New idea for my thinkpad

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So I’ve been wanting to develop some iphone apps recently. Possibly come up with something neat and original and also quite possibly make something that will sell. Anywho, one problem is I don’t own a mac. I do know that OSX has been able to be installed on non mac systems - hacintosh’s, if you will.

I’m in the process of downloading appropriate apps, etc. I’ll let you know more once I see results.

Also, I’m pseudo developing my own theme for my blog. I’m basing it off what is my current theme. What do you think of it? Lemme know.


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Welcome to the Persian Comedy Hour

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I took a different approach this time. But she brought up the virginity stuff before I got a chance.

Bruin87: have you ever met anyone on jdate?
Jewberg: yep, quite a few people over the years
Jewberg: ive been here on and off
Jewberg: what about yourself?
Bruin87: just one
Bruin87: turned out to be a d-bag
Jewberg: i see it was spectacular, thats why you are here
Jewberg: i thought girls loved douchbags
Bruin87: nope not me
Jewberg: haha, you mean smart girls dont like them?
Jewberg: what made him a douche?
Bruin87: we went out on like 6 dates
Bruin87: and i thought he was a genuine person and i thought i liked him
Bruin87: and he aksed me when we were going to have sex
Bruin87: and i said not till marriage and he said well i don’t think we should see eachother anymore cause i only started dating you to hook up
At this point I should have just closed the window but I decided to probe further
Bruin87: it was funny and sad at the same time
Jewberg: oh i see, why do all persian girls want to wait for marriage?
Bruin87: it has been drilled into our heads
Jewberg: but why?
Bruin87: and fear of parents
Bruin87: but personaly
Jewberg: i know persian girls who arent virgins who still claim to be
Bruin87: for me it’s a choice
Bruin87: because i want my husband to be different from all the other guys i have dated
Jewberg: you mean, sucky in bed? ;)
Bruin87: no
Bruin87: if you fuck everyone
Bruin87: then what differentiated a bf from a husband
Bruin87: ?
Bruin87: i know girls liek that too
Jewberg: someone that you are sexually attracted to and who has a good personality
Jewberg: what i dont understand is you know you this has been drilled into you yet you still say its a choice
Bruin87: we can agree to disagree
Jewberg: even though you are scared of your parents
Jewberg: well its not an “agree to disagree”
Bruin87: y?
Jewberg: you havent experienced it so you really dont have groundsd to make your argument
Jewberg: before people have sex they think its this super special thing
Jewberg: but it really isnt a big deal
Jewberg: what you are going to find
Bruin87: you don’t have to experience everything to have a n opinion and choice
Jewberg: is that the guys who fit your “criteria” or very insecure and not as mature as you would like them to be
Jewberg: you are correct, but you need experience to make an informed and qualified decision
Jewberg: just because you made an opinion, doesnt mean its a good one
Bruin87: i never said it was
Jewberg: listen im nto trying to degrade you
Jewberg: but you need to understand the men you are going to be filtering out
Bruin87: i don’t take offense in anything you say
Bruin87: I know what i’m doing but thanks for your concern
Jewberg: heh, i thought i knew what i was doing at 21 too
Jewberg: you will find out
Jewberg: have a good night

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“Just cuz someone doesnt have experience, doesnt mean they are not good at something”

