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Even though it was a morning weigh-in and it’s been some time since I’ve seriously worked out / dieted. I’m 3-4 lbs lighter today than I have been in the past when I weigh in the morning. Making me 10 lbs lighter than I was when I started all this jazz.

I’ll take it as a small victory, even though it is probably mostly water weight. DON’T RUIN MY GLORY!

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So recently I applied for a position which was actually my old position I had at my job over a year ago that I was laid off from.

I learn last night that my friend who still works there spoke with my old manager and it turns out he has no intention of hiring me. Didn’t give any clear reason as to why, just simply does not wish to hire me. I don’t understand this in the slightest. Is it that he doesn’t think I would be there that long, so he would have to seek a replacement at some point? That is preposterous. I’m mostly going to be there for the long haul and sure, if some random opportunity of a life time came up I might take it, but hell… There’s no flipping reason why he shouldn’t consider me for the job.

I basically got the shaft here and I’m kind of pissed about it. My current job is something that is basically sucking the life out of me day by day and I need something different. The problem is, I’m no longer a new grad, so I won’t get a job on that merit, so now it’s to the point where I would be hired off the basis of experience. Experience that I don’t have.

Kind of a bum deal.

I had a brief moment of happiness when I sat down and helped a friend out with a program last night. He had a class project in c++ and wasn’t sure how to build his program. I walked him through a couple of functions he would need and what syntax he would need for them.

Later on I was bored and ended up writing the program myself. A strange sense of accomplishment came over me. I shared my code with him and he was very appreciative that I helped him out. I don’t think I helped him out too much, because I was letting him know the design of each function as I was showing him the code, so *hopefully* he learned the process at this point.

Even since that was just a simple little program i find that it was kind of nice to get into the swing of programming again and getting some type of design on my system.

Basically I have a very high powered computer that has been a glorified internet browsing computer for the last 4 months. I’ve got VMs setup to develop programs in any environment I choose and a server that is setup to do my bidding for hosting projects and whatever setups I so desire.

Things are pretty flipping sweet. I just need to take the initiative and go forth with my programming venture. If you have any ideas please let me know.

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Heebus is gonna hafta choke a bitch

