A first

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00:04:47 tonight was a first
00:04:56 ?
00:05:05 i brought a girl home from a bar
00:05:14 whoa no wai
00:05:15 a 6′1 german girl named petra
00:05:21 hah awesome
00:05:23 with pierced nipples
00:05:27 nice
00:05:32 i told her it was reperations

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The time has finally come. I own a DSLR. My friend Brian hooked me up with one because he is a freaking great friend. Prepare to see many many many new photos in the future. *HUGS*

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Now Available: Caffeine for the Creative Team

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The day has finally arrived! My new book, Caffeine for the Creative Team is now available for purchase in stores across the globe! It took 9 months of hard work, and I am so proud of it. Thank you to all my friends and family for being there and helping me through the challenging times. And thank you to Stefan, my coauthor, for all of his hard work. Amazon is offering quite a significant discount:

Hope you all enjoy it!

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money, life, adventure - the entire experience.

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I’ve started to think lately that we all have life figured out backwards. Take for instance the idea of vacations. To travel to some distant place to visit for a while. Basically idealizing a geographic location to spend time there for a limited period of time. Many of us take into account the cost of travel to such a location and the time spent to be able to get and be in that certain place. What does the idea of money get us? From the date we are born we have this ID put upon us. When we are older we gain credit in order to borrow money. Once this is in place we make more and more credits to our person and if they get to high we become in debt to others. Where does that put the value of money? What gives us the right to borrow money against another person, or for instance another in a remote country not able to do the same? I think we are all equal and discrimination based on a certain ideal situation is rather ridiculous. I know I’m totally getting off topic here so I’ll try and steer myself back.

We make vacations and travel to experience life in some way. Why not make life an experience? Here is a possible scenario (which I think I might try and stick to) – Travel all continents before I die. So in order to do so, you spent the time over a long period of time to accumulate enough money to be order to cover this. Why not make traveling a part of your life? The “expense” is negligible at this point and you don’t have to be tied down to any specific thing. I think this would be an exciting way of life. To experience different cultures and ideals. The problem with this idea is the idea of family and the modern idea of being apart of and providing for a family. Personally I’m not at that stage yet in my life and feel FAR from it. I don’t want to be married for probably the next ten years if I can help it. I just don’t see it happening. Another problem personally is being comfortable with oneself. I’m not in shape at all, but I’ve been trying to counter this with exercise and diet. It’s been going slow, but I hope that in a year or so I’ll be to the weight and tone that I can feel comfortable in any situation. It’s a very weird feeling and many have never experienced it. It isn’t a matter of health, it’s a feeling of not feeling that you belong in a given place.

Anyhow, what would you say to this given idea of life as we know it? Instead of spending life to get the things you want, tweak your life to include the things you want as a daily part of life. Personally I think life is truly a journey. I’ll quote a book I’ve been reading: “You are permanent, but this life is not, you don’t expect to visit an amusement park, then stay forever. If you can accept that, you can accept anything that happens in the world.” Accepting that your life span will be a limited amount of time and that you should figure out what you want to do in life and go with it. That is the key.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do at this time since I’m unemployed and having terrible luck finding jobs. In my state the unemployment rate is rising day by day and there does not seem to be an end in sight. My first thought is to go back to school, which I very well could do. I’d plan on getting another bachelors and then a masters degree in a different field. I say I want to do this because it would most likely be in another field of engineering and I wouldn’t have the experience to get into a masters degree in a different engineering discipline. It’s just not the way things work. The other idea is that I could do it right this time and get an internship between studies. I failed to do this last time because I didn’t think that it was very important, plus I had a job planned out for me during the summers. If I can accomplish this in 5-6 years I’d say I’m sitting pretty good. The downside is I’ll be 31 or so years old when I finally get out there and into the job field. Now I know this doesn’t sound that bad. And my only thought is that I might miss out on life stuff if I’m stuck working on school stuff during this time. I honestly don’t see myself getting anywhere in my current path, and if I chose to do this, I’d be taking a different path. It’s all apart of the journey I’m talking about. Choose yours and you will eventually find out what you were destined to do.

