Dragon Age Is Teh Shit.

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So I have joined the masses in the playing of DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS. A new game by Bioware. It has the feel of mass effect with the rpg elements and complexity of WoW, DnD, and Baldur’s gate. The game is truly amazing. I know a fellow gamer who has played some odd 100 hours on this game and continues to play.

I havn’t been playing as much as he, but I’d say I have a good 40 hours played on this game. At first I wasn’t sure what type of character to play. I ended up making a two handed weapon warrior, then didn’t like the build I chose at the start, so I made a second one that was basically the same as the first. Once I decided I didn’t like the slow swing of the 2H weapon, I changed it up a bit and made a berserker dual wielding force of awesomeness.

At the moment I’m level 19 and “probably” nearing the end of the main storyline, but I cannot be so sure. I had issues earlier with my DLC content not working correctly. So I wasn’t able to get Shale early on, nor did I get access to warden’s keep. There was something a matter with my patching system, so what I did was reinstalled them recently with a new addons.xml file and loaded up the .dazip’s and it works fabulously.

I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I just wanted to say that this last weekend I was so engrossed in the storyline that I actually felt bad for one of my decisions I made in the game. It is at a VERY pivital part of the campaign and I chose the evil route which ended up killing a character I had through the entire game. This made me feel down at the time and I was like “OH SHIT, NO WAI.” This in turn made me dream about it. And I woke up early the next day with deciding I had to reload an old save because I couldn’t continue playing like this if this is what I turn out to be doing.

So… basically I reloaded and picked up from an earlier save and all was right in the world. Anyway, I have shale now and end game he’s a way better tank than alistair. He goes and pwns fools and aoe taunts and does 60+ dmg per hit. It’s insane. Definately recommend the shale download.

What does this mean when I beat the campaign? I’ll probably start over. One part I love about this game is there are SOO many choices. I havn’t unlocked everything yet for my account. I still have the reaver unlock to get. But the thing is, it is an RPG game that has so many choiced that really make you feel that this is “an alternate reality” and that your choices dictate your actions, so to speak. I can feel like I want to play an “evil” toon. He will make the evil decisions, piss off his party… but the catch is… He won’t have to always pick the evil solution. At times there are a lesser of two evils and what feels to be the dark route might not be. It’s very unclear if you are trying to pick one path.

I was going to make an evil character at the start because my friends all make stoic characters in games, picking the good side of things, and I usually watch them play this. So a welcomed change is when I take the dark route and can brag about how cool the other side of the fence is. The thing here is I can’t make myself pick the evil route all the time because at some point it makes me miss out on a LOT of content. Not to mention I wouldn’t ever feel an evil character would be THAT evil. Just because he wouldn’t have any friends. No, my character this time around is one who is an asshole out of necessity. He is a bully who intimidates his foes, but has the cunning to persuade others into making them feel it was their idea in the first place.

I should stop writing, as I have work to do. I just wanted to say that I recommend this game greatly for a more mature gamer who loves a great storyline. Even non-gamers will like this game, as it is not that difficult to play, but is so in-depth that it reels you in at every turn!

Mooch gives it a 10/10.

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December…the season of shitty concerts

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As I feared, the program for December’s concert is made up entirely of Christmas music.

*shoots self*

It’s not like I’m some sort of scrooge, it’s just that playing (a lot) of Christmas music is not very enjoyable – mostly because it’s boring. We all know how Christmas music goes. We all know those stupid horn rips and shit they throw in to make it sound “cool”. What’s worse is we’re also playing a medley – which touches on over half of the rest of the program. Silent Night? Yeah we just played that, but now its got a Latin feel and we’re going to run it straight into Jingle Bells in a new key. Exciting! Pull out the drum kit!

*shoots self again*

What’s worse is we’re also playing some (painfully long and horribly scored) variations on Carol of the Bells which was written by the principal clarinet player. Not only is he creepy and awkward, but he also wrote some pain-in-the-ass horn part that doesn’t make sense (Three strikes, you’re out!). I’m pretty sure he took some staves, a shotgun, fired at random, added a few 16th note embellishments, made sure he outlined a B-flat (E-flat concert) major chord, repeated it for 50 measures and then called it a day. Thankfully it’s not the entire piece, he had time later to write the first and third horn’s parts half a beat off from the rest of the orchestra – not only is it awkward when playing with everyone, it just makes us sound like we’re terrible at keeping time.

We could have done Lieutenant Kije!

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