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So recently I applied for a position which was actually my old position I had at my job over a year ago that I was laid off from.

I learn last night that my friend who still works there spoke with my old manager and it turns out he has no intention of hiring me. Didn’t give any clear reason as to why, just simply does not wish to hire me. I don’t understand this in the slightest. Is it that he doesn’t think I would be there that long, so he would have to seek a replacement at some point? That is preposterous. I’m mostly going to be there for the long haul and sure, if some random opportunity of a life time came up I might take it, but hell… There’s no flipping reason why he shouldn’t consider me for the job.

I basically got the shaft here and I’m kind of pissed about it. My current job is something that is basically sucking the life out of me day by day and I need something different. The problem is, I’m no longer a new grad, so I won’t get a job on that merit, so now it’s to the point where I would be hired off the basis of experience. Experience that I don’t have.

Kind of a bum deal.

I had a brief moment of happiness when I sat down and helped a friend out with a program last night. He had a class project in c++ and wasn’t sure how to build his program. I walked him through a couple of functions he would need and what syntax he would need for them.

Later on I was bored and ended up writing the program myself. A strange sense of accomplishment came over me. I shared my code with him and he was very appreciative that I helped him out. I don’t think I helped him out too much, because I was letting him know the design of each function as I was showing him the code, so *hopefully* he learned the process at this point.

Even since that was just a simple little program i find that it was kind of nice to get into the swing of programming again and getting some type of design on my system.

Basically I have a very high powered computer that has been a glorified internet browsing computer for the last 4 months. I’ve got VMs setup to develop programs in any environment I choose and a server that is setup to do my bidding for hosting projects and whatever setups I so desire.

Things are pretty flipping sweet. I just need to take the initiative and go forth with my programming venture. If you have any ideas please let me know.

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An interesting read.

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I’ve found myself reading more recently, which is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time. I had this past week off as vacation time and felt I needed to catch up on a book that I had been enjoying.

“A Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin is probably one of the best fantasy books I have ever read. The way he writes captivates the reader into becoming completely engrossed in the story. I spent 3 days reading this book and managed to cover 450 pages or so and am almost finished with it. An example of the time I read last week:

In other news a friend linked this to another friend and I found it an interesting read on the ethos of the human character in terms of knowledge people believe they have and where you might fit in the category. Link here.

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VMWare Tinkering

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I just want to start off saying that windows 7 is awesome. So I had an idea that since I’ve upgraded my PC and I have a super awesome setup that I should go about working with virtual machines on my new setup.

So today, after working on getting my system setup with a legal copy of windows 7 (thanks sheena) after the beta had expired decided I would keep a streamlined system. I’m only installing the bare essentials and I’ve noticed that in a lot of cases when I install software to program with, or do other things on, I have a hard time getting things to run as smoothly as they once did. So I decided I don’t want to clutter things up anymore.

Here enters VMWare Workstation. I plan on doing my development inside of a virtual machine and then leave my computer clogged free of whatever it my feel to pollute itself with.

I loaded up the install of VMWare, input my serial, and then loaded up a copy of windows xp x64 bit to work off of. Why XP x64? Well for one, I had a legal key of this from school and I want to have a virgin VMware to work on since I’m taking it directly from the MSDN iso. That and I thought why not start with a development environment that is more or less as close to what “the common medium” have as an operating system. It’s not xp x32 bit, which you will see on 90% of computers out there today, but it is a close second. I could have gone with windows 7 in my VM, but I had reasons of not doing so.

Anywhoozles, I installed XP 64 bit in the VM without any issues. Loaded up some service pack 2 and then plopped on visual studio 2008. Got myself a development box! So I went overboard some more and I’ve now got ubuntu 9.10 in a virtual machine and also going to get google chrome OS and OSX loaded on there.

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Dexter Season 4

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DEXTER (Season 2)

So I finished season 4 of Dexter this week. This post is going to be really hard to write because I don’t want to give away any spoilers. Regardless, I wanted to give a bit of information on season 4 to those who haven’t watched it.

John Lithgow plays a serial killer, Arthur Mitchell. He has been committing murders across the united states for the last 30 years and always in groups of three. You end up finding out what drives this “Trinity” killer insane to be able to commit these crimes. Throughout the season you get to experience a chase of the police trying to find him and also with Dexter trying to beat them to it. Dexter however isn’t the usual predator as he has been in the past. He uncovers that Arthur has a family and hides behind them to create the perfect cover. With Dexter constantly battling his multiple personae he finds that there might be a way to live with his dark passenger and also be a family man. Two roles he feels he cannot live without. Dexter soon discovers that Arthur isn’t exactly the role model type and in fact has many flaws.

