2009 HOW Design Conference Highlights

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The 2009 HOW Design Conference has come and gone (and so quickly, I might add!). Stefan and I had the honor of speaking this year, and I think all in all it went pretty well. I’m not exactly at my most comfortable state when speaking in front of a whole bunch of people, but hey, if Jeff Fisher can do it with a clown nose, anything is possible! Stef and I gave our workshop attendees a couple of exercises to work on, and some of the stuff they came up with was pretty darn cool. Check out my Flickr photo set with pictures from our workshop.

2009 HOW Workshop

The session I think I got the most from was Von Glitschka’s “Living a Creatively Curious Life” presentation. I could tell he had taken a lot of time in the design and gathering of his resources for his session. It was so much fun and creatively inspiring…I couldn’t wait to get home to start designing stuff. Right after his session I had to zip down to the resource center for our book signing. In case you’ve missed it, Stefan and I have two books out right now: Caffeine for the Creative Mind and Caffeine for the Creative Team. Due to a lovely mention in Von’s session, we had a couple of people come down and buy our books. Then Von came down to sign his books, Crumble, Crackle, Burn and Drip, Drop, Swirl. He couldn’t start, however, until he’d had a makeout session with Stefan.

HOW Authors

Later that evening the HOW folks were nice enough to host a dinner for the HOW speakers/authors. We met at a fantastic Mexican place called Chuys. What a great eating place for designers! Full of random curious and wooden fish. The margaritas were flowing, and Andy Epstein ordered a burrito the size of his head! I took the picture specifically to accompany my “holy cow, this cookie is as big as my head” picture. It was great chatting with everyone and discussing the evil that is papyrus.

Other notes worth mentioning:

  • I felt like I was fresh out of the stone age. I did not own an iPhone or a Powerbook. While everyone else was bumping and tweeting, I was sitting in the corner with my prehistoric Razor, texting with a non-qwerty keypad.
  • Margaritas are awesome.
  • Did anyone notice how hard it was to figure out what someone’s name was? Badges always seem to face blank side up when you’re at that awkward introductory time and knowing someone’s name is important.
  • Friday morning seemed impossible for me to get water. Hotel room’s water: $4.50. Yeah, right. Java Jive downstairs: line going out the door. Resource center breakfast: none left. Vending machines: none left. Sheesh, I was dying! Finally found a water cooler upstairs. A big thank you to whomever arranged that.
  • What’s with the people first to arrive at a session that sit right at the end of the row? Now you have to feel bad by inconveniencing them and asking them to let you through so that you can sit in the other available seats in the middle.
  • Margaritas are awesome.
  • Austin has some really friggin’ neat grungey textures.
  • Jak Prints’ booth wins my vote for best HOW Resource center vendor soley because they were handing out business-size cards with the sentence “Death of Papyrus” on them.
  • Margaritas are awesome.

Thank you all for a wonderful conference! Hopefully I’ll see you in Denver next year.

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U just got yourself reported… NOT

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As you see below, she says she will report me. But reported her instead.

Her profile:

About Me

I think men online are liars and abusers. Thanks for giving me no reason to be here. You suck. I’m sorry I ever believed you might be human beings. Clearly you can’t control yourselves and you don’t care if you treat women you don’t even know like objects. You make excuses for being predators, but that’s just what you want from life: to be chewed up and spit out, so that’s why you do it. If you can imagine anything worthwhile in life at all, give it no one. That seems to be the goal of most of the men online. I thought at least Jdate would have a lot of quality men. Oh was I wrong. The fools ruin so much just to blow up what’s in their pants. Sick, immature, devolved…. and hurtful. Abusive. Embarrassing. Killers. For those of you who are real men from the human being class that I have already spoken with, please feel free to continue to contact me. Anyone who wants to play game, I am reporting every one of you in full detail to this site. Back off.

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Jewberg: omg what a douche
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MadLamb07B3: And I was like, “Oh, I didi not know that….”
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Jewberg: what is mean? Like cockslapping you in the face mean?
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MadLamb07B3: U just got yourself reported.
*** MadLamb07B3’s IM window is closed

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Why I Love America #2: Large Portion Sizes

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I have lived in many countries, and the United States, by far, has the largest portion sizes that I’ve ever come across. At a trip to Marie Callendar’s last Friday, this cookie caught my eye. It’s almost as big as my head! There’s been a lot of criticism of the size of the meals that most American restaurants/fast food places serve to their patrons due to the U.S. population’s increasing weight. I, however, LOVE the portion sizes here! There’s nothing like going to a restaurant, paying for a meal, and having left overs for the next 1-3 meals. In most cases, the food here is comparatively cheaper than in Europe, and you get way more of it. Why would I complain about getting more food for the same price? BRING IT ON! I think obesity has more to do with people as individuals than the vendors that serve them.

