Oak Canyon Nature Center – Tranquility Trail, Wren Way, Bluebird Loop

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Oak Canyon Nature Center

Vital Stats
Trailhead 6700 Walnut Canyon RdAnaheim, CA 92807
Length 1.89 Miles
Elevation 194 Feet
Difficulty Easy

Oak Canyon Nature Center is a small park nestled in the canyons of Anaheim Hills. The park is ideal for parents and children looking for just a taste of the outdoors. For locals, the Oak Canyon Nature Center is also a great place for short trail runs or hikes when you just want to get out of the house. Unfortunately, Oak Canyon isn’t open to mountain bikes, but honestly it isn’t big enough to really enjoy yourself on a bike anyways.

This route takes you through the south side of Oak Canyon Nature Center, which is wooded with a thick oak forest and back down along the main access road that runs the length of the park. The north side of the park, which this route doesn’t explore, is much more barren. The trail starts just past and behind the interpretive center.

Oak Canyon Nature Center

Tranquility Trail heads slightly up hill through an old grove of oak trees. There are a couple of offshoots from the trail that head up into the neighborhoods at the top of the hill. Once the trail makes a meandering horseshoe U-turn to the left the trail levels off and transitions into California chaparral.

Tranquility Trail continues until it runs into Wren Way. You can take Tranquility Trail back down to the main access road or continue strait onto Wren Way. Wren Way is a trail covered with a low canopy of trees that undulates as it heads slightly uphill. Wren Way follows along a drainage channel, over a number of bridges built as Eagle Scout projects over the years.

Oak Canyon Nature Center

Wren Way runs into Bluebird Loop, which runs all the way out of the park. You’ll reach a fallen tree next to a chain link fence, which is the parks border. The trail continues over the fallen tree and through a short section of single track until it reaches the access road. Once at the access road, you turn left and are faced with the same chain link fence you passed earlier. On the right side of the vehicle access gate is an opening that will allow you back into the park.

From the park gate, simply take the access road back to the parking lot. The road is all downhill in this direction. The road follows the stream that runs the length of the park. There is one stream crossing that has a small wooden foot bridge. As with most access roads, this one is wide and mostly smooth as far as trails go.

This trail through Oak Canyon Nature Center in the heart of Anaheim Hills is an easy hike suitable for families. Both my wife and I grew up visiting this park often, my wife even did her Girl Scout Gold Award project here. Oak Canyon is not a large park and doesn’t allow bikes, but is a great park for a family outing.

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