Lithgow plays the part of a psychopath famously. His cold presence when he interacts with others and the rage he displays when Dexter pisses him off is just amazing. Dexter of course is his usual self. Confused and jaded by trying to juggle too many balls at once. He finds him self committing many mistakes that end up letting Arthur get away several times. It is only when he focuses on his “dark passenger” that he truly can seek vengeance or whatever type of righteousness there is to fulfill his own dark desires.

I’m glad to see they kept Lithgow as a character for the entire season. There are other characters in the season that you see come and go and many side stories between the other familiar characters. There questions about Rita’s commitment to the relationship with Dexter, a romance between Batista and Laguerta, A re-ignited flame between Debra and Lund, and a new fling with Quinn that turns mysterious.

The season had a few slow parts with the drama we all see from shows like this in order to develop the secondary characters of the show. Tensions flare and people get hurt. The drama was more of a build up to the climax at the end of the season. I’d just like to say that the conclusion of the season was a real shocker. I was literally yelling at the screen “OH SHI!” I’m really hooked and want to find out what happens next season!

The bottom line is, if you are a fan of dexter, you won’t be dissapointed in this season. It was very solid and adds to the case that Dexter is a complete badass.

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Dragon Age Is Teh Shit.

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So I have joined the masses in the playing of DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS. A new game by Bioware. It has the feel of mass effect with the rpg elements and complexity of WoW, DnD, and Baldur’s gate. The game is truly amazing. I know a fellow gamer who has played some odd 100 hours on this game and continues to play.

I havn’t been playing as much as he, but I’d say I have a good 40 hours played on this game. At first I wasn’t sure what type of character to play. I ended up making a two handed weapon warrior, then didn’t like the build I chose at the start, so I made a second one that was basically the same as the first. Once I decided I didn’t like the slow swing of the 2H weapon, I changed it up a bit and made a berserker dual wielding force of awesomeness.

At the moment I’m level 19 and “probably” nearing the end of the main storyline, but I cannot be so sure. I had issues earlier with my DLC content not working correctly. So I wasn’t able to get Shale early on, nor did I get access to warden’s keep. There was something a matter with my patching system, so what I did was reinstalled them recently with a new addons.xml file and loaded up the .dazip’s and it works fabulously.

I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I just wanted to say that this last weekend I was so engrossed in the storyline that I actually felt bad for one of my decisions I made in the game. It is at a VERY pivital part of the campaign and I chose the evil route which ended up killing a character I had through the entire game. This made me feel down at the time and I was like “OH SHIT, NO WAI.” This in turn made me dream about it. And I woke up early the next day with deciding I had to reload an old save because I couldn’t continue playing like this if this is what I turn out to be doing.

So… basically I reloaded and picked up from an earlier save and all was right in the world. Anyway, I have shale now and end game he’s a way better tank than alistair. He goes and pwns fools and aoe taunts and does 60+ dmg per hit. It’s insane. Definately recommend the shale download.

What does this mean when I beat the campaign? I’ll probably start over. One part I love about this game is there are SOO many choices. I havn’t unlocked everything yet for my account. I still have the reaver unlock to get. But the thing is, it is an RPG game that has so many choiced that really make you feel that this is “an alternate reality” and that your choices dictate your actions, so to speak. I can feel like I want to play an “evil” toon. He will make the evil decisions, piss off his party… but the catch is… He won’t have to always pick the evil solution. At times there are a lesser of two evils and what feels to be the dark route might not be. It’s very unclear if you are trying to pick one path.

I was going to make an evil character at the start because my friends all make stoic characters in games, picking the good side of things, and I usually watch them play this. So a welcomed change is when I take the dark route and can brag about how cool the other side of the fence is. The thing here is I can’t make myself pick the evil route all the time because at some point it makes me miss out on a LOT of content. Not to mention I wouldn’t ever feel an evil character would be THAT evil. Just because he wouldn’t have any friends. No, my character this time around is one who is an asshole out of necessity. He is a bully who intimidates his foes, but has the cunning to persuade others into making them feel it was their idea in the first place.

I should stop writing, as I have work to do. I just wanted to say that I recommend this game greatly for a more mature gamer who loves a great storyline. Even non-gamers will like this game, as it is not that difficult to play, but is so in-depth that it reels you in at every turn!

