8-bit - Long Exposures

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Awhile back a netfriend of mine posted some long exposures of some videogames.  I thought that they were neat, so I took some as well.

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The first videogame to bear my name, Viva Pinata (Windows version), was released about a month ago. It is currently somewhat tough to find in stores, so if you plan on purchasing it you may want to do so online. The game was initially created by Rare, and ported to the PC by Climax, and was published by Microsoft Game Studios.

If you have no idea what this game is, let me give you a quick overview. You play as a farmer, aptly personified with a shovel avatar. It’s your mission to attract Pinata-animals to your garden and domesticate them, while converting evil “sour” Pinata’s to your cause so that they do not kill your livestock. There are a few different super-varieties of Pinata that will require different varieties of plants and landscapes. For instance, you’ll need to have a water garden to get the Chippopotamus, and Dragumfly–and a savanna to get a Horstachio.

You can use your shovel to whack open Pinata’s. As you do so children will cheer. Your other Pinata’s will then rush over and eat its sweet sweet candy.

I’ll post a screenshot of the credits whenever I am able to do so. ;D

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