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I thought I would give my two cents on my thoughts on something sweeping the internet currently regarding the gaming scene. In case you haven’t already read about it, Penny arcade published an article about a reader who submitted an e-mail string into PA that contained a conversation they had with the folks at “Ocean Marketing.” The string contained some of the most terrible customer service that I’ve seen.  Being someone who is employed in a support role I felt the need to share this.

Link to Article

The e-mail started out as a simple request of a customer asking for an ETA on when their product would get shipped. In case you were wondering, the product in question is a retarded looking controller called “the avenger” controller.  Link to their website.  The support individual was rather non-informative during the entire first bit of the conversation and was basically on the standpoint of “it will get here when it gets here.”  The customer just wanted to know if he would receive it before christmas time because it was promised to be shipped days prior.

What SHOULD have happened is the company state what the issue was along with some sort of apology and not give an asinine response of “it’s on a boat, stuck in customs, there are many people wanting this and you’ll have to wait.” But that was not the case… The e-mail string continued to non-stop badgering from the company to the customer making personal attacks and claiming that they were holier-than-thou.

Luckily the customer contacted Penny Arcade and Gabe had his two cents to add. He was included on the e-mail string and things really got interesting. Back and forth the person at Ocean Marketing claimed he was hot shit and Penny Arcade couldn’t do anything to him. Little does he know the power of the internet…

I’m not sure what is going to become of this, but I’m hoping it spawns at least a public apology from the company to the customer. I highly doubt it, but we shall see.  At least it will provide me with some entertainment as the issue presses on.

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A Life Anew

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I’ve brought the site back online since ages past.  Doing so because I am on a new internet connection now that has proper bandwidth for this sort of thing and I feel that I can host my own server much easier as I have been doing for ages.

There have been some drastic improvements in my life since I last wrote on a blog.  Days of old I was unemployed, then I was in a dead-end job that I didn’t really enjoy and hated every minute of it.  Then I found the job that was just right for me and ended up enjoying it right off the bat.  I work at a healthcare software company providing software support for customers and IT professionals.  The troubleshooting day to day is quite exciting and I cherish every day I get to work here.

After my job I knew I had landed something great, but I always felt there was something missing.  Companionship is what I yearned for.  Just over 3 months ago I was contacted by a childhood friend living in Seattle and he told me he had met this girl he thought was perfect for me and wanted to set me up.  I was hesitant at first because it was going to be a blind date hook-up, so to speak.  After exchanging e-mails for a good part of time I really wanted to meet her in person.  It just so happened that I was at PAX this year and was in her area.  I asked her to come to a PAXtra life party for charity and that she and I could meet.  The first time I saw her walking towards me on the sidewalk I felt what love was like.  This beautiful girl smiling at me just warmed my heart and of course I had to hug her.  So we waited in line and once inside we enjoyed drinks and chatted for a good while until the night was through.

Continually we made it a routine to visit each other each weekend back and forth, driving the 3+ hours back and forth from portland to seattle.  Every chance I had to be with her was absolutely amazing.  It wasn’t long until i asked her to move down to portland.  I was scared at first since she’d be packing up and moving down here for a boy.  Earlier this month we moved in together and it has been bliss.  I’m thankful for the time I’ve spent with her and hope there are many more years to come.  I love this girl and I feel my life is whole because of her.

Long story short: Life is pretty freaking awesome right now.

Just a heads up, I’m going to start adding content over the continuing days and make sure I get some decent information on here for the internet to enjoy.  The last 5+ years of posting has been great even though it might be for naught (i.e. very little page views).  Regardless I think it is therapeutic to me and think that writing is a good thing every now and then.

For now, I bid you adieu. Take care and have a happy and safe holiday season.


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