Radiohead and UCD

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So out of curiosity I googled myself, and something unexpected came up. Check it out:

I wasn’t aware of this! I never attended UC Davis nor have I ever discussed with anyone about performing my arrangement there. Weird! That’s pretty awesome. It was also listed on a Saxophonist’s web site under his list of repertoire. Even cooler! It’s been performed by 4 colleges now, the first performance was right after I wrote it…I was like 18. The UCD performance was a few years ago.

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XBOX 360 Firmware upgrade

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I was commisioned with a task to upgrade a couple 360's. Needless to say one of them was brand spanking new. Still in the box to be exact. Well, the 83850c Lite-on drives don't like to have their firmware dumped. Reading through countless articles and posts i decided a solder method was the only way to go.

With permission, i dove in.

This is the board with the protective film removed. I used my leatherman and scraped it off with my knife.

Here are my soldered joints. Not bad for a first time on a super small board ;)

And a close up of the solders.

The switch to enable/disbale the ground.

All put back together and ready to dump :)

Use jungle flasher
1. Intro the drive
2. Read the firmware.
3. Make a dummy copy (right click)
4. Load dummy in source, let it auto-ixtreme it.
5. Repair drive (put all the cuts and solders back)
6. Intro it again.
7. Click "Write"
8. Enjoy

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Dexter Season 4

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DEXTER (Season 2)

So I finished season 4 of Dexter this week. This post is going to be really hard to write because I don’t want to give away any spoilers. Regardless, I wanted to give a bit of information on season 4 to those who haven’t watched it.

John Lithgow plays a serial killer, Arthur Mitchell. He has been committing murders across the united states for the last 30 years and always in groups of three. You end up finding out what drives this “Trinity” killer insane to be able to commit these crimes. Throughout the season you get to experience a chase of the police trying to find him and also with Dexter trying to beat them to it. Dexter however isn’t the usual predator as he has been in the past. He uncovers that Arthur has a family and hides behind them to create the perfect cover. With Dexter constantly battling his multiple personae he finds that there might be a way to live with his dark passenger and also be a family man. Two roles he feels he cannot live without. Dexter soon discovers that Arthur isn’t exactly the role model type and in fact has many flaws.

Lithgow plays the part of a psychopath famously. His cold presence when he interacts with others and the rage he displays when Dexter pisses him off is just amazing. Dexter of course is his usual self. Confused and jaded by trying to juggle too many balls at once. He finds him self committing many mistakes that end up letting Arthur get away several times. It is only when he focuses on his “dark passenger” that he truly can seek vengeance or whatever type of righteousness there is to fulfill his own dark desires.

I’m glad to see they kept Lithgow as a character for the entire season. There are other characters in the season that you see come and go and many side stories between the other familiar characters. There questions about Rita’s commitment to the relationship with Dexter, a romance between Batista and Laguerta, A re-ignited flame between Debra and Lund, and a new fling with Quinn that turns mysterious.

The season had a few slow parts with the drama we all see from shows like this in order to develop the secondary characters of the show. Tensions flare and people get hurt. The drama was more of a build up to the climax at the end of the season. I’d just like to say that the conclusion of the season was a real shocker. I was literally yelling at the screen “OH SHI!” I’m really hooked and want to find out what happens next season!

The bottom line is, if you are a fan of dexter, you won’t be dissapointed in this season. It was very solid and adds to the case that Dexter is a complete badass.

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Like a crack addict

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So, I’m looking into playing a few games again now that I have lots of idle time for winter break.

Here’s what’s lined up so far:

Dragon Age Origins
Final Fantasy XII (Yeah, for PS2 ho ho)
Final Fantasy IV (for the DS – started this a few years ago and never finished it)
L4D 2

Other than those, my friend Tom is trying to pull me into Ragnarok Online which is a terrible and sloppy game. Maybe if I was interested in the worst grind ever and tons of inconsistencies (characters and storyline). No WoW either, keep that cancerous game at bay.

If anyone has suggestions, feel free.

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