I’d like to sit on your couch and write some checks

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Or instead, use this opportunity to talk about how by this point I’m willing to settle for a point and shoot digital camera. Like the Nikon Coolpix S9. However, for just a few dollars more, and I’m not even talking about the price of a dinner out at a moderately priced restaurant.
You probably have the cash in your wallet right now. For those few extra dollars, the S7c could be in your hands, briefly before you wrap it up for me.
No, you know what? I don’t even want it wrapped. I don’t even want it in the box.
It’s not as though I’d cry if a D80 or D50 didn’t magically fall from the sky into my arms. Not very much at any rate.

Nikon S7c

Nikon S9

Nikon D80

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