There will be tables and chairs…

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…with pony rides and dancing bears…

There will be tables and chairs, pony rides and dancing bears

…and yes, there will be snacks.

I was able to pick up the Andrew Bird iTunes Session EP last week and it has renewed the love I have for this man.  Some of the notable tracks on the album are “Skin is, My”, and “Opposite Day”. All of the tracks were recorded live and more than live up to the expectations I have for the Bird man: they are not at all like his other recordings or previous performances.  That’s what I’ve always loved about him.  That’s what music is; the true craft.  It’s a living, breathing, changing thing. To me, Andrew Bird keeps the spirit of performance alive.

I forgot which composer believed that music should never be recorded…that’s up for some googling later.  Regardless of who it was,  I understand where he’s coming from.  The true form of music lies in the performance, where things can change and mistakes can be made.  With a (studio) recording, you’re getting the same canned performance of the piece.  Listen to 5 different orchestras of the same ability play the same symphony.  You’ll find none of them play it quite like the other.  I don’t mean that you can just take a symphony and butcher it into some unrecognizable piece, but you can take it and make it your own within what the composer has set out for you. Andrew Bird definitely captures this feeling in his performances. He doesn’t strictly follow the map, he only uses it as a guide.

Don’t get me wrong, recordings definitely have their place (and ho ho, this post is about a recording).  I have tons of recordings of symphonies which I use for reference when performing orchestral repertoire, and I enjoy listening to recordings of my favorite artists on a daily basis.  But they aren’t the be-all, end-all way a piece should sound. That’s what’s great about this album. I don’t ever expect to hear Bird play these songs like this ever again, and he probably wont.

If you haven’t checked out Andrew Bird’s iTunes Sessions EP, or you’ve never listened to him at all, I definitely recommend listening to this album.  It is purchasable here:

So don’t you,
don’t you worry
about the atmosphere.

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