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So you have Youtube for videos, and Flickr for photos.

What if you want HD video? Streamed in flash? I came across a website while looking for samples of HD captures from several camcorders. Apparently this website has been around for a while, I just had never visited it until now.


Here is an embed from the website. The quality is awesome… Click the “HD” option on the hover over inside the video to go to the website that has the HD video streaming.

A walk in the mountain with Julie from Sébastien Abes on Vimeo.

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Catching Up

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Well I ended up being completely wrong about the Euro 2008 tournament. Overall though it was a great tournament and I am happy that Spain won as well as attacking football dominating the games. Turkey produced some of the most entertaining soccer games I think anyone has seen, and Holland ended up being disappointing again.

After watching so many games I had the soccer itch really bad, so I started organizing some pick-up games and they have been a success! At most we used to have 12 people show up, but we’ve had 18 or 19 show up sometimes. It’s wonderful to be playing again and hopefully people can keep showing up. Playing these games and going to the gym I’m slowly getting back into shape.

MotoGP this year was awesome. Didn’t have to worry about heat, though I almost froze my butt off, and the racing was spectacular. Valentino Rossi showed some of his old form and it was very exciting to watch. If you haven’t seen it yet you absolutely must watch it. I have pics of it on my flickr, as do Dram and grico (theirs are better.)

The following weekend was spent camping, drinking, celebrating, drinking, playing Rock Band, and more drinking. I was pretty tuckered out, but it was a really good weekend. Now I just someone to call me back about a job!

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Need some help.

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This is a long shot, but I was wondering if anybody knows the tune that this old windmill music box plays.

The music box used to be one that my aunt used to have for years and years. She didn’t want it anymore after she moved, but I kept it because I had memories as a kid of turning the windmill and listening to it play.

Here’s the tune and if you were curious, here is a pic of the music box:

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My New Place

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[See post to watch Flash video]

Let me show ya around!

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A Message for all Graphic Designers

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Don’t be a clown. Save down.

Not everyone has the latest software.

Thanks, TeeNess.

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HOWieZine #13: Phobias

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Every couple of months, Pad Thai of the HOW Graphic Design Forum organizes a HOWieZine theme that up to 50 designers/illustrators can submit work to. This edition’s theme was Phobias. We have a couple of weeks to work on two pages (1 double-sided page), and I spent a lot of time just thinking about what my actual phobias are. Sure, there’s the usual cockroach/spider/snake thing. But I wanted to do something a little different, and something that was somewhat related or linked in a way. I happened to get the most recent Illustration Annual from Communication Arts, and I was drooling over all the neat illustration styles displayed throughout the magazine. One page that really stood out to me included illustrations that were very simple and bold; blocks of color, and  simple shapes. It reminded me of my 7th grade art class where we took thin sheets of a very soft wood, drew something on it, and then cut away pieces of the wood to make a big stamp-like impression of the illustration. One of the reasons that I participate in these HOWieZines is because it’s an opportunity for me to do something different. Since I get to be my own art director, I get to decide what I’m going to do, and how I’m going to do it. I spend a lot of time on the computer, and I wanted to get away from it a little bit and do something with my hands. After reading the Illustration Annual and being reminded of my 7th grade art class, I decided that my two pages would be done by block printing.

The two phobias that I ultimately decided on were vaccinations and scales. I liked that both involved measurements and numbers.

toolsf.jpgThe first thing I did was design how the pages would look in Illustrator. I wanted to simplify the needle and scale so that I could transfer it to my carving block. Once I was happy with my Illustrator comp, I printed it out, put some tracing paper over it, and used a pencil to replicate the illustration on to the tracing paper. I then placed the tracing paper over the carving block and used my pencil to rub the illustration on to the block.I decided (just to be safe) that I’d do a positive and negative version of each illustration.

With the illustrations transfered, I spent a few hours carving away. It was so refreshing to do something with my hands for a change. So many people get caught up in the computer these days and it’s nice to do something hand-made and use the computer to enhance your hand-made artwork (instead of using the computer solely to create).

cutf.jpg   firstcutf.jpg

After the carving was completed, it was time to ink up the blocks and make some prints!

print1f.jpg   print2f.jpg

I selected the prints I liked the best and scanned them into the computer. I ended up using both the positive and negative prints in my designs, so I’m glad that I took the time to do both. I used Photoshop to change the color, get rid of odd smudges and spots, etc. And voila! My prints were done!



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2008 Red Bull United States Grand Prix

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MotoGP photographs from the Red Bull US GP

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Mosquito Country

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Mosquito Country

Originally uploaded by Maker.

That is all.

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Silence on the Wire

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Sorry, I haven’t updated in ages.  Prepare yourself for some rambling.  I switched to Night Shift, then back to Day Shift.  Went on a couple road trips, read a book or two, etc.  Anyway, I’ve been porting Mode8 to SDL.   It was sad when I decided to do so, as I had to throw away the coolest, and most time consuming classes.  But actually the switch improved the over all structure.  I’ve also been watching a lot of races over at the Velodrome.  Good stuff.  The Tour de France is currently in the Pyrenees’s; Team Columbia has been doing well.  I wish both them and Garmin-Chipotle the best.  FF4ds comes out next week, and it looks fantastic.  DQ4ds comes out in two months and looks even better.  This years E3 has been disappointing, except perhaps for Mirrors Edge, and the FFXIII port to the Xbox 360

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Joss Whedon’s latest project

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Thought I’d share a pretty funny webseries with you all that I came across. It is super hero / villian musical. Funny stuff, plus Joss Whedon, creator of firefly made it. Stars Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion.


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Recent events

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So I thought I’d talk a bit about what is going on with my life and what I’ve been thinking lately. I’m pretty sure nobody even reads my blog these days, so I don’t think there is much point in being frank atm. I am very close to landing a job. Anytime next week I will hear back about a position I was applying for and hear a yay or nay about it. If that is successful I will be making way more money that I thought I would be at this point in my life. Basically I will be “financially secure”. I know it will be tough to be busy again, but I am definitely ready for it. I need a change in my life and it will be great. This job will be in Portland, so I’d be moving up there. There is a possibility of me getting a house. Yes, buying one, or signing my life away to a loan contract… This isn’t for sure, but my relative is wanting to sell her house in Beaverton and I’m more than sure she would give me a great deal on it, since she is not hurting for money. So things look good so far, I’ll keep you posted via blog.

In other news, I’ve been researching the iPhone. Yes, it is apple, and yes it is a proprietary device that may lead me to frustration with it. But for two simple facts I believe I want to purchase one at some point.

  1. Pandora for the iPhone!
  2. Wordpress app for the iPhone!

Yep, so I want one basically, and I’ll probably get one after I find a job, etc. Should be pretty sweet.

So things are kind of in limbo for me right now. I want to get into shape and feel I need to be about of the house for that to happen. I.E. Away from my family who tends to make me feel like overeating at times. Don’t know if you’ve ever had that problem…

Guess I’ll come up with some things to say later, but for now, thanks for stopping by.

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