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Jewberg: are you a persian princess?
OneOriginalGal: i’m a persian queen!
OneOriginalGal: forget princess!
Jewberg: queen… who’s your king?
OneOriginalGal: ha - didnt think of that
OneOriginalGal: i was born a queen!
OneOriginalGal: lol
Jewberg: lies
Jewberg: do you still live with your parents? if so you are definately a princess
OneOriginalGal: i do live with the folks - but thats just following traditiotn
OneOriginalGal: tradition
Jewberg: what other traditions do you follow?
OneOriginalGal: persian you mean?
Jewberg: sure
Jewberg: so far you arent sounding too original
OneOriginalGal: how original do you want me to be?
OneOriginalGal: u persian?
Jewberg: no thank god
OneOriginalGal: you are not fond of them?
Jewberg: depends on how persian you are
Jewberg: some are cool
Jewberg: but the textbook persian princesses from beverly hills i can do with out
OneOriginalGal: thats too bad - because that just generalizing us
OneOriginalGal: and putting a label
OneOriginalGal: not all of us are the same
Jewberg: oh yeah , let me ask you some questions
Jewberg: you already said you live at home, do you drive a bmw?
Jewberg: or mercedes?
OneOriginalGal: no bmw or benz
Jewberg: toyota camry?
OneOriginalGal: nope
Jewberg: ok, did you go to smc before transferring to ucla?
OneOriginalGal: nope
Jewberg: do you wish you were at usc dentistry or pharamacy school?
OneOriginalGal: neither
Jewberg: hmm maybe you arent textbook
OneOriginalGal: see i dont fit into that mold
Jewberg: do you still claim to be a virgin?
OneOriginalGal: ha
OneOriginalGal: i plead the fifth
Jewberg: so you take it in the butt only?
OneOriginalGal: u nasty
Jewberg: yeah i guess you arent typical
Jewberg: just the living at home and claiming to be a virgin at 27
OneOriginalGal: u get what you read
OneOriginalGal: what u see is what you get
Jewberg: well you dont have a pic
OneOriginalGal: i mean my profile
Jewberg: there is not much thats original in there
Jewberg: do you only date persian guys?
OneOriginalGal: no i date ashkenaz
Jewberg: hmm well good luck with that, ashkenaz dont like to date virgins
OneOriginalGal: whats bad about being pure
Jewberg: it guarantees you will be horrible at sex
Jewberg: and that you still have some notion about being pure
Jewberg: when its all BS
OneOriginalGal: that doesnt prove anything
OneOriginalGal: just cuz someone doesnt have experience
OneOriginalGal: doesnt mean they are not good at something
Jewberg: yes it does, thats exactly what it means
OneOriginalGal: are u good?
Jewberg: baby, im great
Jewberg: because ive got a lot of practice
OneOriginalGal: oh yeah?
OneOriginalGal: how much practice?
Jewberg: the last 10 years
OneOriginalGal: wow, when was your last time?
Jewberg: last week
OneOriginalGal: how was it?
Jewberg: ive had better
Jewberg: do i sense some jealousy?
Jewberg: if we met, would you let me test your purity with my fingers?
OneOriginalGal: yeah?
OneOriginalGal: and then what would u do?
Jewberg: depends on what you want, but it seems like you dont want much
OneOriginalGal: u can test sure
Jewberg: oh so you let guys touch you down there
OneOriginalGal: if they seem to be allright
Jewberg: define alright
OneOriginalGal: fine and makes me wet
Jewberg: what makes you wet?
OneOriginalGal: when i’m horney
Jewberg: what gets you going
OneOriginalGal: a cute guy
OneOriginalGal: when he’s hard
Jewberg: do you think im cute from my pics?
OneOriginalGal: yeah i like the last one
Jewberg: so you like the glasses
OneOriginalGal: yeah
Jewberg: i wear contacts mostly, but for you i can make an exception
Jewberg: does it make me look smarter than i already am?
OneOriginalGal: oh thanks
OneOriginalGal: yeah it makes u look like a business man
OneOriginalGal: i like guys in suits
OneOriginalGal: or uniforms
Jewberg: what about scrubs?
OneOriginalGal: of course
Jewberg: awesome, ill wear my scrubs )
OneOriginalGal: do u wear any?
OneOriginalGal: uniform?
Jewberg: yeah for work when i go to hospitals
OneOriginalGal: doing what?
Jewberg: i design implantable medical devices
OneOriginalGal: is that a fancy word for fake boobs?
Jewberg: no, my devices go into the heart
Jewberg: i wish they were fake boobs
OneOriginalGal: whoa, u must be smart?
Jewberg: im a genius baby
OneOriginalGal: or at least sound like one
OneOriginalGal: are u genius in bed?
Jewberg: i make every girl happy
OneOriginalGal: how happ?
OneOriginalGal: happy
Jewberg: i wont cum until you do
Jewberg: but im not sure youve ever cum
Jewberg: so you might be very difficult
OneOriginalGal: looks like they dont come back
Jewberg: they do
OneOriginalGal: how do you know?
Jewberg: you plead the 5th
Jewberg: usually means guilty
Jewberg: lets see a pic
OneOriginalGal: i dont give pics to perves
Jewberg: im not a perv, im just a guy
Jewberg: 100% of guys on here think like i do
Jewberg: but im the only one with balls to sayit
Jewberg: but thats ok
Jewberg: you probably havent gotten your requisite nose job yet
OneOriginalGal: go suck on yourself
Jewberg: god i wish i could then i wouldnt have to deal with cunts like you

