Yes, I was bored.

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I was bored last night and decided to make a typical myspace pic but I wanted to make it comical…


So I am asking you.  What type of caption should display on the lower left side of the photo?  Something like my old “emo” pic is what I’m looking for:


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WP Update

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So I updated wordpress to 2.7. Seems that there are some nice new features, but I’m not entirely sure what they are yet…

I suppose I have some poking around to do. I kind of want to change the look of the blog also, but I’m out of ideas atm.

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Xmas for the Moch’s

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Holly Being Cute:

Emo Nick:


The rest on flickr.

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Happy Hanukah!

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Jewberg: i dont have work tomorrow, i wish there was somehing fun to do tonight
rivkarose: i’d watch a good movie, if i were you
Jewberg: want to bring one over ? ;)
rivkarose: ha sorry man, thanks for the invite. not that kind of hannukah
Jewberg: haha you dont want to spin the dreidel of love?
rivkarose: i’m pretty impressed
rivkarose: lol
rivkarose: i’m not sure what you’re trying for, jewberg
Jewberg: if you even the slightest bit entertained, ive done my job
Jewberg: also if ive horrified you, im content
rivkarose: lol
rivkarose: well you’re doing well one way or another
Jewberg: haha im all about balance
Jewberg: have i confused you enough yet?
rivkarose: doing pretty well
Jewberg: im really good at that in person too
rivkarose: i bet
Jewberg: im also quite soothing in person
rivkarose: that’s a selling point
Jewberg: im not a car, i dont need selling points
Jewberg: but if i were a car
Jewberg: id be one of those midsize cars with a huge engine ;)
rivkarose: vroom
Jewberg: sometimes you never expect there to be so much power under the hood
rivkarose: man, you are a charmer.
Jewberg: haha sometimes i just get in these moods where i just amuse myself
Jewberg: i know you are entertained with me
rivkarose: lol no worries
rivkarose: i’m entertained
rivkarose: i’m just not going to meet you, that’s all
Jewberg: oh damn
Jewberg: whys that?
Jewberg: because im not afraid to be suave?
rivkarose: is suave the right word for it?
Jewberg: hmm let me try again
Jewberg: because im so awesome?
rivkarose: ooh
rivkarose: better
Jewberg: who can resist someone made of awesome sauce
rivkarose: man, apparently me
Jewberg: wow that sucks
Jewberg: i couldnt imagine a life where you werent always in pursuit of awesome sauce
rivkarose: how long have you been a member?
Jewberg: this time around, 3 weeks
rivkarose: how’s it going for ya
Jewberg: some times it hard to keep track of all the dates
Jewberg: someone always ends up hurt, usually never me
rivkarose: lucky you
Jewberg: when you are in control, you choose your own result
rivkarose: i really wish i could be with you right now
Jewberg: flattery will get you everywhere

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Wtf indeed.

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[See post to watch Flash video]

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Holy crap - SNOW?!?!?!?!

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Watch live video from mochery’s channel on

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So Oregon is kind of snowed in atm. I’m stuck in Salem because I dont feel like driving up north with all the crazy ass people who don’t know how to drive in the snow and ice. I hear about numerous wrecks happening and I-5 being shutdown in parts. *sigh*

Here is a pic of the back yard. The full line of pics are on my flickr if you are interested.

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L’Amuse Bouche

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Two friends of mine from IRC (can you call them friends if you chat online a lot but have not met in real life?) ojuice and KillJoy are avid watchers of Top Chef. I had never seen it before, but I kept hearing really good things about it. I started watching this season (New York), and so far I’ve been enjoying it. In one episode they did a quickfire challenge creating breakfast amuse bouches. The three of us decided to create our own ones. They didn’t have to be limited to breakfast, and we had a week to create them. I like the idea of coming up with food themes and then creating dishes inspired by that theme. I thought about amuse bouche ideas all week long. I’ve been very busy the last couple of months with my book, so I decided to keep it simple and stick to dishes that I know, but re-creating them in bite-size portions.

AB_Egg_1The first dish I made was a breakfast dish inspired from my mother. On weekends she would often make poached eggs on toast with a thick cheesy sauce. I got the cheese sauce recipe and made some modifications of my own. Start off with a cup of milk in a small saucepan. Add 2 heaped teaspoons of cornflour or cornstarch to about a tablespoon of milk in a little dish, and mix into a paste. Add the cornstarch mixture to the milk in the saucepan, and turn the heat on to medium high. Add about a teaspoon of English mustard powder and about a teaspoon of worchestire sauce. As the mixture heats up, it will thicken. Once it’s of a thick consistency, add as much shredded cheddar cheese as you want. I usually add about a cup. Then mix it all up, and add a little cayenne pepper. Your sauce is now ready. Since I don’t have an egg poacher, I just boil eggs. Make some toast, top with the cheese sauce and boiled egg slices. I’ll then sprinkle the whole thing with salt, a little freshly ground black pepper, and some paprika for color. My my usually garnishes with parsley, but I didn’t have any (and I’m not a huge parsely fan). I’m bummed I didn’t have any, because I think a touch of green would have complimented the presentation of the dish a little more.


AB_CookieI just finished baking a whole bunch of white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies this weekend for the holidays. I made two mini-cookies and created a little amuse bouche ice cream sandwich.

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And for those that still wonder about the name; Logomachy.

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Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays

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Heebus has asked me to get with the organizing for a LAN he’d like to host at his place between Xmas and New years. please visit to let us know when you’d like to have the LAN.  Select every night that you’d want to play!

Use the comments to tell us what games you’d like to play.

Yay LAN Party!


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