Mooch gives it a 10/10.

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Mr. Moch goes to the mid-west

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So I haven’t written about my adventures in the midwest yet.  I’m sure some of you who read this blog already know the story because you know me.  Anywho, here’s how it went down…

tues – weds
So I left work and drove up to Seattle.  Showed up around 1030 and crashed at my friend’s house.  The next day I hung out with some friends and had beer and dinner at a place called “cinebarre.”  It was awesome.  I had pizza and chicken with plenty of beer, all while watching a movie.  It was pretty epic.  We watched District 9 (2nd seeing it time for me).  The next morning at around 530am we headed out for an interesting adventure to the airport with very little sleep and public transportation.  We made it to downtown Seattle and I had a man approach me yelling “You’re the maker of the ROBOTS! man, infecting our brains!  You piss on our pig whore women!”  He was all up in my face and I just kept walking.  My friend said if it were him he woulda clocked the guy.  Anywho, with crazy loons aside, we made it to the airport and I made it on the plane.  On the plane my bag almost was going to have to be checked because it was a full flight.  We made it into denver and then we took another flight an hour or later.  We made it to Columbus around 5pm local time, ate at some pizza place, drank beer, and then headed back to crash at my friend’s house.  The first thing I noticed when I made it to Ohio was the cicadas.  They are loud fuckers and the ominous loud buzzing of them is something I couldn’t get used to my entire trip.

The next day we were left to fend for ourselves because our friends from Columbus were busy / working.  We decided to walk around downtown columbus.  We ate at this cool bar / grill called “The tip top.”  They had some good chips and I had a decent philly cheese steak.  They even had Rogue dead guy, hehe.  We walked around some more and took some pictures of the capitol building there.  We then met up with friends that we were visiting and headed out to “Dublin” to see where my friend worked and also saw the Wendy’s headquarters, and then we ate at a Greek restaurant.  I had a gyro.  Headed back to their place and once again passed out for the night.

So we took a new venue this day…  We drove for 3 or so hours north, through farm country and saw an amish horse and buggy.  We finally made it to Sandusky, Ohio.
In Sandusky we went to Cedar Point rollercoaster park.  I had some fun for hours on end, walking around..  We saw some group called “Got Country” and they had some insanely country bumpkin ballad about god and the US, etc. etc.  There were some rides I couldn’t fit on because I’m a big bastard, but oh well.  My friend Jared had blacked out on one of the rides from the G-force.  On the way back it was really late and we stopped by a “Steak N’ Shake.”  This place was pretty epic.  It was made up like a 60′s diner. They had burgers that were chopped up and delicious, then of course they have shakes and they were amazing.  All around as fast food goes, this place was freakin’ cool.  We made it home pretty late, but it was a fun day and I was exhausted.

We left for Chicago and made it there in the afternoon.  We stayed at the Chicago Hilton and they got our rooms messed up.  We were supposed to have two rooms, one with a king, and one with two queens.  The rooms we would have had were occupied by someone who decided to stay an extra night.  So what we ended up in was a suite that was like 2000 dollars per night normally.  This place was pretty swank.  My friend mentioned that all that was missing was some hookers and blow.  So true.  We decided on a sushi place for dinner and thats the first time I’ve had sushi in my lifetime.  It was a different taste and I noticed the different texture more than anything.  Certainly something to be acquired if you are the person to “really like” sushi.  I tried different dishes and it wasn’t half bad.

Later that night a friend who was with us and had been in Chicago before recommended a blues club to us called “Blue Chicago.”  It was a small hole in the wall bar that, at that night, had a band that was playing some really good blues music.  The man who sang looked like he’d had a hard life and could really play the guitar.  My friend and I were hungry so we stopped by some diner place and ordered philly cheese steaks.  They were the worst tasting cheese steaks I have ever had.  It was a good thing I was slightly drunk because I would not have finished any of it.  But anyway, good music and good friends made for a really great night.

