Back in Business

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So after a hiatus totaling way too long, Logomachia is back up and running! All thanks to Logikal for hosting and setting Wordpress up for me.

We’ll see how long I can keep this going, but overall I have both the urge and need to write on this site. Hopefully it won’t be just pointless drivel, but that’s always an option with me. It will be good to have a personal blog to link to as far as having experience goes though. I’m hoping to design my own site soon, or just find a better looking theme since that’s easier. OSWD has some good designs as well so I may steal something from there. For now, just stay tuned!

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The Rather Difficult Font Game

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I was sent this link for font recognition testing. Try it out! I got 24/34.

The Rather Difficult Font Game


Thanks to Ocswing for the link.

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Stupid Persian Virgins Part 3

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This one is for Regina, you know this girl…

We join this stupid virgin persian conversation already in progress.

Jewberg: and they didnt make you go to dentistry school or pharmacy
Jewberg: what kind of persian parents do you have?
mish22E226: haha
mish22E226: very chill parents
mish22E226: that’s why I can still live at home
Jewberg: i dont know, i generally stay away from these kinds of
mish22E226: what does that mean?
Jewberg: persian girls who live with their parents
mish22E226: haha
mish22E226: defnitely not your typical one…
Jewberg: oh whats that mean?
mish22E226: but I know what you mean
mish22E226: well… how many persian girls do you know that went to
San Diego State for 4 years
mish22E226: for starteres
Jewberg: 0
mish22E226: and got a teaching gig right out of high school
Jewberg: its never happened before
Jewberg: in the history of mankind
mish22E226: haha
mish22E226: you are a comedian
Jewberg: because persian girls claim to be virgins
Jewberg: virgins dont go to sdsu
Jewberg: well
Jewberg: they go
mish22E226: hmmmm
Jewberg: but they dont emerge virgins
mish22E226: I’m sure a lot say… define virging
mish22E226: virgin
Jewberg: you know, having sex…
mish22E226: have you dated a persian girl?
Jewberg: yes, you dont just come up with these stereotypes from
watching TV
mish22E226: right
mish22E226: well… people who know me know I’m not the typical
“persian girl”… but I’m not going to go against my peeps either
Jewberg: how are you atypical?
*** mish22E226’s IM window is closed

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I know I haven’t posted in a while, but to be honest there isn’t much to post about.  Not much has changed since the first of the month.  I’m still actively job searching and living at home.   I had an interview thursday with a company, it went alright, even though I’m absolutely sure I don’t want the job.  I also had another interview friday at xerox.  It went pretty well.  I’m just waiting to hear back from this week.  Who knows what will come of it.

So yeah, stuff is happening, but not much stuff.  I haven’t really seen any movies lately.  I did finally see “There Will Be Blood.”  I’ll write a review on that later, it is too late atm to think properly.

Until next time.

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If you and I correspond via email, please update your Address Book entry for me to I haven’t, and won’t be checking my other inbox’s very often.

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Typeface: Halvorsen

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In my first book, Caffeine for the Creative Mind, I decided to use Times and Arial as primary typefaces. Both Stefan and I were in agreement that there was something comical about using default fonts for a creative book. I’m not sure how many readers caught on to this design choice, but I know that both us and the publisher thought it as rather funny.

For the next book, I wanted to use a typeface that was both stylish and legible. I’ve been a big fan of Adobe Caslon for a while now, and I wanted to use something with a similar classicism, although as a sans-serif. After much searching, I came across the typeface Halvorsen in a Veer promotional book. As soon as I saw it, I knew it’d be perfect.



Our publisher approved my first round of comps, and they love the typeface. I think it’s going to improve legibility a great deal, and I think the variety of weights will be helpful when playing with words (like I did in the first book).

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Oh Happy Day

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The first half of today sucked. I got to work an hour earlier than usual, and spent the entire morning editing, cropping, image-searching, printing, fixing printers, re-printing, mounting, copy-writing, and PDF-making (whew). I was so busy that there wasn’t even time to wage my daily war with the antique toaster that is the embodiment of the anti-christ. So by 11:30am, my hand was looking mighty tasty. Luckily Sean agreed to nom CPK with me. The weather outside was beautiful and it was perfect t-shirt temperature. I ate my entire BBQ chicken pizza, followed by an ice-cold pepsi. That was a lunch of win. I popped into Restoration Hardware afterwards really quick to purchase two items that were on my super-duper purchase list of 2008: a bathrobe and some hand cream. Restoration Hardware has the best bathrobes EVER. They’re super-soft and very, very comfy. I also bought some hand cream that Sean’s mom introduced to me. It’s called No-Crack Hand Cream, and comes in a variety of scents. She uses the lemon-scented one, so that’s the one that I got. It smells divine, and feels great.