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00:45:38 heebus good evening
09:13:49 dooshette you there
09:13:53 dooshette wanna know something
09:13:57 dooshette i passed the bar bitches!!!!
09:52:27 heebus wooooooooooooooo
09:52:36 heebus the world has another jewish lawyer
09:52:40 heebus we are that much safer P
10:28:52 dooshette lol
10:32:00 heebus congrats
10:32:03 heebus do you have a job now?
10:48:09 dooshette ive had a job
10:48:11 dooshette same job
10:48:14 dooshette still working here
10:49:02 heebus dooshette esquire
11:29:05 dooshette ew
11:29:07 dooshette that last name has to go
11:29:10 dooshette it really is terrible
11:29:36 heebus what would you like it to be?
11:29:42 heebus dont say my last name, im never getting married
14:00:01 dooshette ohhh now youre never getting married!
14:00:02 dooshette hahahaha
14:00:03 dooshette why
14:00:07 dooshette soooo funny
14:00:20 dooshette when this all started you wanted to get married and i couldnt commit
14:00:26 dooshette now i want to get married and youre never getting married
14:00:34 dooshette guess online dating can make you a jaded person
14:05:58 heebus well
14:06:02 heebus ive always felt this way
14:06:07 heebus i just was denying it to myself
14:06:13 heebus i didnt want marriage
14:06:19 heebus i wanted committed sex
14:20:13 dooshette what do you have against marriage
14:24:16 heebus there is no benefit to a man to get married
14:32:04 dooshette wow
14:32:06 dooshette im sorry you feel that way
14:32:40 heebus why? can you explain to me the benefit?
14:37:52 dooshette children
14:38:00 dooshette someone who knows you inside and out
14:38:04 dooshette someone to take care of you
14:38:09 dooshette fuck you and feed you when you get home
14:38:15 dooshette tell you how awesome you are all the time
14:38:21 dooshette send you to work with home cooked lunched
14:38:25 dooshette keep you in a clean house
14:38:33 dooshette be nice arm candy for your functions
14:38:41 dooshette to put up with your bullshit for eternity because she loves you
14:38:45 dooshette and loves your bullshit
14:38:49 dooshette even if it pissed her off
14:38:58 dooshette someone who will ALWAYS stroke your ego
14:39:01 dooshette and actually mean it
14:39:09 dooshette and who will ALWAYS stroke anything else you want
14:39:11 dooshette and mean that too
14:39:16 dooshette a lifetime of head
14:39:20 dooshette sex
14:39:23 dooshette anal sex
14:39:30 dooshette whatever other fantasies you might have
14:39:36 dooshette extra income
14:39:45 dooshette a lifetime travel companion
14:39:48 heebus ok extra income is a benefit
14:39:54 heebus but marriage doesnt guarantee any of those
14:40:18 dooshette nothing is guaranteed in life
14:40:23 dooshette nobody said it does
14:40:33 heebus the only thing guaranteed is alimony
14:40:34 dooshette but theres far more of a guarantee for all that married
14:40:38 dooshette than there is single
14:40:41 dooshette and if you marry the right person
14:40:47 heebus thats a big if
14:41:01 dooshette well i would think you would trust yourself enough not to marry the wrong person
14:41:09 dooshette and not to get married unless you know shes the right person
14:41:13 dooshette and besides
14:41:15 dooshette in fifty years
14:41:23 dooshette not having any of that even if ALL of it isnt guaranteed
14:41:27 dooshette is going to be really fucking old
14:41:35 dooshette the bottom line is
14:41:37 heebus you are only proving my point, i dont think ill ever get married because i dont think two people can love
each other that long
14:41:38 dooshette nobody wants to die alone
14:41:45 dooshette well ive seen it
14:41:52 dooshette multiple times
14:41:57 dooshette which i guess is why i want it
14:42:07 dooshette and cant imagine my life without it
14:42:10 dooshette you know when my dad died
14:42:12 heebus most people i know come from divorced families
14:42:19 dooshette there were two things that made him ok with dying
14:42:22 dooshette me and my mom
14:42:34 heebus listen im not opposed to it
14:42:36 dooshette and believe me when i tell you they werent all roses
14:42:42 heebus im just ok with being single until i find the right one
14:42:56 dooshette well thats totally different than being against marriage
14:43:05 dooshette who the hell ISNT against marrying the wrong person
14:43:15 heebus most people dont care
14:43:22 dooshette most people do care
14:43:24 heebus how many girls do you know that are in marriage mode
14:43:28 dooshette they just thikn theyve made the right decision
14:43:32 dooshette because they are impatient
14:43:34 dooshette in marriage mode
14:43:39 dooshette and dont think before they do shit
14:43:44 heebus yeah
14:43:44 dooshette but its not because they dont care