The next morning we decided to do the touristy thing.  This day I took my DSLR with me and took most of the pictures on my trip.  We got to the bike tour place early in north Chicago and around noon we set off on a tour of north Chicago area.  I couldn’t even tell you where we went, but I remember the landmarks moderately well.  We saw the lincoln park, the original playboy mansion, and the worlds largest free zoo.  I was pretty tired from the bike ride since I’m a lazy ass on a normal day.  Once we were done with the bike tour, we went back to the hotel to figure out our room situation.  After this we headed out in search of Uno’s pizza!  Ordered two Unos pizza’s and 2 hours later we received our food after we were seated.  The place was super busy, but the food made up for it.  I had two pieces and I was bested by the worlds best pizza crust.  It was so thick and so delicious… I was famished.  After this we walked around a bit in chicago and eventually made our way to the sears / willis tower.  So this was pretty epic.  The tallest building in north america, we decided to say fuck lines and took the fast track thing to the top since there were tons of people there.  Once we made it to the top, we could see the entire landscape of chicago.  Buildings as far as the eye can see.  Now here comes the trippy part.  I went out on the sky ledges they have on the observatory deck.  You start to walk out on it and I felt fine and didn’t notice a thing.  I look down, turn around, and get a sense of where I am and see the building and how far down I am and I got a little queezy.  It was trippy seeing the side of the building and how far down the ground was.  I’m not afraid of heights, but this was pretty awesome.  I took a ton of pictures here, so be sure to check out my album on this.  We made it back to the hotel eventually after hours of walking.  I had blisters on my feet and I could have passed out if I felt like it.  It was another frigen sweet day and I was good to get some rest.

The next day we packed up our gear and made it back to Ohio, but stopped in Indianapolis area to meet up with a friend who I hadn’t seen since high school.  We rolled into “Zionsville” and it looked like a quaint little midwestern town.  I’m sure many of the residence knew each other’s names and I got an erie feeling of “I wonder how many cults are around this area.”  We made it to his house and that subject actually came up in our conversation, it was pretty funny.  We had a small bbq and I had a great time seeing a fellow classmate from school and meeting his wife.  It’s great to see people doing well off for themselves and enjoying life.  We didn’t want to leave, but we had to make the trek back to Ohio.  We made it back really late and I crashed on the couch once again.


The next day we didn’t really do a whole lot of anything.  Mainly slept in and waited for our friends to get done with school, work, etc. so we could spend some time with them.  We went to an ‘irish’ pub for lunch that wasn’t really good and it was super humid that day.

That night I had the most awesome ice cream and sorbet ever.  The place was called “Jeni’s” and the flavors were to die for.  I was of course stuffed and I we decided to call it a night.

The next was the last day on our trip.  We didn’t really do much this day.  Ate at steak n’ shake again and made it to the airport and on our plane back to Denver.  We arrived an hour early to Denver and found that our flight was delayed 3 hours.  No reason given to us.  That was a total bummer, but we made it on the plane around 12:20, flew back to Seattle and due to time zone shift, made it out of the airport around 1:15am.  This was a pain getting back to my friend’s house.  We ended up taking the craziest bus ride ever that took forever to make it’s way back.  I had to listen to some tards talk about getting guitar hero and rock band mixed up, and how “shooters” are so real these days.  It was painful and I was too tired to even think.  Around 230am we made it back and I slept long days.

The next morning regrettably my friends had to work.  I however also took this day off.  It was a pain, but I made my way home eventually for another long drive.  It wasn’t to terrible, but I made it home around 4pm. I was glad to be back in Oregon.

I’m slowly realizing that I don’t like flying.  This was only the second trip I’ve taken ever where I’ve had to fly to get somewhere.  This time I took care of the flight jitters by listening to my ipod and snoozing my way through the flight.

The trip was fun and was a great experience.  It makes me wish I had more opportunities to travel in my life.  Perhaps some day I’ll be able to.

Check out my photo album on flickr of Chicago:

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Oldie but goodie: Legos

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For some reason I’ve had an idea for pictures recently and it has to deal with Legos.  I’ve seen around the internet stop motion videos and just in general photos of people taking pictures of Lego figurines in various poses, scenes, etc.  I like this idea.  Here is the thing… I haven’t played with legos since I was probably 14 yrs old… There is a large collection of vehicles I used to play with in my usual set and with these I ended up keeping them together and packaging them in ziplocs and cardboard boxes for 11 years!!  I had a blast from the past the other day and had a great time messing with legos and photos and what not.  Here are a few shots I put up on flickr:

Eventually I want to try out stop motion photography.  It is tedious work, I know… but it definately interests me.  The thing is I wish i had a macro lense to take these pics with.  It doesn’t work well with my current lenses so I used my point and shoot digicam that takes crazy ass macro shots (some of them around 1″ from the subject!).  The close up of the car is from that point and shoot.

So lemme know what you think.  I’ll definately try more later, everything I do is of course a work in progress.  I didn’t have full ground plates to do build my scenes on.  They are at my parent’s house somewhere.

