Federal Taxes

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I no longer will be paying for federal taxes. They take out too much. I’m going to try to get a California ballot going to have us seperate from the U.S. Half of my paycheck goes to services I don’t recieve or agree with. I work for my health care, I dont expect it to be handed to me, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The only one I might pay for is disability. I’ll tell you how that goes. I plan to be entirely successful.

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screw this global warming

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Why do people want to stop or slow global warning? To hell with this planet. lets move to another one. This one is a disaster and not worth saving. Saving it doesn’t save our species from extinction. We need to spread like rabbits over every rock in this galaxy. Our current plan of hiding on this little worthless ball is a sure-fire way to be destroyed.

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not entirely screwed

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Note: if you followed this link from one of my client’s websites with a negative attitude with the intent to find
“inappropriate material” for only the Amish, please leave immediately. You may be offended by opinions
and free thinking.

California General Election via Secretary Of State
Official Voter Information Guide Grant Henninger’s Voting Guide
Guide available via blog and
via PDF (Mirror)
U.S House of Representatives
Find out which republicans to avoid in your area
“Unbiased” Voting Guide from the Secretary of State
List of issues presented to voters with pros and cons

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