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Theres no right way to tell a girl shes too fat

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Jewsocrazy2280: so what type of girls do you like?
Jewsocrazy2280: Personality and looks
Jewberg: smart and sexy
Jewberg: smart, funny, cute, ambitious and independent
Jewsocrazy2280: whats cute to you?
Jewsocrazy2280: what do you look for?
Jewberg: girls who will stay young looking )
Jewsocrazy2280: lol
Jewsocrazy2280: big girl, skinny girl??
Jewberg: i know its horrible to say
Jewsocrazy2280: talll, short?
Jewberg: i dont care about height
Jewberg: i like girls who are in good shape
Jewsocrazy2280: k
Jewberg: what about you? what do you like?
Jewsocrazy2280: taller g uys than me
Jewberg: how tall are you?
Jewsocrazy2280: more on the chunkier side
Jewsocrazy2280: 5′9
Jewsocrazy2280: nice smile
Jewsocrazy2280: Funny, easy going
Jewsocrazy2280: just do you know..I am on the chubbier side
Jewberg: im 5′10
Jewsocrazy2280: just throwing that out there
Jewberg: im aware
Jewberg: you like chunky guys?
Jewsocrazy2280: a little
Jewsocrazy2280: I mean it all depends
Jewsocrazy2280: I have different taste
Jewsocrazy2280: I guess its hard to say
Jewberg: i dont think i could date a girl who weighs more than me
Jewsocrazy2280: well then maybe we shouldnt talk
Jewsocrazy2280: I dont think I want to chat to a guy that thinks that way
Jewsocrazy2280: kinda rude to say something liket hat
Jewberg: but chubby girls give great head
Jewsocrazy2280: I am going to go
Jewsocrazy2280: good luck on here
Jewberg: thanks, have a good one )

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Code formatting

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I found a nice wordpress plugin and thought I’d show it off for those who might want to display code in their wordpress with proper formatting.

  1. #include iostream
  3. using namespace std;
  5. int main(int argc, char *argv[])
  6. {
  7. cout "Hello World !!!" endl;
  9. return 0;
  10. }

If you have a favorite plugin for this function, let me know. Now I wish I could have the patience to code something like this on my own… I know it’s not that terribly hard.

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Abbey and her tent.

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Tonight we busted out the big foam building thingies. They are foam poles with magnets on the ends, and little balls with holes in them to click together. We used every single piece that would could and built a huge fort. We had all sorts of fun. I would have loved these things as a kid!

Right before she went to bed, she decided that it needed to come down. I wish i had gotten a picture of that, it looked like a tornado that had gone through a trailer park.

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Kiss Me, I’m Irish

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Today i decided to try my hand at smoking. I defrosted a few chicken breasts, rubbed them in Grandpa Lynn's seasoning and let them sit for a couple hours. For the grill i set up a smoke pouch filled with cherry wood chips, and a indirect grilling for the chicken. It took a little while to get up to heat and start smoking, so i got a little impatient and turned the heat up. Hey, we were hungry!

Even though i sped it up, it turned out very nice!

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I apologize

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I apologize in advance that this thing is so hard to read but I still have to share it. This is my conversation with the stupidest person on the planet. I feel sorry for all you persians out there that get a bad rap from this girl. But even this girl tries to tell me persian girls are all the same…