My thought of what I would want to do would be to get into the robotics industry. I could take the knowledge I have of computer engineering and the degree I am thinking of pursuing is a mechanical degree and most definitely masters degree if I can get in any type of college at this point. The idea of robotics has always been fascinating to me and hopefully one day my work could better humanity in some way. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Anyway, once again – until next time,

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Sitting here listening to “Home Video” puts a multitude of ideas in my head.  I’ve lately started to wonder about the future of humans on earth as we know it.  Have you ever just stepped back and taken a moment to just observe what the hell is going on?  I know the saying is “live life to the fullest, because today might be your last day.”  I’ve really started to wonder if that day will actually come.  Some say that the world will end in 2012 or some such specific date that I cannot remember.  It’s quite possible if we continue the route were going on.  Many people are in discontent: the homelessness rate is increasing by the day.  People are consumed with debt and the unemployment rate just here in Oregon is up to over 12 percent.  When will it end?  Will we recover from this economic crisis?  I’ve lost hope and believe that there is no recovery, only opportunity for evil to arise.  More and more I hear reports of deaths and don’t hold me to this, but it’s my belief that crime as a whole is on the rise.  There are more reports on robberies and I believe it is because people don’t know what else to do because the economy is putting them in desperate situations.

On the other side, the news tells us that opposing powers of the U.S. have nuclear weaponry.  Is a nuclear war imminent?  Will the next generation survive a nuclear fallout?  Only time will tell I suppose.  I still have the belief that China will rule the world.

In slightly other news, I’ve had a horrible time finding work lately.  It’s getting out of hand basically and I don’t know what to do.  I’m greatly considering going back to school for another degree, just to see through this economic crisis, if there is even an outlet to it (which I don’t believe there is one in sight anyway).  I’m fully open to suggestion because I’m at my last wits to figure out what to do.  If I am to go back to school, I would probably go back to OSU and work on another engineering degree.  I don’t see myself getting anywhere with my current degree even though I have some experience, it’s not enough to land a job in this economy.

So there I stand.  One foot in the shitter and the other trying to pull the other out.  What would Tyler Durden do?

I’m going to make a post in a day or so about a laptop I’m working on fixing once I have the project completed.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with it if I’m successful, but I’m making  a bit of headway.  There is a power problem with the board on this one computer I have.  It doesn’t want to stay turned on.  I don’t know if it is an issue with the AC adapter or not.  It used to not turn on at all, but now it lasts 3 minutes or so then just shuts off completely.

Anyway, until next time…

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Happy (Belated) Easter

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Really interesting concept about social interraction and negative effects tech can have…

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[See post to watch Flash video]

Came across “TED” online and watched this video.  I thought I would share it here.  Makes me think about more things on the line of how technology impacts not for the good, but basically how humans manage to take something useful and “smash it.”

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Link from cousin…

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[See post to watch Flash video]

bottom line: china is going to take over the world, as I suspected.

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The straw that broke the camels back…

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So i have been contemplating the removal of my hotmail account. After all, its crap. gmail offer so many more options that are fast, COMPATIBLE, and easy, but i have been putting it off for a while not wanting to move everyone around. After all i've had my hotmail account for over 11 years now.

I only have a couple people who still e-mail me on that account, mostly people who i havnt talked to in years. Well a friend of mine sent me an e-mail last night, and i wrote him back. Tonight i went to see if i got a reply and i was greeted with this crap.

You don't have an inbox…yet
Sign up for Windows Live Hotmail and get a free, customizable inbox with lots of storage and great security.

Note: Whether you use Hotmail or not, you can always go to your contact list.

There is a constant loop. It says "You don't have an inbox… yet." The only option given is to "Sign up for Windows Live Hotmail". When I click that there is an option that says "Already a Hotmail….. member? Click here." This link simply brings me back to point A where it says "You don't have an inbox… yet."

Yes, this brings joy to my soul. Joy! After some hunting i found i was not alone with this. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index … 947AAFDqrW

If my inbox ever returns, i will be doing an official migrate to gmail. Sorry Microsft, but you've dicked me over for the last time. If you refuse to live by the worlds standards (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acid3#Desktop_browsers), then i refuse to use your products.

Farewell hotmail, you wont be missed.

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So I have a problem. I’ve had this problem for years. I have this large rubbermaid container that I throw cabling and other pc knick knacks in. The problem is, I don’t fasten the cables individually to keep them caught up in one another or anything like that. So they get intertwined together and it becomes impossible to get anything I want out of the damn thing. What happens is I get something like this when i pull anything out…

So I have this relentless pursuit of just collecting cabling and throwing it in there.  Such a pain in the ass.