14:43:46 heebus ok
14:43:48 heebus fair enough
14:43:49 dooshette its because they were dumbasses
14:43:52 heebus most people are dumb
14:43:56 dooshette yeah
14:44:02 dooshette well i dont put you in that category
14:44:07 dooshette i hear it all the time
14:44:09 heebus which is why im single
14:44:31 heebus i want someone smart, not fat, smart, maybe smart, and preferrably with their own income because im too
14:45:07 heebus a lot of my friends seem to be in sexless marriages after they had a kid
14:45:12 heebus i think ill adopt
14:45:23 dooshette you could probably stand to hold off on marriage for about 5-10 years i think
14:45:32 heebus i like the way you think
14:45:45 heebus i have two friends that got married recently
14:45:47 heebus they dated for 10 years
14:45:53 heebus why get married! they had it perfect
14:46:06 dooshette well you just became wholly undesireable
14:46:09 dooshette and if you dont want to get married
14:46:16 dooshette just tell all the girls you date
14:46:19 dooshette the same shit you just told me
14:46:20 heebus oh you didnt think i was desirable before
14:46:23 dooshette and you should NOT have ANY problem
14:46:33 heebus haha
14:46:40 heebus thats like a girl talking about making babies on date one
14:46:42 dooshette i htought you were desireable husband material
14:46:58 dooshette i just didnt want a husband
14:46:58 heebus awesome
14:47:06 heebus i get that a lot
14:47:10 dooshette now youre like super desireable bachelor material
14:47:16 heebus sweet
14:47:19 heebus thats been my goal
14:47:22 dooshette but i wouldnt marry you with that attitude if you were the last man on earth
14:47:23 heebus to stop being the nice guy
14:47:34 heebus if i was the last man, marriage wouldnt mean anything
14:47:36 dooshette yeah well all that crap about being the nice guy
14:47:37 dooshette its true
14:47:51 dooshette when youre dealing with girls who dont want to get married either
14:47:54 dooshette so you should be just fine
14:47:55 heebus yep
14:48:00 heebus im good these days
14:48:06 dooshette thats all that matters
14:48:12 heebus im the nicest asshole you’ll ever meet
14:48:12 dooshette you keep telling yourself that ;-)
14:48:17 dooshette talk to me in 5 years
14:48:24 dooshette see how much fun youre having then
14:48:29 dooshette and then 10 years after that
14:48:30 heebus at the rate we talk to each other, that will be the next time
14:48:39 dooshette when the only women left to date have ex husbands and lots of kids
14:48:47 dooshette wow
14:48:49 heebus there will still be girls in their 20s
14:48:51 dooshette you really are an asshole!
14:49:00 dooshette yeah and you live in LA honey
14:49:03 dooshette if youre not ryan seacrest
14:49:09 dooshette have some hollywood connections
14:49:17 dooshette or arent a hot actor
14:49:20 dooshette forget about it
14:49:35 dooshette those girls prob arent too fond of the scientifically minded larper types!~
14:49:36 heebus when im 40 i can marry a 29 year old
14:49:43 heebus hey, i dont larp
14:49:45 dooshette good luck with that
14:50:11 heebus thanks, always so nice )
14:50:19 dooshette i was nice
14:50:28 dooshette until you started snubbing me
14:50:33 heebus snubbing you?
14:51:08 dooshette there were a couple of not so nice jabs back there
14:51:16 dooshette like about the frequency with which we talk
14:51:27 heebus oh well , who can blame me for that
14:51:34 heebus you never initiate contact
14:51:40 heebus and remember how long it took us to meet?
14:51:47 heebus and how long it took to hang out a second time?
14:52:34 dooshette well it just makes PERFECT sense to bitch at me NOW about all that
14:52:43 dooshette and FYI
14:52:44 heebus i did bitch at you back then
14:52:46 dooshette you are NEVER on IM
14:52:52 dooshette or atleast you dont appear on IM
14:52:58 heebus i dont appear on now?
14:53:16 dooshette well im sure you do now since your IM’ing me but youre usually in the “offline” space
14:53:47 heebus i swear my AIM is always on
14:53:58 heebus but look now and tell me, since i dont use the normal AIM program
14:54:25 dooshette yes you are online now
14:54:43 heebus well whatever
14:54:57 heebus the way you acted in the past is partly responsible for how i am now
14:55:05 heebus i thought i had a great connection with you
14:55:09 heebus and you were just unavailable
14:55:17 dooshette OH MY HOLY HELL IN A HANDBASKET
14:55:17 heebus and now that im over it, you are available
14:55:20 heebus haha
14:55:23 dooshette that is incredibly lame
14:55:25 heebus yes im blaming you
14:55:27 heebus but i dont care
14:55:31 heebus i think it made me a better person
14:55:40 dooshette we like went on what A DATE