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1, 2, buckle my shoe…

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So I spent almost an entire week at my friend’s Brian and Sheena’s place in Seattle.  Had a great time, got to hang with friends and be merry and such.  I wanted to just note a few things that were firsts for me this weekend:

  • First job interview in another state.
  • First time drinking an irish car bomb.
  • First time filling my own gas tank (not kidding, I am a lazy hippy Oregonian that doesn’t travel often out of state).
  • First time seeing a concert live (AND IT WAS FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS! WOO!)

I know there must be more but I can’t think of them at the moment.  I’ll add more later as time goes by.  I’m starting to realize what a sheltered, lazy life I live and it is usually done behind the computer screen.

Here’s to new adventures and growing up.

[See post to watch Flash video]

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this is why I’m hot.

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self serving photoshoot by myself.  took me about 100 shots to get lighting remotely correct in my damn room:

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Why MMOs are the bane of my existance…

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So, I have not played World of Warcraft for around 3 months now and from what I just read about today, I reaffirm my decision. I had even considered for a moment of reactivating until I read about the infamous “karatechop” incident.

The entire story is listed here in an interview, or if you can’t read WoW websites due to filtering, you can read it on my forum here.

So there is this guy, he is in a guild of friends who from the sound of it casually raid. They were in mostly Naxxramas gear and were trying out Ulduar. This fella, karatechop, innocently came across an item in his friend’s ingame email that was given to him by an account restore. The reason he has the item is because Blizzard fubared in some way and gave it to him on accident. You can read here about the item. Apparently it has 100 charges that will kill anything in a 30 yard radius. Yes, overpowered item. So what would the normal person do? Exploit it and overuse the item? Sure. I know I would. This individual, karatechop did no such thing for the most part. From what I gathered from his interview, he used it 14 times and had no ill intent in using it. He did not wish to break any world firsts or mess with stats in World of Warcraft in any way. He was merely using it because he found it to be a joke item and thought that it would be okay since blizzard gave it to them.

Think of it as a classic tale of “I am a higher power, I give you this ultimate item to do with what you seem fit, but if you use it at all, I will banish you forever.” Personally I find that to be bullshit. I don’t give a fuck what kind of authority a company or entity thinks they have. It is crap what Blizzard did. They banned him, and put a lock on his entire guild because they might have something to do with it. I used to play in a close knit guild, it was the only enjoyable way to experience the game in my opinion. If this had happened to me I would have done the same actions as karatechop and would also be banned right now. It’s simple as that. Hell I would have even figured a ban to be imminent since I know the kind of crap Blizzard likes to find to be bannable offenses. With that in mind I would have taken it to a new level and destroy every living thing in the game. 100 uses… think there are 100 bosses in the game? 1 shot every boss in the game = epic proportions.

What I basically want to say is, I don’t feel that MMOs are worth it anymore. I believe I can have the same enjoyment from drinking on the weekends or hanging out with real life friends. This kind of social interaction is probably healthier in the long run anyway. On the other side of it, I don’t believe the companies that run these games have the customer in their best interest. They should put up precautions ahead of time to keep this shit from happening, and I don’t believe they resolve the issues in the correct manner. Why not have database crawlers checking the character’s items that are ingame? Spot the issue before it gets in the hands of a character and correct it. No harm no foul. But nooo, that might cost them money and take away from the millions, if not billions of dollars they are making from their subscriber base. Fuck you sir, fuck you.

Yeah so I had said earlier that I may join another MMO in the future. I think this incident added on top of the other stories I’ve heard in the past to make me not want to start up again. I played WoW since it was released 4.5 or so years ago and for the most part I had a good experience. There was guild drama and other bullshit I never felt I wanted to be apart of. The only enjoyment I took from it was because I was hanging out with people on ventrilo and ran in stupid online instances doing whatever we wanted. But the game also was the same old boring game as it always has been since items with a pretty look and different stats just made me feel like I was playing Barbie on a computer or he-man for that matter. BATTLE THE DEMONS, RAWR!

Anyway, I feel bad that karatechop and his guild were subjected to that kind of punishment. I also think that the retarded shit people are saying online is just that… retarded. Claiming that he deserved his punishment and he was a hacker and a cheat… fuck you. I think the IQ level of most WoW players is the lowest of the low and I’m grown up enough now to feel that I don’t belong online in that game.

So enjoy your bullshit, I’ll see you in hell.

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