Thoughts on Crypto

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I’ve been thinking about public key cryptography recently, after a conversation I had with moke, concerning the need for identity verification, and/or encryption over just about every protocol we have. What worries me about all of this PKC is this: How do we protect the initial transfer of public keys? I’ve seen this mentioned as the protection for that:

Digital signatures — a message signed with a sender’s private key can be verified by anyone who has access to the sender’s public key, thereby proving that the sender signed it and that the message has not been tampered with. This is used to ensure authenticity.

How does this ensure authenticity during the initial transfer of keys? If all of this took place on line, how could this be protected from a MITM attack? Even with public key signing, what’s to stop someone from making Bob see a fabricated Key, instead of Alice’s real public key (assuming Bob went to Alice’s website to grab her public key.) The only way around this, that I can tell, is face to face key transfers. How could this be useful in a large scale system?

I recognize that I may be missing a large part of this, but hey, thats why I’m posting this. Educate me!

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Office hijinks.

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I’ve never been in a real office setting before, so working in an office eight hours a day is a new experience for me. A fellow engineer I work with talked me into phoning someone else in the office when he found out I had Rick Astley on my cell. So today while half the office was in a meeting, I took the liberty of prank calling someone else’s phone and rickrolling them.

It was pretty hilarious to see their reaction when they check their phone messages and you could imagine “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…”

Priceless. She claims she will get me back one of these days… We’ll see if she does. Who knows…


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I wan’t to see this again…

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My place.

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[See post to watch Flash video]
Looking more and more at this video makes me realize I need a better effing camera.

Update: I have all the boxes put away and my place is cleaner. Also I have my awesome plaid tall lazyboy chair in my living room along with a cool rug.

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I hate sleeping.

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Really, it’s not the sleep that bothers me so much, as the getting to sleep that I hate so much. The thing that really sucks, is that I want to be asleep right now!

My sleep schedule is all sorts of messed up right now. I blame all those damn kids coming back to work now.

After a horrificaly failtastic display on my first attempt at getting my black belt, I will be retesting in “a few weeks.” Hopefully I’ll pass. More on this in another post (see? I’m setting myself up to post more.)

I think it’s time to try sleep again.

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Site update.

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So I managed to get to point to the same address as

Also I decided I would put up my available old blog entries in a separate blog location. You can get there by going to the link on the sidebar.

I have a few movie and game reviews I’ve been working on, so I’ll have more updates to post soon. Happy blogging.

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Lame BYUI Faculty…..

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My lame Department Chair, Professor, Instructor, Acquaintance , Person getting paid to do nothing has yet to give me a grade for my senior project.

Granted i am not alone in this matter… another student does not have a grade yet either. He is special though. Because our faculty member messed up the internship, he started it late, so he has to finish before a grade can be given. UNDERSTANDABLE. Whats my deal? I'm not special… well, i am in another way. I'm 1 of 3 students who doesn't have a diploma because of slacking faculty. I am special!

I want to say thanks to all but one member of the CIT department at BYUI. Thanks for being prompt and fair with all my other classes/grades (i could argue about one instance… but i'll let it go). You were all good to me.

**update - My incident was upgraded to President Clark. Yes, that's right, to the top! He is known to get things done. I am happy to hear that someone is doing something.

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3 things I would like to see…

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1. Automatic turrets to shoot people who speed through residential neighborhoods
2. A requirement for licenses for people to have children
3. Beer vending machines at bars so you dont have to wait in line

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Google Reader Starred Items Wordpress Plugin

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I’m subscribed to a bunch of RSS feeds and I think I finally got this wordpress plugin I wrote on your top left to work for pulling out the items I star for later reading or articles that I think are particularly good.

Subscribe to the RSS

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