PAX ’12 Goodness

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“Hi there, long time poster, first time caller.  My name is Ryan and I’m a gamer.”

PAX tickets went on sale a couple of weeks ago and I was lucky enough to get tickets ordered the first day.  I hear now that tickets are sold out for the 3 day passes.  Tough luck (

Last year was the my first year attending pax and I broke my “PAX virginity.”  This was also the time that I first met my now girlfriend and love of my life.  I’d say this is a rather big event for me now and I’m excited for this year and many years to come.

I never really posted about how last year went and thought I’d share a few stories on my blog.  Right off the bat things were kind of hectic when we rolled into town late on Thursday.  We dropped off our stuff and then headed over to a local pub for a Harry Potter pub crawl )  I spend too much money, drank too much alcohol and passed out that night.  All in all, good times!

The next day, hungover was spent attending the event and enjoying all the pretty sights and grabbing cool swag.  I got to see upcoming games and try out a few of them.  The next couple of days went like this and I saw many awesome goodies, but the one thing that sticks out in my memory was the PAXtra life party at the Fox Sports Bar & Grill.  This was when I first met my girl and I fell in love at first sight.  This year I’m definately going to be getting tickets for the party.  I’m excited to go this year with my girl!  Many a things to introduce her to and exhibits to see.  3

Does anyone else have PAX stories to tell?

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