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So in this new place the network is as follows: a cable modem -> wifi router. Presently I’m the only one hard wired in.
What I’d really like to do is increase the upload speed, and obviously the download speed, add a relay or use the same type of router already in use here to repeat the wireless signal. I dont have the foggiest idea of how to go about setting up one to be an AP, but I imagine a few minutes of trial and error should do the trick. My alternative to this is microwave dishes to broadcast the signal for a few miles more than I want.
If any of you have experience in hooking up two wifi routers/APs to spread the wealth, please send a few pointers my way.
Once I have the wireless signal closer to what I’d like to experience, I’m going to push for a faster […]

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in light of recent events

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the following has been enacted due to recent events.
privacy policy
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If you have issues with this, it either doesn’t apply to you or tough luck.

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