Happy Holly

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Here is my cousin Holly, being her cheerful self:

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Funny PvP

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All Heals On Me was bored and decided to do some pvping.  I suggested it be to the death.  Here is me dueling with Blukrystal, BM hunter.  Murda decides to rez her and take vengeance for something she did earlier.

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It smells like organization

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I may have mentioned dunemap before. A tiny little project among billions for me. I set up Trac for it this morning, so now I’ll get happy little lists describing exactly what comes next.  We stopped using Trac at work for anything other than visually seeing what changes were made with subversion, and replaced it with Jira. This thing is pretty well scalable and is insanely configurable for users and admins. I didn’t really want to spend the time to figure out how it works so I didn’t even bother.  emerge www-apps/trac  and a couple of minor tweaks to apache’s config and I was up and running. The apache config changes were mostly just copying what I already had for subversion.

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What’s your tagline?

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I think you’ve all read the wonderful comic, Sinfest. I’ve noticed that every (non-color) comic has a tagline for the author. Go ahead and look at the archives to get a handle on what I’m talking about. I’ll wait while you do that.

So, today’s experiment is for you to make your own tagline, in the same vein. Leave it in the comments.

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I’ve been using Xmonad as my window manager under X11 since early December. Xmonad is written in Haskell, a purely functional programming language that compiles down to machine code. Haskell is the most different looking programming language I’ve ever seen; when I started looking at Lisp, the structures made sense, but I’ve been lost looking at Haskell code. I suppose I need to pick up a book on the subject. I digress, Xmonad builds upon a different paradigm than what most users are used to. Most Window Managers (including Windows Explorer, Gnome, Etc.) use co-ordinate based stacks of objects to represent the environment. Think of this as having Firefox or Internet Explorer fullscreen, and you press alt-tab to get to Google Talk or you drag iTunes around the screen. Xmonad deviates from this by implementing what’s known as a tiling window manager. Instead of stacking objects, Xmonad gives applications non-overlapping regions of your monitor. This has the handy effect of putting what you’re using right in front of your eyes.

The way Xmonad handles where it puts the applications is terrific. If you have one window open, it will take up your whole monitor. If you have two, each will get half. But what about if you have three, or more? Xmonad solves this by declaring the left half of your screen as the main workspace, displaying one window there, and divides the right half in twain. Hence your attention can be given fully to your main application, while you switch to the other programs for support. This is quite handy if you’re a programmer and you have GNU Emacs or gVim open as your main application and two terminals open to test your project stacked one on top of the other to the right of it.

There is the obvious issue of “Most of my applications are designed as WIMP interfaces and this will break them!”. Don’t worry, other tiling window managers such as Ion force you into strict tiling, but you can configure Xmonad in its settings file to allow certain applications to float on top of other windows. Everything in Xmonad can also be controlled by the keyboard. Switching between windows is as simple at hitting alt-k. You can switch virtual desktops by pressing alt-<screen_num>(I switched mine to alt-f1 … f9 so as to not interfere with Irssi). There’s also multi-monitor support.

You can find out more about Xmonad at http://xmonad.org. They also have a directory of interesting screenshots, and a wiki full of configurations.

Xmonad In Action

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Some Java sample code

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ObjectInputStream inputstream = new ObjectInputStream(fis);int numAvailable = inputstream.available();theBean = (TempBean)inputstream.readObject();for(int i = 0; i <= numAvailable; i++ ){
public class ObjectInputOutput implements PlayerInterface {
static ObjectInputStream inputStream = null;
static ObjectOutputStream outputStream = null;
static FileInputStream fis = null;
static FileOutputStream fos = null;
public Collection<PlayerBean> readStuff(String file) {
Collection<PlayerBean> aCollection = new ArrayList<PlayerBean>();
try {
fis = new FileInputStream(file);
inputStream = new ObjectInputStream(fis);
int num = fis.available();
PlayerBean aBean = new PlayerBean();
for (int i = 0; i <= num; i++) {
aBean = (PlayerBean) inputStream.readObject();
try {
catch (Exception e) {
catch (Exception e) {
finally {
if (inputStream != null) {
try {
} catch (IOException e) {
return aCollection;
public void writeStuff(Collection aCollection, String file) {
try {
fos = new FileOutputStream(file);
outputStream = new ObjectOutputStream(fos);
Iterator iterator = aCollection.iterator();
while (iterator.hasNext()) {
Object someBean = iterator.next();
PlayerBean testBean = (PlayerBean) someBean;
catch (Exception e) {
finally {
if (outputStream != null) {
try {
catch (IOException e) {

