Happy Birthday to me!

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For my birthday i held a BBQ. My family, or what part of my family that was in town and that could come, came over and i made Rib Eyes for all of them. I got a few gift cards, some shirts, and a new desk chair from the wifey. Its super nice. I spend a lot of time in it with my current job, so its a nice addition to my new office.

Thanks wifey!

new chair and old chair.

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epic xkcd

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In case you havn’t seen it…

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Oh craigslist!

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Since our move to the city, i have discovered things that just wern't possible in my little Idaho town. I have discovered craigslist. Not that i didnt know what it was, but up in Idaho hardly anyone used it. Well, since i noticed people actually put up things that are screaming deals, i have been keeping a close eye on it.

While at work i saw someone offering some free wii games and guitar hero controllers. I e-mail him, and after a back and forth of about 15 e-mails he said that i could have 3 wii games and the 2 guitars for FREE! Ya, all i had to do was come pick them up. He said that his friends didnt like playing it anymore because they got rock band.

I got: Super smash brothers, Guitar Hero 3, and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.

On my way out, i had all these crazy thoughts about someone luring me out to kill me or rob me or something. All was fine. Hey man, THANKS!

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Beach Panorama

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I was tweaking with splicing images together for a panorama.  There are a few issues with it, but didn’t turn out too bad.  I’m too lazy to mess with it anymore.

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2009 Amgen Tour of California

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A List…

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I’m going to jot down a list for posts to come-

Movie review: Yes Man
Movie review: Gran Turino
Movie review: Doubt
Movie review: Defiance
Movie review: Zack and Miri
Movie review: How to lose friends and alienate people


My new plans in the mix
Book review: The Watchmen
Book review: Sure you’re joking Mr. Feynman
A journey with photos
My opinion of the piratebay case


Can’t think of any more… will work on these.

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New house.

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This is our new 4 bed, 3 bath house in Sandy, Utah. Oh i love having my own place again. Now if only i can get everything put in a place and make it nice and neat…

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Why I Love America #1: Packaged Cupcakes

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As a South African teenager living in Greece and flipping through magazines like Seventeen and Sugar, I’d often daydream about what it’d be like to purchase one of the products shown in the those flashy advertisements. We didn’t have a CVS down the street where you could buy the latest CoverGirl mascara. There was no fat-free ice cream. And there were certainly no Sketchers stores or Starbucks coffee. After graduating high school in Amsterdam, I decided to go to America: the land where you can open a magazine, have your eye peruse an ad, and *gasp* actually go out and purchase that product the very same day!

I love making cupcakes. And now with more America in the mix, they’ve become even easier to make! Stroll down the street to your local grocery store, and you can purchase almost any pre-packaged flavor cupcake mix you can think of!

I made cupcakes tonight for a work colleague’s birthday. Thank you America, for making my life easier and tasty!

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Nothing here until further thought takes place.

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So…  I’m leik playing F.E.A.R. 2 and I’m scared shitless.

Before I discuss my immediate thoughts, let me go back to the original F.E.A.R. game and tell you what I liked best about it.  I’d have to say I liked the storyline the best.  In the original, you were a soldier sent to investigate what was going on in a facility after there was an incident and you learn of this girl, ALMA, who is controlling soldiers through telekinesis.  The original really had some trippy parts that were pretty damn scary.  I’d say take the scariest movie you’ve seen and double it.

Hands down the best horror themed shooter game I’ve ever played.  The two expansions were pretty good as well.  One of them was a parallel storyline that shadowed the other incident (you were apart of another unit doing the investigation).  I don’t want to spoil the storyline at all (can’t tell, right?) so I won’t say much more.

Okay, now for the newest installment:  F.E.A.R. 2.   I’m not entirely sure if this is the same facility, but it is set in the further ahead in the future and you are once again a soldier.  This time you are sent in to extract a higher up and to stop a militant force from abducting her before you can get to her.  At least this is the beginning of the storyline.  Alma is not a creepy little girl anymore.  She is some psycho bitch who is hunting you down trying to kill you.  Honestly, I almost crapped my pants in a few parts.  Mad props to Monolith for creating such a creepy ass game.

Anywho, so far I’m just a few hours into it.  You are apparently apart of some top secret psychokinetic project and are “attuned” to Alma in some way and she wants to find you as a result.  As you go along in the game you get little bits of storyline through intel strung randomly throughout the maps.

Set in office and industrial buildings, you try to find your way though a maze while battling off soldiers with firepower and having shit try to rip your face off at every other turn.  The game is definately an excitement.

I’ll have more when I find more out.  Stay tuned…

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