bathrobeHand Cream

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Jewberg: oh yeah hot body
HotHotGoddess: thanks
Jewberg: so what do you model for? anorexia monthly?
HotHotGoddess: oh, SNAP. real clever.
HotHotGoddess: Don’t be jealous, fat ass.
HotHotGoddess: that I’d never give you the time of day in real life.
Jewberg: they make watches that small?
HotHotGoddess: You look 40, btw. How’s that working out for you?
Jewberg: oh you know it, i get all the 18 year old girls looking for a sugar
HotHotGoddess: classy
Jewberg: i love the exposed collarbone look, its getting me really hot
and bothered
HotHotGoddess: I’ve been doing a’rite for myself so far.
HotHotGoddess: Don’t hate, just because you’re forced onto the fat girls
because the good ones won’t look your way
Jewberg: hmm you could be right, but i think you should swallow more
HotHotGoddess: such a charmer.
HotHotGoddess: I’m sure all the ladies love it.
HotHotGoddess: too bad I don’t speak asshole.
Jewberg: you obviously dont eat asshole either …. or anything for that
HotHotGoddess: you’re so charming, jewberg. and clever, for that matter.
but I expected nothing less, with a name like that.
HotHotGoddess: haha, awesomesauce! loser
HotHotGoddess: How’s that rosacia going for you?
Jewberg: hmm normally im the one throwing out the insults to make
myself feel better but apparently you are the queen of it
Jewberg: i guess if i looked like you did i would need all the help i can
Jewberg: i wonder how guys look at you
Jewberg: but then i think if you turn sideways they cant see you
Jewberg: do you rattle when you walk?
HotHotGoddess: Hey, 2nd grade called, and it wants its insults back.
Jewberg: hey 2nd grade called, it wants its body back
HotHotGoddess: Plus, I’m unclear on what your problem is. Don’t take all
the jdate rejection out on me, just because all us hot girls find you
Jewberg: hot girls looooove the kks, but its more meat than youve ever
HotHotGoddess: you know why you have a personality? because you
HAD to. got nothing else going for you.
HotHotGoddess: I can be shitty because I look this good.
HotHotGoddess: so eat it.
Jewberg: the irony is astounding
Jewberg: so really what do you model for? pre teen clothes?
HotHotGoddess: I was gonna put some modeling pics up, but I didn’t
want to be too intimidating.
HotHotGoddess: Maybe that wasn’t the best idea.
HotHotGoddess: you would know better than to talk to me if you saw
Jewberg: why because i would be afraid of soliciting kiddie porn on the
HotHotGoddess: maybe it’s not the best idea to have your first picture
accentuate your quadruple chin.
HotHotGoddess: just some constructive criticism for you.
HotHotGoddess: also, try not being a jerk.
HotHotGoddess: that works better too.
HotHotGoddess: unless you’re playing hard to get
HotHotGoddess: in which case
HotHotGoddess: barking up the wrong tree…
Jewberg: tree? i thought you were a pine needle at best
HotHotGoddess: men love me. especially rich ones.
HotHotGoddess: so either way
HotHotGoddess: you couldn’t afford me.
HotHotGoddess: even if you were bill gates.
HotHotGoddess: fag
Jewberg: oh and hey, the concentration camp look ended about 60
years ago
Jewberg: oh yeah, let me spend all my money on some bitch that i
would crush with my down comfoter
HotHotGoddess: at least your penis would fit comfortably inside my 1
inch vaginal canal
Jewberg: why fuck you there, i could get it inbetween your ribcage
HotHotGoddess: once I had a yeast infection, and my ex called me a
quarter pounder with cheese
HotHotGoddess: so honestly, jewberg…
HotHotGoddess: you’re just turning me on
Jewberg: haha i love that

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An English Commercial

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This is the best thing I’ve ever seen:

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Outstanding Clips

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The most English thing I’ve ever seen:

Possibly the funniest short film:

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2004 Book List

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I was recently looking through Stackpointer Labs archives and discovered a list of book I read back in 2004. Perhaps this will tide you over until my next ‘real’ post is finished.  Again, I’ve put the titles I liked in bold.

[1] Quicksilver
[2] Pattern Recognition
[3] Masters of DooM
[4] Dungeons and Dreamers
[5] The Golden Ratio
[6] The Elegant Universe
[7] American Pie
[8] The Fabric of the Cosmos
[9] Shadow and Claw
[10] Atlas of the Skies
The Icewind Dale Trilogy
[11] The Crystal Shard
[12] Streams of Silver
[13] The Halfling’s Gem
[14] Burning Chrome
[15] Winning Chess Tactics
[16] A Crown of Swords
[17] The Path of Daggers
[18] Designing Virtual Worlds
[19] MUD Game Programming
[20] Database Management
[21] The Cuckoo’s Egg
[22] Slaughter-house Five
[23] Shadow of the Tortuer
[24] Claw of the Conciliator
[25] Codes and Ciphers : Julius Caesar, the Enigma and the internet
[26] Y Mabinogi


[26] Neuromancer
[27] Count Zero

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