princess007A8FD: do u have gf
jewberg: why would i be on jdate if i had a gf?
jewberg: do you have a boyfriend?
princess007A8FD: no
jewberg: im here to meet sexy persian girls
princess007A8FD: oh
princess007A8FD: u like persian girls
jewberg: i do
princess007A8FD: ;)
princess007A8FD: oh wow
jewberg: but not ones who only like persian guys
princess007A8FD: do u like sex
jewberg: who doesnt?
princess007A8FD: oh u do
jewberg: do you?
princess007A8FD: no not really
princess007A8FD: just teasing u ha ha’
princess007A8FD: did u have sex before
jewberg: haha i was about to say, im sorry youve had such bad experiences
jewberg: yes i have, are you a virgin?
princess007A8FD: oh really
princess007A8FD: with your gf
jewberg: i dont have a gf
princess007A8FD: before
princess007A8FD: can i ask u this
jewberg: ive had sex with gf’s and non gf’s
princess007A8FD: how would i know if a guy already had sex
princess007A8FD: how the guy react usually
jewberg: um
jewberg: yeah, its a maturity thing
jewberg: if he isnt trying to have sex with you, hesa virgin
jewberg: otherwise, hes had sex
princess007A8FD: oh so is he doesnt want to have sex he is virgin
jewberg: yeah
jewberg: im guessing you are a virgin still
princess007A8FD: is that true
princess007A8FD: what the bout his is coming to have but not exactly
princess007A8FD: like but fingering why some guys do that
jewberg: english please?
jewberg: wait, can you rewrite that again please?
princess007A8FD: sure
princess007A8FD: if the guy finger a girl what is the reason
jewberg: to make her cum
princess007A8FD: so he wants to have sex right
jewberg: yes, all guys do
princess007A8FD: no not all guys
jewberg: yes
jewberg: all guys
princess007A8FD: i mean one finger
princess007A8FD: or is that mean to try if she is virgin or not
jewberg: no
jewberg: its to get you wet honey
jewberg: hes not checking
jewberg: he doesnt care, he wants to get you horny so you will fuck him
princess007A8FD: can he check l ike that
jewberg: no
princess007A8FD: why not
jewberg: well he can kinda, but thats not why he does it
princess007A8FD: so serioulsy it doesnt mean to see if the girl is viring or not
jewberg: no, not at all
jewberg: guys dont care
jewberg: we prefer girls not to be virgins
princess007A8FD: no some guys care
jewberg: the guys who care havent had sex
jewberg: because virgins are terrible in bed
princess007A8FD: no they hadent
princess007A8FD: hey so he used to finger to make cum
jewberg: yeah, we want to get the girl wet and horny
princess007A8FD: be serious
jewberg: i am!!!!
princess007A8FD: he did it too fast
jewberg: i cant tell if you are seriously asking me these questions
jewberg: what do you mean too fast
jewberg: did he stick it in you or play with your clit?
princess007A8FD: no
princess007A8FD: not playing
princess007A8FD: like he wants to check
jewberg: ok see this is why you have to stop dating persian guys
jewberg: like right now
jewberg: because you guys have been brainwashed
jewberg: to think that virginity some pure thing
princess007A8FD: no he didnt tell me
princess007A8FD: he wasnt to check
princess007A8FD: im gessing
princess007A8FD: can a guy find out with fingering
jewberg: no
princess007A8FD: they cant
jewberg: do you want to talk on the phone?
princess007A8FD: yea but not now
jewberg: tina
jewberg: are you a virgin?
jewberg: it sounds like you are
princess007A8FD: can u answer me
jewberg: im not a virgin
princess007A8FD: do u think if a guy just sleep and just touching did he had sex
jewberg: no
jewberg: he has to stick his penis in you for sex
princess007A8FD: i know
princess007A8FD: im wondering if he had or not
princess007A8FD: how could i know
jewberg: you ask him
jewberg: but you can find out
jewberg: how old is he
princess007A8FD: well i dont
princess007A8FD: becauavse usually guys dont tell truth
princess007A8FD: some guys
jewberg: sometimes i think im the last honest guy out there
jewberg: ok so let me ask you this
jewberg: what would you do if he was a virgin?
princess007A8FD: nothing
jewberg: and what would you do if he wasnt?
princess007A8FD: its ok but i want t o knw
princess007A8FD: because he did that o me to see if im virin or not
jewberg: are you?
princess007A8FD: so by fingering he cant know or not
jewberg: no
jewberg: but are you!
princess007A8FD: no i told him i was with guy
princess007A8FD: yea i am
princess007A8FD: i was with diffrent guy
princess007A8FD: so i told him i had i want to see his reaction
jewberg: so you lied to him to see his reaction but youve never had sex
princess007A8FD: yea but i couldnt find out is he is or not
jewberg: why would you lie to him
jewberg: what is the point?
jewberg: why havent you had sex?
jewberg: what are you waiting for?
princess007A8FD: i like to have with reall guy
princess007A8FD: and love
jewberg: how do you know what a real guy is?
jewberg: have you ever been in love?
princess007A8FD: yea
princess007A8FD: so what is the point of fingering
jewberg: wait seriously, are you really this dumb?
jewberg: i hope you werent born here and thats the excuse for the horrible communication
jewberg: ive told you a million times
jewberg: a guy fingers a girl to get her wet and horny
jewberg: so that you will let him put his penis in you
princess007A8FD: but he wasnt fingering
princess007A8FD: he used one