My grandfather always made my brother and I eat everything on our plate. Even when we were full. I can’t wait until he comes to visit me here, and I take him to Claim Jumper.

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Girls, this is how your “about me” section should read

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Hello. I am a fun CHICK and I love to meet new people. I would love it if you teach me something I don’t know….especially getting me out of my comfort zone. I am down for ANYTHING! yeah!So I don’t like to play games and I say it how it is, if you got chocolate on your face, I’m gonna point it out, and I am very proud to say that yes I AM A VIRGIN! whoo….and about me having no pic… well yah I am one of the rare people out there who likes personality before looks thank you very much. If you don’t like it then thank you for making it easy on me and leaving me alone! otherwise, hey your my type of person ;) Oh yeah and I would just like to mention as a hint to all you guys not getting the girls…stop posting pics of yourself from like 3 years ago when you were like 20 pounds lighter. Lying about your appearance shows us that you are not confident with the way you look right now and THAT’S really annoying.

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This weekend Logikal and I are painting and moving into our new apartment! I hate moving. I hate, hate, hate it. But by Monday everything should be moved, and we can spend the rest of the week unpacking and settling in.

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Numara training in Dallas, pt #4

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Yay! last day! Training started as normal wit the exception of me checking out in the morning before i headed over.

We wrapped up and took the assessment test. I passed, yay! I promptly checked to see if i could get an earlier shuttle to the airport, i was able to get one and get to the airport in time to catch the earlier 5:50pm flight.

After the maze around the airport and a shuttle link to a terminal and back i found my gate and was good to go.

I made it home alive, and my wife brought me a pizza when she picked me up. wahoo!

I'm tired…

I helped her burn DVD's for her class video…


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Numara training in Dallas, pt #2

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I'm back! I'm in the middle of day 3, so i can now post about day 2.

I woke up to a nice gray cloud. When i walked into the training room it was pouring outside. Good thing i didnt have to leave the building to get to training.

Last night i took an earlier shuttle to the Galeria mall. Still the same mall, this time i tried to find specific store. The Mall directory was horribly out of date. The only two places i wanted to go were not actually there.

I wandered around for a while before deciding to walk to the next complex to the north. I got all excited when i finally found out how to get there. When i rounded the corner to the building i was hoping was a movie theatre, it turn out to be a furniture store. :( On to the next store! Furniture store :( On to the next! Shoe store.. grrr! One more try! Lakeview teaching store. Wonderful. I turned around and walked back to the mall. On the way back i found a World Market behind yet another furniture store. Inside i found some bacon chocolate.

After my long walk i had pizza for dinner. Sbarro FTW! i saved my stromboli for my lunch the next day.

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Numara training in Dallas, pt #3

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Hello, day #3 has ended. I didn't feel like wandering the mall by myself again today, so i bummed a ride with some of the other guys from training. We hopped in the rental car and headed out to the restaurant area. We picked some Brazilian-Texas place. They had valet parking and people were walking in with suits. Ya, we found out it was 45$ a person for dinner. So we promptly left and went next door to Pei Wei. The food was good.

This is a picture of the huge bowl of soup a couple guys got when they ordred. It was enough soup for 3+ people and a couple guys got them for themselves. We shared one, and the big guy attempted to eat his.

Here are the crab and cheese wontons i got to share with everyone. They were quite good. The sauce wasn't the best. Still good though.

I got some fire chicken or something, it was rather good. The sauce was different than i expecred, but it was a nice change from pizza the other night.

This is the outside of the hotel as i am coming back from dinner, i was on the 5th floor, so i had a view of the tops of some buildings. Couldn't see much really.

Here is the lobby of the hotel in case anyone cares ;)

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Numara training in Dallas, pt #1

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So i was sent to Dallas for training on Numara Footprints (help desk software). This is the account of my journey ;)

Yay, plane was cramped, but i had all 3 seats to myself, so it wasnt too bad. A little black girl, who was about 1 year old, was sitting in front of me and she was adorable. I played some DS, watched "the boy in the striped pajamas" and ate a sandwich.

I'm staying at a Hilton Hotel, which i will post about next time when i get batteries for my camera.

This brings me to my next picture the soda cabinet. I was sad that i didn't get a free breakfast, but i was pleasantly surprised when i found out my training provided free snacks and food and stuff. They have a whole cabinet full of pop, bagles, fruit, granola bars, cookies, etc.

Here is the view from my hotel window, 5th floor. This place is flat as a pancake. But what really surprised me is that its super dark here. No lights like anywhere, where are all the street lights? Not even the city it lit up. Strange…

The first night after i got here i went to the mall to find some food and a treat for my girls. It was quite the mall, it even had an ice skating rink inside!

I decided to go to 5 guys burger and fries, and the potatoes were from Driggs! I told there girl i was in Driggs last weekend and she just looked at me and continued what she was doing. Hey, i felt special…

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