An Old Book

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My friend Simon and I were at Half-Price Books this afternoon, and I was having a wander around the Computer Science and Technology stacks, and I happened to find a copy of Steven Levy’s, Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution.  It was a slightly used copy; the pages were aged to a mild yellow, but there didn’t appear to be any tears, or frayed pages.  So I went ahead and bought it.  When I got home I started reading it, and happened upon a receipt from the ASUC (UC Berkeley) bookstore from 1989, that the prior reader had been using as a bookmark.

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Silence on the Wire

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Sorry, I haven’t updated in ages.  Prepare yourself for some rambling.  I switched to Night Shift, then back to Day Shift.  Went on a couple road trips, read a book or two, etc.  Anyway, I’ve been porting Mode8 to SDL.   It was sad when I decided to do so, as I had to throw away the coolest, and most time consuming classes.  But actually the switch improved the over all structure.  I’ve also been watching a lot of races over at the Velodrome.  Good stuff.  The Tour de France is currently in the Pyrenees’s; Team Columbia has been doing well.  I wish both them and Garmin-Chipotle the best.  FF4ds comes out next week, and it looks fantastic.  DQ4ds comes out in two months and looks even better.  This years E3 has been disappointing, except perhaps for Mirrors Edge, and the FFXIII port to the Xbox 360

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2004 Book List

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I was recently looking through Stackpointer Labs archives and discovered a list of book I read back in 2004. Perhaps this will tide you over until my next ‘real’ post is finished.  Again, I’ve put the titles I liked in bold.

[1] Quicksilver
[2] Pattern Recognition
[3] Masters of DooM
[4] Dungeons and Dreamers
[5] The Golden Ratio
[6] The Elegant Universe
[7] American Pie
[8] The Fabric of the Cosmos
[9] Shadow and Claw
[10] Atlas of the Skies
The Icewind Dale Trilogy
[11] The Crystal Shard
[12] Streams of Silver
[13] The Halfling’s Gem
[14] Burning Chrome
[15] Winning Chess Tactics
[16] A Crown of Swords
[17] The Path of Daggers
[18] Designing Virtual Worlds
[19] MUD Game Programming
[20] Database Management
[21] The Cuckoo’s Egg
[22] Slaughter-house Five
[23] Shadow of the Tortuer
[24] Claw of the Conciliator
[25] Codes and Ciphers : Julius Caesar, the Enigma and the internet
[26] Y Mabinogi


[26] Neuromancer
[27] Count Zero

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2007 Book List

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Here’s my yearly list of books that I’ve read. I’ve put the titles I think people ought to read in bold.
[1] The Soul of a New Machine
[2] Zinn and the Art of Road Bicycle Maintenance
[3] Learning GNU Emacs
[4] The Diamond Age
[5] Snowcrash
[6] The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
[7] Mona Lisa Overdrive
[8] The Urth of the New Sun
[9] Dreaming in Code
[10] Positively False
[11] Managing Humans
[12] The Pragmatic Programmer
[13] Practical Common Lisp
[14] Hackers and Painters
[15] The Cathedral and the Bizarre
[16] On the Road
[17] The Mythical Man Month
[18] The Knight
[19] The Wizard
[20] Memory as a Programming Concept in C/C++
[21] True Names and the Opening of the Cyberspace Frontier
[22] Revelation Space *reading*

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