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This is so good, I’ll post about it too.

Discovered by others and immediately awesome.

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On the nature of addiction

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Why do we play? For many of us, this thing we do has become a second job. The amount of actual pleasure/joy/reward we derive from the game has dwindled. But there is still a compulsion to log in, to make the appointments, to put in the effort. We feel guilty when we don’t.

I used to enjoy it so much. Or at least I sat somewhere in the happy nexus between joy and obsession. You dream about this thing, you get deep enough in and it pervades every part of your consciousness, all the time. But the joy fades, and the obsession becomes addiction. What keeps us hooked?

We make excuses, just like any addict does. It’s cheaper than other forms of entertainment! More bang for your buck! I like the social interaction, it’s how I spend time with my friends! Those things may all be true, but there are costs that are not monetary. Social interaction is good, but getting out of the house is pretty fucking important too. And the longer you last in this addiction, the higher the probability that you have to deal with people you’d like to stab in the eye with a pencil.

But it will stay in my head.



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