A Life Anew

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I’ve brought the site back online since ages past.  Doing so because I am on a new internet connection now that has proper bandwidth for this sort of thing and I feel that I can host my own server much easier as I have been doing for ages.

There have been some drastic improvements in my life since I last wrote on a blog.  Days of old I was unemployed, then I was in a dead-end job that I didn’t really enjoy and hated every minute of it.  Then I found the job that was just right for me and ended up enjoying it right off the bat.  I work at a healthcare software company providing software support for customers and IT professionals.  The troubleshooting day to day is quite exciting and I cherish every day I get to work here.

After my job I knew I had landed something great, but I always felt there was something missing.  Companionship is what I yearned for.  Just over 3 months ago I was contacted by a childhood friend living in Seattle and he told me he had met this girl he thought was perfect for me and wanted to set me up.  I was hesitant at first because it was going to be a blind date hook-up, so to speak.  After exchanging e-mails for a good part of time I really wanted to meet her in person.  It just so happened that I was at PAX this year and was in her area.  I asked her to come to a PAXtra life party for charity and that she and I could meet.  The first time I saw her walking towards me on the sidewalk I felt what love was like.  This beautiful girl smiling at me just warmed my heart and of course I had to hug her.  So we waited in line and once inside we enjoyed drinks and chatted for a good while until the night was through.

Continually we made it a routine to visit each other each weekend back and forth, driving the 3+ hours back and forth from portland to seattle.  Every chance I had to be with her was absolutely amazing.  It wasn’t long until i asked her to move down to portland.  I was scared at first since she’d be packing up and moving down here for a boy.  Earlier this month we moved in together and it has been bliss.  I’m thankful for the time I’ve spent with her and hope there are many more years to come.  I love this girl and I feel my life is whole because of her.

Long story short: Life is pretty freaking awesome right now.

Just a heads up, I’m going to start adding content over the continuing days and make sure I get some decent information on here for the internet to enjoy.  The last 5+ years of posting has been great even though it might be for naught (i.e. very little page views).  Regardless I think it is therapeutic to me and think that writing is a good thing every now and then.

For now, I bid you adieu. Take care and have a happy and safe holiday season.


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