14:55:49 dooshette and I turned you into this awful marriage hating man
14:55:53 dooshette are you f’ng serious
14:55:55 heebus we went on one date, we communicated a lot
14:55:59 heebus not just you
14:56:04 dooshette because if youre serious thats just pathetic
14:56:04 heebus im using you as an example
14:56:13 dooshette hey listen man
14:56:14 heebus of how girls treat guys and change them
14:56:16 dooshette timing is everything
14:56:20 heebus i know
14:56:21 dooshette oh please
14:56:29 dooshette you know how shitty MEN treat WOMEN
14:56:33 dooshette ive been cheated on
14:56:39 heebus yeah we are scumbags
14:56:41 dooshette but that didnt turn me into some marriage hating a-hole
14:56:43 heebus but we admit it
14:56:58 heebus listen i dont hate marriage
14:57:03 heebus i hate everyone elses marriage )
14:57:15 dooshette yeah except the difference between you and i is that I dont blame dudes or the things ive been thru
14:57:31 heebus im really only blaming myself
14:57:40 heebus for allowing myself to go through certain things
14:57:42 dooshette youve become jaded and delusional
14:57:44 dooshette and you know why
14:57:47 heebus but i dont think my standpoint is wrong
14:57:54 heebus im not delusional
14:57:56 heebus jaded yes
14:57:57 dooshette because you fucking did that internet crap voraciously
14:58:04 dooshette instead of just letting life unfold
14:58:12 heebus i did let life unfold
14:58:15 heebus it wasnt good to me
14:58:16 dooshette you went on JDATE nonetheless where you couldnt find a worse bunch of girls
14:58:26 heebus how is jdate different than the rest of LA?
14:59:05 dooshette because they are ALL crazy jewish bitches on their last leg stalking the internet for a fucking husband
to shut the yentahs up about “when ah ya gettin maaaahried” bullshit
14:59:08 dooshette thats why
14:59:21 dooshette let me ask you this
14:59:32 heebus i dont see how thats different than all jewish girls in LA
14:59:34 dooshette how many dates have you been on that werent internet dating related
14:59:41 heebus a handful
14:59:49 dooshette what is a handful
14:59:59 dooshette less than 5 more than 10
15:00:03 dooshette give me a number
15:00:13 heebus less than 10 girls ive gone on a date with are not from the internet
15:00:47 dooshette LMAO
15:00:49 dooshette i rest my case
15:00:55 heebus im sorry, what did you prove?
15:00:55 dooshette we should talk abou tthis in person
15:01:19 heebus we know how that ended last time
15:01:37 heebus you got mad i didnt choke you
15:01:39 dooshette that youve had this one track tunnel vision love life and its ridiculous to act like an old unmarried
jewish chick
15:01:39 heebus )
15:01:42 dooshette I DID NOT
15:02:07 heebus i wish i had that conversation saved
15:02:55 dooshette well you probably manipulated me to say that
15:03:01 dooshette i told you i was just mad that you were like
15:03:10 dooshette laying there and then go “why dont you just get on top”
15:03:15 heebus haha how would i manipulate someone to say that?
15:03:28 dooshette like … thanks man…can you please leave the money on my nightstand on your way out’
15:03:40 heebus what? i like you on top
15:03:42 heebus its fun
15:05:11 dooshette okey dokey loosher
15:06:51 heebus i always liked when you called me that
15:08:15 dooshette for the record
15:08:18 dooshette it was looshymonster
15:08:24 dooshette or just looshy
15:08:28 dooshette never loosher
15:08:36 dooshette that just sounded a lot like loser
15:08:46 dooshette and i feel its appropriate for you
15:08:49 heebus well doosher sounds worse
15:08:54 dooshette until you bring the real looshymonster back
15:09:11 heebus is that the one you want to marry?
15:10:02 dooshette i dont really know him either
15:10:12 dooshette but if hes anything like loosher then HELL MOTHA FUCKIN NO
15:18:34 dooshette i have to listen to some bullshit thats even more bullshit that the bullshit youve been spewing at me
all afternoon!
15:18:36 dooshette lol
15:19:10 heebus id like to spew something at you later in the evening ;)
15:19:49 dooshette yeah well i have no desire to fuck someone who has no desire to do anything but fuck me
15:19:51 dooshette thanks though
15:20:03 heebus haha, i have always enjoyed you as a person
15:20:08 heebus you just never wanted to hang out
15:30:34 dooshette ok so lets hangout
15:30:58 dooshette can we hang out w/out me having to feel like we have to fuck at the end of the day?
15:32:09 dooshette or did that just take your whole purpose out of it?!
15:39:30 heebus haha yep pretty much

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Sometimes I wonder if I’m cut out for this 24 hour day. My body can never figure out when it’s supposed to be tired.

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