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Ξ March 7th, 2007 | → Comments Off | ∇ blogsoft |

my old blog stuff wasn’t secure. This is a lot better, since I didn’t write it.



Ξ September 22nd, 2006 | → Comments Off | ∇ blogsoft |

Well, I’ve cleaned up the L9 blog code a little bit, included some more readability enhancements. And the thing I know you’ve all been waiting for: COMMENTS! So get in here, and comment on some stuff. Me love you long time.


linenine blog

Ξ May 22nd, 2006 | → Comments Off | ∇ blogsoft |

so, i decided that it’d be a neat idea to start a blog for the linenine server itself, to keep everyone updated on what I’ve been doing with it, and what Iplan on doing with it in the future. this is currently just a php file that i edit manually, but by the end of the week, i plan on having a system in place to automate all of this (including rss feeds!). the first ‘real’ item will be a little bitabout linenine, how it’s set up, and what’s running on it. then i’ll clue youall in as to the backup system I just set up, using rsnapshot.


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