yay, Big LCD!

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Ok, so after enough lawns mowing job…(heh, computer fix-it jobs) i saved up enough to get a dell 2007fp.
I got it on sale for 350$ i shall bask in it 20″ goodness.
I chose it because of its s-video and composite inputs. This way i can use it as an LCD tv with my satellite TV. I currently have my gamecube hooked to it.
As its 16ms response time, i don’t see any ghosting in games. It has surprised me how good it is.

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Yay, free LCD

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So i did some work for someone and they told me that thier LCD had caught fire, and they didn’t have the receipt to take it back. I told them i would throw it away for them. Me being curiouse, i took it home and plugged it ni. i got the splash screen saying no signal detected. so i plugged it in to a video source and the screen went black, but you could tell it was still displaying trhe image. It then started to smell funny. So i called up LG, they said i could send it in without a receipt. So i did! They paid for the return and everything.
All said and done, i got a 17″ LCD for free!
I gave it to my wife so should could have a PC in the living room.

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