Redesign Aborted

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In case it wasn’t clear, my redesign has been aborted for the time being. Since I hadn’t saved my previous design, I have gone back to the default Movable Type 3.0 theme. Once I get some more time and motivation I will redesign it again.

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Blackened Berry Shortcakes

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Phone - Blackberry Curve 8320 BlackBerry Curve 8320

Probably out of the running is this little guy. My understanding is that the way email is handled is fantastic and everything else is severely lacking, most especially the web browser. As I prefer to read email when I’m ready with consideration to the vast volume of it that I receive.

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Maker and Sprint Meet For the First Time

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While experimenting with a Palm Centro phone tonight, I discovered a couple things:

  1. Sprint’s EVDO is about what we’ll call, “trillions” of times faster than T-Mobile’s 0.001kpbs Make-Believe GPRS. When you have good reception. Which is to say never. Did I mention I work across the freeway from a T-Mobile corporate headquarters? They probably all use Nextel.
  2. The web browser is even more of an important feature for me than I suspected.
  3. The Centro’s web browser is considerably lacking when compared to my current phone’s browser which an extremely stripped down version of one the worst desktop browsers to ever have been made.
  4. Price is more of an important factor than I had previously guessed at. Fortunately, I can get a really good deal on any Sprint phone I like. I know a guy.

This guy also suggested the Sprint MOGUL by HTC. My current phone is an HTC with WM 5 on it. I’d feel right at home, except with a better OS and better network.

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New Blog Location, Please Update your links, RSS

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This blog is back at so please update your links, RSS aggregators, or whatever hullabaloo you use to read my blog.

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New Mobile Phone Project

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I will be selecting a mobile phone product and carrier for personal needs as my company decided to switch to T-Mobile. The T-Mobile “service” I get is completely unacceptable, especially considering I live and work in a pretty densely populated area and can see one of their corporate buildings from my own office.

Now begins the requirements analysis phase. mmm, organization.

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Sometimes I like to stand on my balcony and point at cars as they come around the corner and slow down for the stop sign. I want to be known as the El Camino Real Pointer.

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The more you have to compromise with a person, the more likely they are not the right person for you.

Men need to make women feel like women and conversely women need to make men feel like men. I think men are simpler. Steak and a BJ and we are good to go.

If your idea of compromising is giving into oral sex, then leave this page immediately and never come back. No guy in his right mind would want to date or even marry someone who doesn’t give BJs.

What I mean to say is could you imagine your whole life without your most favorite thing in the world? I didn’t think so.

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WoW: 2.4 Sunwell Dailies

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I thought I’d put this here. It is a guide to the new dailies with the 2.4 patch, including when new vendors, etc. will pop up for you:

From the very beginning, there are five Outlands dailies that can be done for the Offensive. Those dailies should always be available. I don’t know if they assist in reclaiming the various areas in Sun’s Reach.
* - Gaining the Advantage
* - Sunfury Attack Plans
* - The Multi-Whatever Something-or-Other Survey
* - Blood for Blood
* - Blast the Gateway

For the actual reclamation project and the dailies associated with each phase. Note that some of the dailies can still be completed after they finish, replacements are marked with a —

Phase 1 - Recovering Sun’s Reach Sanctum
* - Erratic Behavior
* - The Sanctum Wards

Phase 2 - Recovering Sun’s Reach Armory
* - Further Conversions (Replacing Erratic Behavior)
* - Arm the Wards (Replacing The Sanctum Wards)
* - Distraction at the Dead Scar
* - The Battle of the Sun’s Reach Armory

Phase 2a - Building the portal to the Sunwell from Shattrath
* - Intercepting the Mana Cells
— - Maintaining the Sunwell Portal
— - Know Your Ley Lines - This is logically where the quest would go, but it is unknown at the moment.

Phase 3 - Recovering the Sun’s Reach Harbor (All of this is speculation)
* - The Air Strikes Must Continue (Replacing Distraction at the Dead Scar)
* - The Battle Must Go On (Replacing The Battle of the Sun’s Reach Armory)
* - Intercepting the Reinforcements
* - Taking the Harbor
* - Making Ready - Creates the blacksmith and armor/weapons vendor.
— - Don’t Stop Now

Phase 4 - Finishing the City
* - Keeping the Enemy at Bay (Replaces Intercepting the Reinforcements)
* - Crush the Dawnblade (Replaces Taking the Harbor)
* - Discovering Your Roots - Creates a reagent/special items vendor
— - Rediscovering your Roots
* - Open for Business - Is unlocked when Discovering Your Roots is completed
* - Disrupt the Greengill Coast
* - A Charitable Donation - Helps build a monument
— - Your Continued Support - A Magnanimous Benefactor can only be done during the “A Charitable Donation” portion. For a 1000 gold, and probably an Exalted reputation requirement, the “of the Shattered Sun” title can be obtained.

I am a daily quest junkie, so anything else that comes my way, wow, I’m there.

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Warning: SQL Statement is Missing SQL

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I found some great code at work today I’d like to share. I’ve omitted anything that might qualify as a trade secret or proprietary information. I’ve also changed the names of the innocent variables to make it more readable. Also, this won’t be funny if code makes your brain hurt.

Here’s the error I kept finding:
Warning: pg_query_params(): Query failed: ERROR: bind message supplies 3 parameters, but prepared statement "" requires 0 on line 9175

Upon investigation, I determined that the reason our postgres query was failing was because we forgot to actually give it any SQL statement (pay attention to the second parameter here.. it should contain the SQL query that you want to apply the third parameter for):
$ret = pg_query_params($this-connection, "", array($shipping_type, $customer_id, $payment));

Well, fine.. but I thought it was funny.

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Free Guitar Hero faceplate from Activision

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The main man showed up with a nice box for us. Naturally i thought it was my random shirts from Woot!. We got a nice surprise when we opened it up and it was a new faceplate for our wii guitar.

I don't know if everyone gets a faceplate or not, but we got one because we returned our mono disc for a new one.

ok ok, here are the pics…

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Another 4am epiphany.

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I want to start off by talking about a funny link cieje sent me in IRC. It basically sums up my life at this point and that I should f-ing snap out of it. Linky

Here is the particular message:

So with that aside, I’d like to talk a bit about music. They’ve been raving about “Azure Ray” in IRC. I have not yet heard much of the artist, but what I have heard I have liked. So I will definately keep an update on my cheers or jeers on that matter. Another artist, who’s song I can’t get out of my head, is “Yael Naim.” Her song is played during the macbook air commercial. I think I like her video a bit better. It reminds me of my roommate and the good times we had.


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