Bike Routes

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I mapped out my two favorite routes for cycling on Google Earth. The Kittitas route is what I used to ride when I was a student at Central Washington University. It’s about 24 miles, and has a nice rolling profile. The only caveat of that ride was that there was almost no shade. Oh, and I was almost dispatched by some Rottweilers and Black labs.
The Redmond to Seattle route uses both the Sammamish River Trail, and Burke-Gillman trail. Really it’s just one trail, but changes names in Bothell. It used to be a rail line for timber before being converted.
The Ironhorse route was a leg of the Ironhorse Trail (aka John Wayne Trail), that I used to ride my Mountain Bike on. The trail extends from North Bend, to Spokane and used to be a railroad. It’s an unpaved trail, but has […]

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Joshua Tree Adventuring

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I’ve completed the Skills Camp 2008 at Joshua Tree National Park. It was extremely fun and I got a chance to use a lot of the new gear I bought including but not limited to:

 Kelty Crestone 2 Tent
Barely a First Aid Kit
Rocket in my Pocket

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In the words of the great peons of Warcraft; “More work?!”

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I’ve recently been engaged in trying to make an idea profitable.  In addition to my heavy workload at my office, and my regular daily activity this is going to prove more than a little tricky to manage, but I’m pretty confident that I can devote the amount of time and CPU cycles to it. I’m intensely busy with this project at the moment, but hopefully something easy and lazy will manifest from it to generate revenue.

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Affordable Housing Rally, Anaheim, CA

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Skills Camp 2008 - The Photos

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I’ve posted a number of photos from our group camping trip to Joshua Tree from this past weekend. I’ve started to use Adobe Lightroom to organize and edit my photos, and so far I’m loving it. It also has the option to post both HTML and Flash based pages to a site via FTP, which I’ve used to create a gallery for this trip. As I get better and take more photos I’ll post more of these types of galleries.

I’m quite happy with some of these photos, but of the 257 photos that were taken only 17 were good enough to post online for others to see. Most of my exposures are being done through trial and error, I’m trying to pick the shutter speed and aperture I think is right, take the picture and then adjust as needed. Sometimes I’m way off on my first guess. But all of these photos were taken on a manual setting, so I can at least say I chose the exposure that you end up seeing.

So I’m learning, but slowly. I still need to get a better eye for seeing pictures. Jill took some pictures of the same events I did and hers are much better in composition. As she mentioned to me, I tend to take pictures too close, she gets further back and shows the whole scene.

Generally, I need to start taking technically correct photos that show the scene, then I can start taking artsy pictures.

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Snowmobile Moto-Cross into the house.

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We got both our snowmobiles running. A 82 Yamaha Exciter 400, and a 65 Yamaha something… We had willy and Lori over to ride with us. Silly me i let the Wife take the nice machine and head off with it, so i hopped on to keep track of her. We went over a hill but Willy didn't make it, so as i was pulling him over the hill ol Wifey gun it over a mound of snow directly in front of the house. She Flew! She launched over the mound, bailed off, and the machine went of a flight of stairs and slammed into the house. She flew about 15 feet… not a lot for some of you. She on the other hand only had about a 15 foot run at it.

This is her standing by her little boo boo. Her […]

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Apples in Syrup

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Here’s a tasty treat that I hacked up.
1 Granny Smith Apple
1 Tbs. Butter
1/4 C. Brown Sugar
1 Tsp. Cinnamon
1/4 C. Apple Juice

1. Peel the Apple, cut it in half, and then quarter it. Now core the apple with your knife. Next cut it into eighths, and cut each of the resulting Apple crescents in half so that you have sixteen Apple chunks.
2. Heat your skillet over Medium-High heat and melt the butter.
3. Put the Apple in the skillet and coat in the melted butter. Cook for approximately five minutes, tossing every couple of minutes.
4. Sprinkle the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon on the Apple and toss the Apple around. Cook until juice is drawn out of the apple and a thick syrup starts forming on the bottom of the skillet.
5. Once the Apple is just barely fork tender, pour the Apple Juice into the pan and […]

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Skills Camp 2008

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I’m prepared and excited for Skills Camp 2008. I’ll be heading into the relative wilderness of Joshua Tree National Park for the weekend for some rock climbing and general fun. This time I have my own stove and tent. I’ve been thinking about backpacking lately, but I don’t own a frame backpack nor do I have the ability to walk for extended periods of time. By extended periods of time I mean I can’t walk more than 5 to 10 minutes on non-flat unpaved ground. Let alone hike for a day. I’m thinking of trying to build up to it though, because I’d really like to go visiting some of the local mountains here, and maybe retrace some of the places my dad visited.

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Life Goals

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Yes, yes, I know I haven’t posted a real entry in umpteen billion seconds. Or more precisely, just about 11,000,000 seconds (that’s orders of magnitude more precise, even though it’s still very round.) I haven’t been talking the time out of life to write, as was the intention of this site. It’s one goal of mine that I’m failing at, and I think I just found another that will suffer the same fate.
Not long ago, I made a list of life goals on my online notebook. One of those goals I’ve had for a long time now, it’s one of those goals that can only be accomplished in death. My goal is to only shave half the days of my life.
But now, Esquire makes a compelling argument for Shaving Every Day.
Of my life goals, this seemed to be the most achievable. It’s the only […]

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It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Trail

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I just got back from my first outdoor ride of the year. It’s one of those sunny weekends in January, where the nine months of cloudiness has given way, and the warm rays I hear they enjoy in California poke through and make Washington almost bearable. Along with the Sun comes a certain ‘phenomena ‘ on trails that I’ll call “clueless pedestrians”. A horde of indignant neophytes, if you will. These are people that tend to walk three or four abreast, have dogs on leashes that are wandering around the trail, and of course the unattended toddlers who define keeping a riding line something like a sinusoidal wave.
So when I started my ride from Marymoor Park blissfully unaware of what was in store, as I was as happy as could be. With all the training I’ve done indoors since November, my legs feel better than they ever have before. I […]

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Blife Plans

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blife is the cellular automaton program that I’ve been working on for the past few months. I wrote most of it in mid-November and have been touching up bits of it ever since. It’s currently written in C and runs Conway’s Game of Life rule set (23/3). I’m going to be rewriting it over the next month in C++ and implementing a generic engine so that is can run other rule sets specified at run time. If you’d like to help out, or keep up to date on the new version, please email me at, and I’ll keep you in the loop.

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