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Sins of a Dune Empire

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I’ve been playing Sins of a Solar Empire a lot lately. It’s a fantastic 4X RTS. It’s like a galactic scale Starcraft meets Civilization. I’ve also taken up building a Dune themed map for it. logikal is helping me with it a bunch. So far I’ve got players for House Atreides, House Harknonnen, House Corrino, House Vernius, House Richese, and I plan on adding the Bene Tleilax and maybe the Zensunni. I’ll keep this updated with the status.

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Stupid Persian Virgins Part Deux…

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111179234: oh well i am an ANGEL
111179234: the purest of kinds
Jewberg: virgin eh?
111179234: indeed
Jewberg: persian?
111179234: perhaps
Jewberg: haha
Jewberg: typical
111179234: really
111179234: y’s that
Jewberg: all persian girls claim to be virgins
111179234: well im not claiming
111179234: sadly
Jewberg: why would you still be a virgin at 23?
111179234: y wouldnt i
111179234: is the better question
Jewberg: because you need to get laid already so
you can get good at it
Jewberg: so that when you find someone you like
he doesnt have to teach you everything
111179234: but what if there’s no one decent to get
done by
Jewberg: there are plenty of decent people to get
done b
Jewberg: by
111179234: really
111179234: where
Jewberg: find some hot guy
Jewberg: and say , fuck me now k thanks
111179234: right but im not a guy
111179234: we like the first time to be […]

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Don’t be a scandelous ho and pretend that you arent…

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Great2BeRich: u are handsome
Jewberg: thanks, flattery will get you everywhere
Great2BeRich: u should have no problem getting a
hot girlfreind
Jewberg: the problem is finding the cool girlfriend
Great2BeRich: I know
Great2BeRich: there are a lot of hot girls in town
Great2BeRich: u will get one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jewberg: haha are you one?
Great2BeRich: im exotic
Jewberg: i would love to see a pic
Great2BeRich: lol
Great2BeRich: u will ask me out
Great2BeRich: if u saw it
Jewberg: and you want to go out with me, so whats
the big deal?
Great2BeRich: i have a boyfreind already
Jewberg: wtf are you doing on here then?
Great2BeRich: just looking to see if there are cuter
guys then him
Great2BeRich: lol
Great2BeRich: i know sounds f’d up
Jewberg: yes you are
Great2BeRich: ok i got to go
Great2BeRich: have fun tonight
Great2BeRich: bye
Jewberg: bye crazy
Great2BeRich: […]

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This mexican jdate chick…

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Well this Chola linked this video to me of her dressed up during Halloween

and then I found her pretending to be Wacko Jacko

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Giant Mammoths

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I’ve just returned from a weekend trip to Mammoth, CA. A bunch of slackers all headed up in a van with the intent of hurling ourselves down the face of a mountain on sticks strapped to our feet. Naturally, I got separated and lost thanks to the reliable Maker Effect. I ended up going around the backside of the mountain and falling face first down a run too hard for my skill level. I had a great time doing it though. A little from the ol’ pedia on the ski area:
The Mammoth Mountain Ski Area is a large ski resort located in eastern California on the east side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in the Inyo National Forest. The ski area, commonly called simply Mammoth, has the best terrain park according to Transworld Snowboarding Magazine, and is consistently ranked in the top ten ski resorts by Ski Magazine.

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