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Observations of a Dumb American

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So lately I’ve found that I have an inordinate amount of time on my hands.  To fill part of the time I’ve been exercising in the weight room of my apartment complex.  It’s available 24hrs so I like to go when it’s late just because the work out helps relax me for going to sleep.  Anyway… I was listening to gorillaz - demon days album because of the great beat and exercising on an elliptical.  I had the tv in on the room just so I didn’t feel a bit lonely in there.  The channel it was turned to had infomercials playing.  I got to thinking about how retarted infomercials can be.
For instance, the infomercial that was playing one night was repeated footage of some medicine that you can take to clear out your colon.  They had some “doctor” on the show that explained how a “healthy colon” can improve your life.  I knew this was a load of bull so I put my music back on to exercise to.  It was at this point that I saw something entertaining.  They showed a set of pictures that reflected what a backed up colon could do.  There was a man looking distressed with his face all crunched up with his head resting on his hand, there was a woman who’s face was literraly stretched horizontally so it appeared that she was flatted somehow…  There was also a picture of a belly where it was clear that the person was on an inhale breath and they had grabbed their fat in their midsection and showed it to the camera.  After this picture they showed a rock hard stomach of a professional body builder or something.  The claim I saw in the text on the screen was “can shed 5 to 20 lbs.”  This got me thinking… What would a person watching this and to the point of actually reaching for the phone to order the product… what would drive them to buy this?  The thought of “oh I must have this because I want to get 20 pounds of shit out of my colon…”  I mean I’m sure that could be the case on a very serious situation of some type of blockage, but for fucks sake, your average joe buying some damn colon blow so he can take a dump every half hour is retarted.  Seriously people, what the hell.

At this point I was intrigued so I turned off my musak and listened to the infomercial.  They claimed that it is unhealthy for a person to have a bowel movement once every day.  Now… I know I’m actually talking about shitting on my blog, but to be honest, that is around the frequency that I take a dump.  I’m not a doctor and I don’t claim to know alot about medicine, but I don’t feel I eat a whole lot in a day to say that it would be safe to say that I am unhealthy for my frequency of porcelain visits.

I suppose that this sort of commerialization has been going on since the middle ages.  Claims of a special tonic or miracle elixir having the power to do such and such has been common in the past.  What I want to know, how do people come up with this shit?  How does John Q Public have the epiphany of “dude, I could totally package this placebo and make people think it will clear out the shit inside of them.”  I’m not claiming this product does not work, but it’s definately true for some other products you see on infomercials.  Now enters, “Enzyte” or “Extenze” capsules.

First thing, the “effectiveness” has been unproven.  That pretty says to me that since it’s been out for what, 10 years?  That it is a load of crap and doesn’t do shit.  Alright, so “take this product and your penis will get bigger.” That is their claim.  This is another situation where I want to just get into the brain of the average male in america and try to comprehend what makes them believe that this product works.  Obviously people are buying it, becuase they’ve been around for this long.  I want to just go up to the people who buy it and smack them on the head, point to them and say “NO! JUST SAY NO!”  It is honestly sad to see what our culture has been reduced to and how others are preyed upon through gimmicky bullshit.  Anyway… another gripe I have with this project is when I am watching tv with family and this fucking commercial comes on claiming  “DURRR, my sex life is improved and my dick is larger!” because of this project.  It’s just uncomfortable for me watching tv and then being in the room with my mother and father (really just my mother, my dad and I could give two shits), talking about their sex lives improving because of some stupid pill.  I get the same feeling from when GIRLS GONE WILD commercials come on the tube…  Yeah, you are showing stupid females do crazy shit for a bit of money, what of it?  I know you have to advertise your poor excuse for porn in order to make a dime, but for crying out loud, why put it on during the time when I’m watching fucking TV with my family?

I guess it’s the fault of me and or my family of the topic of sex actually being somewhat taboo in the household.  My parents never taught me about sex, my mom is a pretty devout christian and doesn’t like talking about the subject.  My dad is okay about it because hell, we’re both guys and guys are pretty relaxed about the subject, but still even with my brother… it’s still a hush topic because he’s so embarrased if you mention a word about something you saw on the internet or some shit.  It felt great when I didnt have this taboo subject in my place in college.  Fuck, we were so comfortable about the subject that one my roomate and his girlfriend told me details about when they got it on.  Sex is humorous, seriously.  And it’s all around us.  I think we are a sexually driven culture and it’s a shame for many in our society to still regard it as a taboo subject.  I don’t think for it to be a downfall for society’ to discuss sex so openly.  It’s a basic human function, lighten up.

I need to finish watching this documentary I found on the interwebs about the word “fuck”.  It discusses how the thoughts of the word origin are false and talks about it’s regard as being innappropriate to say, etc.  From what I caught of it, it was a pretty funny documentary.
Anywho, I’m going to go ahead and end there, I just felt like typing what was on my mind tonight and I might come up with other topics later to discuss.  Until then, take it easy.

FYI, I think I’m going to make the title of this post a new category.  I like the idea of putting down my ideas in this form and the label I gave it.

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