jewberg: ok so he has no idea what he is doing
princess007A8FD: just touching the g
princess007A8FD: so what does it mean
jewberg: it means he is a stupid virgin with no clue how to get a girl off
jewberg: do you like that answer?
jewberg: did you ask him why he didnt make you cum?
jewberg: or maybe you are too hairy down there?
jewberg: have you douched recently?
jewberg: i need more context honey
jewberg: why did you let him touch your hooha?
princess007A8FD: why
princess007A8FD: what do u mean hooha
jewberg: vagina, pussy, meat curtain, etc
princess007A8FD: i didnt want but im guesing he wants to check somehtn
jewberg: no
jewberg: no
jewberg: no
princess007A8FD: he did it on purpose
jewberg: a guy cant tell from that
princess007A8FD: i think they could
jewberg: great, then you asked me for what reason
princess007A8FD: then he told me no cheking is two fingers
princess007A8FD: but he used one
jewberg: maybe you are a tight little pussy?
princess007A8FD: so defintely guy cant find out like this
princess007A8FD: by fingering
princess007A8FD: so then why he touched the g part
jewberg: whats the g part
princess007A8FD: like the pop up
jewberg: the clit?
princess007A8FD: yea
princess007A8FD: so did he want to have sex
jewberg: do you know what the clit does?
jewberg: have you ever touched it yourself?
princess007A8FD: answer
princess007A8FD: me
princess007A8FD: did he want to have sex
princess007A8FD: like this
jewberg: YESS
jewberg: all guys want to have sex
princess007A8FD: oh
jewberg: whena guy touches your clit
jewberg: he wants to fuck you
jewberg: when a guy takes you to dinner, he wants to fuck you
princess007A8FD: thats not true not all time
jewberg: yes its true
jewberg: unless otherwise stated
princess007A8FD: so this guy had sex already or not
princess007A8FD: he told me i dont have sex with jeewish girls
princess007A8FD: that mewns he had
princess007A8FD: right
jewberg: yes
jewberg: was he jewish?
princess007A8FD: yea
princess007A8FD: but do u think he wanted to have sex with me too
jewberg: persian?
jewberg: are you hot?
princess007A8FD: with this kind of issee touching and finger
jewberg: did his penis get hard?
princess007A8FD: i dont know
princess007A8FD: but he let me touch it what does it mean
princess007A8FD: only from his clothes
jewberg: was it hard?
princess007A8FD: i dont know
jewberg: have you ever seen a penis?
princess007A8FD: no
princess007A8FD: do he wanted to have sex right
jewberg: no because if he ended up getting you pregnant the baby would be so dumb the world would implode
princess007A8FD: ;) \
princess007A8FD: ;)
princess007A8FD: im not dumb
princess007A8FD: because he was alier
princess007A8FD: lier
princess007A8FD: he told me i did this to chek your maturity
princess007A8FD: what does it mean
princess007A8FD: because i had diziness
jewberg: were you born here in the US?
princess007A8FD: no
princess007A8FD: so he could check majhority
princess007A8FD: with fingering
jewberg: are you stupid enough to believe him
princess007A8FD: majhority what
princess007A8FD: no
jewberg: okg
jewberg: tina
jewberg: your typing is giving me a headache
princess007A8FD: sorry
jewberg: i hope your resume has less spelling errors
princess007A8FD: kind of tired
jewberg: you should focus on communicating better
jewberg: because its obvious you are immature and need some worldly experience
jewberg: i hope you dont come off like this to your potential employers
princess007A8FD: no im ok
jewberg: are you?
princess007A8FD: kind of upset now
jewberg: you are 26 and a virgin and havent figured out guys
jewberg: youve probably never had an orgasm
jewberg: and youve never seen a penis
princess007A8FD: most girls are like this
jewberg: no
jewberg: no they arent
princess007A8FD: espcially jewish
jewberg: no
jewberg: no they arent
jewberg: ive slept with plenty of jewish women
princess007A8FD: yea
jewberg: they are not nearly as retarded as you
princess007A8FD: persaian
jewberg: ive fucked persian women
jewberg: they pretend to be dumb virgins
princess007A8FD: wow
jewberg: but they are all sluts
jewberg: and they take it in the ass to save the pussy for marriage
princess007A8FD: yea oral
princess007A8FD: with out clothes
princess007A8FD: they did with u
jewberg: no, they let me stick it in their pussies
jewberg: where normal people have sex?
jewberg: you know
jewberg: like you see in pornos
princess007A8FD: can i tell u something what if he touches breast
princess007A8FD: does he want sex
princess007A8FD: and saw my breast i felt so bad
princess007A8FD: does he wantt sex
jewberg: seriously tina
jewberg: what the fuck is wrong with you
princess007A8FD: i was trying him to see if he wants
princess007A8FD: so is he touches me that means he wants
princess007A8FD: is that right
jewberg: just say, hey i want to have sex, is that so hard
jewberg: ok, i think you should show me a pic now
princess007A8FD: sure
princess007A8FD: but now now
princess007A8FD: i like this conversaiton
princess007A8FD: so u think thy guy had a sex already
jewberg: stop
princess007A8FD: another itme he told me no
jewberg: you keep asking the same stupid shit
jewberg: i dont care
jewberg: you know who wants sex?
jewberg: me
jewberg: are you going to give it to me?
princess007A8FD: so he did that to me to start sex
princess007A8FD: is that right
jewberg: im done with you

