wrote.  Some new movies I’ve seen are: “Once”, “Hitman”, “The Assassination of Jesse James”, and “The Darjeeling Limited”.  I guess I’ll write minireviews of each one here, just to let you know what I thought of them:

This movie was excellent.  I love indie films, and I love musical films, so it was a direct hit.  I saw the reward speech on the academy awards for best musical score and I was intrigued.  So I picked up a copy and watched it.  The movie kept me wondering what was going to happen next.  With the dialects and slower pace, along with it’s emotion, it proved to be a good watch.  I won’t add a synopsis here, just check out IMDB for a quick outline if you are interested.   I give it a 5/5.

First I have to say, I love the genre of games.  I think Eidos gave a good storyline and decent gameplay to their series (even though hitman 2 blowed).  I however, had no expectations for the movie before watching the film.  I knew it was possible that it might stink, so I watched with an open mind.  I found the acting to be unbelievable.  I think the main actor showed too much emotion and too much intrigue for the opposite sex or for the opposite characters.  It didn’t fit well with the storyline from the game (which I suppose is just as bad as a movie not fitting to the original novel).  The stunts were “okay,”  I was never half out of my seat in suspence.  I guess if you want to see a naked russian chick, then see this film.  I give it a 2/5 for merit.

“The Assassination of Jesse James”
I really enjoyed this film.  Brad Pitt did an excellent job portraying his character.  The acting was superb and I was glued to my screen watching every minute of it (every 180 or so minutes).  I would recommend that all my friends watch this movie, even if you aren’t into westerns.  It is a very good film that had great acting, great cinematography, and great writing.  Check the info at IMDB if you are interested.  I give it a 5/5.

“The Darjeeling Limited”
First off I want to say that I am a very big fan of Wes Anderson films.  I enjoy the dry humor and the deepsetted emotion that is present in every one of his movies.  With this film (which I also saw in theatres when it came out) I felt that Wes did a very good job.  I feel that it might be his 2nd best movie (following Royal Tennenbaums and followed by Rushmore).  The trio pack of Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and Jason Schwartzman was great.  I really felt that they had a connection on film.  Once again I won’t ruin the plot for you or give anything away, I’ll have somebody else do that for you.  I say that if you are a Wes Anderson fan, go see it.  If you aren’t, go see it anyway.  I give it a 5/5.

Um, I suppose that’s all I really wanted to say.  I am currently scheduled for an interview for a job, so I’ll let you all know how that turns out.  In the meantime, stay classy.

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Happy Holly

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Here is my cousin Holly, being her cheerful self:

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Funny PvP

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All Heals On Me was bored and decided to do some pvping.  I suggested it be to the death.  Here is me dueling with Blukrystal, BM hunter.  Murda decides to rez her and take vengeance for something she did earlier.

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Hory crap.

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So I’ve been watching this show “Dexter” the past few days.  Lemme tell you… I love it.  It scares me, confuses me, and then scares the fuck out of me again.

The main premise is that there is a serial killer that kills other serial killers.  The thing is that there is a nemesis of the main character who butchers hookers and plays mind games.  The nerve-racking thing is that the guy involves himself with the other characters, and it pisses me off!

Scary crap, lemme tell you.

Anyway, I want to go back to watching this episode.  Damn…  Scary awesomeness.

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