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A catalog of the commands our bots respond to.

!slash get the latest article
!def word dictionary lookup on word
!thes word thesaurus synonym lookup on word
!ac code looks up the area code
!cc code looks up the country code
!wotd shows the word of the day
!email user shows user’s email; if left blank will show yours
!note nick note leaves a note for nick that will be displayed to them once they come back (can also be /msg’d)
!mnote nick nick . note Leave the same note for multiple nicks. Separate the nick list from the message with a period.
!remind nick date message Remind someone next time they speak with message any time after date
!remind nick in message Remind someone next time they speak after in (example: 2h for two hours) with message
!decide options makes decisions for you (i.e.,!decide “do work” “be lazy”)
!ls string search #teamslack logs for string
!roll #(qty)� #(sides) number of dice, then sides each die has
.calc spiney, calc 9 * 4
.convert spiney, convert 9 lbs to kg
.wz area weather forecast for area
!seen nick last time nick was seen
!lastspoke nick last time nick spoke
!date birthdays and countdown to events
!top10 overall top 10 talkers (also !top20)
!ttop10 today’s top 10 talkers (also !ttop20)
!stat your current stats
!place your current rank
!quote various stuff with quotes that have been saved
!bw shows total network traffic
!df shows free space on raid
!ftp list all ftp users, and total ftp bandwidth used
!ftp status shows each ftp users bandwdith consumption
!ftp on|off toggles ftp notification script (see below)
^seen nick tells you when the bot last saw nick
^spoke nick tells you when nick last spoke


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