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I’m just not cool enough for you.

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I outright do not understand people. That is the simplist explanation for my current predicament of what I am thinking, doing, the whole shebang.

I’ll admit, I really can’t say I had a normal childhood, or what some would say is normal. I was very sheltered and I hung out with my family quite a bit. Now I love my family, but honestly looking back at this I feel like it was a very bad thing. This is because I learned to be very dependant of people and to allow them to depend on me. One thing that is my greatest fault is that I constant “wait for things to happen.” Guess what, they never do. I sit in my place day in and day out just for the sheer possibility of opportunity. I welcome ANYTHING with open arms. I’m fucking serious. If somebody, even a stranger, came to my door and invited me to some orgy in the woods or even a fucking pagan ritual, I would go.

My line of thinking here is completely off balance, and for that I do not apologize. One thing I frequently think about is “how many people are fucking right now out in the world.” Yes I take this as having a dirty mind, but honestly, how many people do you think ARE fornicating in the world at any given moment? The question was brought up in Amelie and I find it to be interesting. In my case though, it is in a negative tone, like “how many people out there are getting laid right now while I sit here alone in my apartment.” That is more along the lines of what I am getting at. Depressing, to say the least.

So anyway, people… yes, people. I grew up sheltered, didn’t learn to make friends very well, but I did okay in high school I suppose. Most of the time I felt the obligation to stay at home and not make it out in the world and have fun. I’d say I started to have some fun at least when I got my first car. I’d make friends with a group of people and we’d go do some things together, if it be anything.

I’m a strange eater. I don’t like certain things because of the texture in my mouth. Anything gritty, anything gooey, anything overly soft… and I begin to have a gag reflex. It is purely all up in my head and that is one thing I NEED to overcome someday. It’s all fucking mental and I hate it.

So ya, I am just in a piss poor mood right now and I wish that I had somebody to go do something with.

Fuckin’ Aye.

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Reorganization of sorts

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I know that in the past and present I have used this website as a method of conveying the ideas in my head and basically using this space as a place holder so that I can later come back and read up on my thoughts when it is time to take action.  I’m not thinking of the actual word for this at the moment, but I think you get the idea.

I am a person who has a great deal of clutter.  An entire wall in my garage where I reside is taken up by junk.  It isn’t all useless by any means, but it might as well be labeled junk because it is so unsorted and unnecessary to have, to be honest.

I’ve got cans I havn’t cashed in yet (oh to be in a state where I don’t have to do that), I’ve got papers and useless junk mixed in with some things that I might actually think to keep.  I’ve got stupid mementos of days past that don’t necessarily need to be kept.  It’s all very much a mess and I don’t quite understand why.

Anyhow, I just wanted to write this down and possibly if anyone had suggestions on how I can tidy up that’d be nice too.

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