Typographic Coliseum

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I came across this website today, and I was in absolute awe. Cameron Moll spent 12 months and approximately 250 hours creating this typographic masterpiece:


The amount of thought, detail and research that went into this artwork is incredible. In today’s busy society it’s rare to find a designer with the patience to take on a project like this. His wife interviewed him along with Bryce Knudson of Bjorn Press:

In a world filled with 30 second Photoshop throw up, there’s something so unique and special about projects like this. I couldn’t help myself, I had to order a print of it. If my apartment ever catches on fire, it’ll be the first thing I grab when I run out the door.

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Make the Logo Bigger!

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Can we add a violator to that? Can we add a disclaimer to that? What if we moved the logo to the right? To the left? What about adding a star burst in the background? Can we switch the font to Arial?

After a long phone conversation with the above-mentioned questions, I looked down at my doodle:

Shoot Me

Apparently I’m not alone.

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Vote for My First Threadless T-Shirt, Ski!

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Last week I submitted one of my doodles to Threadless for a t-shirt concept. This morning I got an email from them saying that they’d approved it, and have opened it up to accept votes. If I get enough votes, the t-shirt gets printed! So, if you have a second, please vote on my very first Threadless t-shirt, Ski!

Ski! - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

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2009 HOW Design Conference Highlights

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The 2009 HOW Design Conference has come and gone (and so quickly, I might add!). Stefan and I had the honor of speaking this year, and I think all in all it went pretty well. I’m not exactly at my most comfortable state when speaking in front of a whole bunch of people, but hey, if Jeff Fisher can do it with a clown nose, anything is possible! Stef and I gave our workshop attendees a couple of exercises to work on, and some of the stuff they came up with was pretty darn cool. Check out my Flickr photo set with pictures from our workshop.

2009 HOW Workshop

The session I think I got the most from was Von Glitschka’s “Living a Creatively Curious Life” presentation. I could tell he had taken a lot of time in the design and gathering of his resources for his session. It was so much fun and creatively inspiring…I couldn’t wait to get home to start designing stuff. Right after his session I had to zip down to the resource center for our book signing. In case you’ve missed it, Stefan and I have two books out right now: Caffeine for the Creative Mind and Caffeine for the Creative Team. Due to a lovely mention in Von’s session, we had a couple of people come down and buy our books. Then Von came down to sign his books, Crumble, Crackle, Burn and Drip, Drop, Swirl. He couldn’t start, however, until he’d had a makeout session with Stefan.

HOW Authors

Later that evening the HOW folks were nice enough to host a dinner for the HOW speakers/authors. We met at a fantastic Mexican place called Chuys. What a great eating place for designers! Full of random curious and wooden fish. The margaritas were flowing, and Andy Epstein ordered a burrito the size of his head! I took the picture specifically to accompany my “holy cow, this cookie is as big as my head” picture. It was great chatting with everyone and discussing the evil that is papyrus.

Other notes worth mentioning:

  • I felt like I was fresh out of the stone age. I did not own an iPhone or a Powerbook. While everyone else was bumping and tweeting, I was sitting in the corner with my prehistoric Razor, texting with a non-qwerty keypad.
  • Margaritas are awesome.
  • Did anyone notice how hard it was to figure out what someone’s name was? Badges always seem to face blank side up when you’re at that awkward introductory time and knowing someone’s name is important.
  • Friday morning seemed impossible for me to get water. Hotel room’s water: $4.50. Yeah, right. Java Jive downstairs: line going out the door. Resource center breakfast: none left. Vending machines: none left. Sheesh, I was dying! Finally found a water cooler upstairs. A big thank you to whomever arranged that.
  • What’s with the people first to arrive at a session that sit right at the end of the row? Now you have to feel bad by inconveniencing them and asking them to let you through so that you can sit in the other available seats in the middle.
  • Margaritas are awesome.
  • Austin has some really friggin’ neat grungey textures.
  • Jak Prints’ booth wins my vote for best HOW Resource center vendor soley because they were handing out business-size cards with the sentence “Death of Papyrus” on them.
  • Margaritas are awesome.

Thank you all for a wonderful conference! Hopefully I’ll see you in Denver next year.

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Now Available: Caffeine for the Creative Team

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The day has finally arrived! My new book, Caffeine for the Creative Team is now available for purchase in stores across the globe! It took 9 months of hard work, and I am so proud of it. Thank you to all my friends and family for being there and helping me through the challenging times. And thank you to Stefan, my coauthor, for all of his hard work. Amazon is offering quite a significant discount:

Hope you all enjoy it!

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My Typographic Wish List

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I am in love with typography. I want to surround myself with beautiful fonts and typographic ornament. I thought I’d keep a list of all the items I want to (eventually) own and conferences I’d like to attend.

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I Love Design

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I love design

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Movie Title/Credit Design

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After years of watching movies and TV shows, I started to notice that the movie/TV industry was starting to put a little more time and thought in title and credit design. One of the first intros that really struck me was that of Ghost Whisperer. You can view it here. Skip the first 40 seconds. I just loved the style, feel, and mood that it set for the show. I’ve always been in love with antique/worn/degraded/feminine-looking design, and the Ghost Whisperer intro was the accumulation of all of these loves. After watching this show for the first time, I decided right then and there that if I ever make it to grad school (School of Visual Arts, New York), that is what I would study: motion graphics design/animation. There’s something about motion design that appeals to me. I love that the user is somewhat more engaged with it, compared to a flat, static piece of work. I think it’s one of the reasons I specialize mostly in web design; because it is interactive as well as functional. Ever since Ghost Whisper, I became a little more aware of intro titles in the theater. I noticed that studios were hiring professional design companies to really tailor the credits to fit the movie mood/feel.

I came across this website a few days ago: Art of the Title. This website showcases some great movie/TV intros, and it’s like visual candy to me.

Some of the titles that really stand out to me:

Lemony Snicket


This type of design and use of fontography is RIGHT up my alley. I love this. I want to marry it. Watch it.

Napoleon Dynamite


The use of items from within the movie as credit titles was great. And placed on top of unusual backgrounds/textures made it very curious and appealing. Watch it.

Panic Room


I thought the font choice for these titles could have been a little better, but this film intro was one of the first times I ever remember seeing credits seeming as though they were integrated into their surroundings. A lot of commercials and movie intros use this technique now. Watch it.

Thank You For Smoking


This intro had me almost jumping out of my seat in the theaters. I wanted to watch it over and over again. The use of old cigarette cartons, styles, and designs was ingenious. A+. Watch it.

Casino Royale


I love this for the same reasons as I do for “Thank You For Smoking”; casino items/elements mixed in with the titles. Awesomeness. Watch it.

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A Message for all Graphic Designers

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Don’t be a clown. Save down.

Not everyone has the latest software.

Thanks, TeeNess.

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HOWieZine #13: Phobias

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Every couple of months, Pad Thai of the HOW Graphic Design Forum organizes a HOWieZine theme that up to 50 designers/illustrators can submit work to. This edition’s theme was Phobias. We have a couple of weeks to work on two pages (1 double-sided page), and I spent a lot of time just thinking about what my actual phobias are. Sure, there’s the usual cockroach/spider/snake thing. But I wanted to do something a little different, and something that was somewhat related or linked in a way. I happened to get the most recent Illustration Annual from Communication Arts, and I was drooling over all the neat illustration styles displayed throughout the magazine. One page that really stood out to me included illustrations that were very simple and bold; blocks of color, and  simple shapes. It reminded me of my 7th grade art class where we took thin sheets of a very soft wood, drew something on it, and then cut away pieces of the wood to make a big stamp-like impression of the illustration. One of the reasons that I participate in these HOWieZines is because it’s an opportunity for me to do something different. Since I get to be my own art director, I get to decide what I’m going to do, and how I’m going to do it. I spend a lot of time on the computer, and I wanted to get away from it a little bit and do something with my hands. After reading the Illustration Annual and being reminded of my 7th grade art class, I decided that my two pages would be done by block printing.

The two phobias that I ultimately decided on were vaccinations and scales. I liked that both involved measurements and numbers.

toolsf.jpgThe first thing I did was design how the pages would look in Illustrator. I wanted to simplify the needle and scale so that I could transfer it to my carving block. Once I was happy with my Illustrator comp, I printed it out, put some tracing paper over it, and used a pencil to replicate the illustration on to the tracing paper. I then placed the tracing paper over the carving block and used my pencil to rub the illustration on to the block.I decided (just to be safe) that I’d do a positive and negative version of each illustration.

With the illustrations transfered, I spent a few hours carving away. It was so refreshing to do something with my hands for a change. So many people get caught up in the computer these days and it’s nice to do something hand-made and use the computer to enhance your hand-made artwork (instead of using the computer solely to create).

cutf.jpg   firstcutf.jpg

After the carving was completed, it was time to ink up the blocks and make some prints!

print1f.jpg   print2f.jpg

I selected the prints I liked the best and scanned them into the computer. I ended up using both the positive and negative prints in my designs, so I’m glad that I took the time to do both. I used Photoshop to change the color, get rid of odd smudges and spots, etc. And voila! My prints were done!



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Caffeine for the Creative Team: Cover

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My cover for my second book has officially been approved, so I can now post it for all to see! BLAD files have been sent and approved as well, so it should be showing up on Amazon in a few weeks. Hooray!

CftCT Cover

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