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2007 Book List

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Here’s my yearly list of books that I’ve read. I’ve put the titles I think people ought to read in bold.
[1] The Soul of a New Machine
[2] Zinn and the Art of Road Bicycle Maintenance
[3] Learning GNU Emacs
[4] The Diamond Age
[5] Snowcrash
[6] The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
[7] Mona Lisa Overdrive
[8] The Urth of the New Sun
[9] Dreaming in Code
[10] Positively False
[11] Managing Humans
[12] The Pragmatic Programmer
[13] Practical Common Lisp
[14] Hackers and Painters
[15] The Cathedral and the Bizarre
[16] On the Road
[17] The Mythical Man Month
[18] The Knight
[19] The Wizard
[20] Memory as a Programming Concept in C/C++
[21] True Names and the Opening of the Cyberspace Frontier
[22] Revelation Space *reading*

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New office. New Desk.

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Willie gave me a desk from his work. Well, i took my couch and the old desks out and put the new one in. It was quite the little project. The desk luckily came in two pieces so i was able to get it in the little doorway.
Most of the stuff is put back, but things like my KVM and MAC are not hooked up yet.
Old office (the cave)
New office, it actually looks and feels like a real office now instead of a little room with computers in it.

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My History of Programming

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This essay is a somewhat brief history of my programming experiences. It is by no means all encompassing, but I’ve tried to hit all of the big moments in my programming career (my favorite classes and so forth).
Although I had experimented with QBasic a little bit as a lad, it wasn’t until High School when I got my TI-85 graphing calculator that I really started to program. The TI-85 was a wonderful device that allowed users to program in a BASIC right on the calculator using the keypad. The primitives and control structures were all listed in horizontal menus, and you’d select which one you wanted using the menu buttons as the top of the keypad.
I didn’t have a manual on BASIC, so I fooled around with each keyword until I understood what it did. The first program I managed to write was a simple Fahrenheit […]

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I’ve been enjoying a screencast put out by Eric Normand over the past month and a half. The topic that he’s been covering is programming in Common Lisp (which I’ve been studying for a few months now). During each episode, Eric works on a Reddit clone in CL, using freely available libraries such as Hunchentoot (a webserver written in lisp) and CLSQL. He also takes time to develop unit tests using Selenium, so that as he iteratively adds to the program, he is able to make sure that all functionality stays in tact.

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december 2007

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It’s been all quiet on this site of late as pointed out by ojuice. I’ve been working a lot more and when I’m not working I try to keep a routine. I tinkered with the armory xml: http://quietdespair.com/alts/. View the source to see what else I’m parsing. So that was kind of fun for a short while. I got a ginormous raise at work, which was exactly what I needed.

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The first videogame to bear my name, Viva Pinata (Windows version), was released about a month ago. It is currently somewhat tough to find in stores, so if you plan on purchasing it you may want to do so online. The game was initially created by Rare, and ported to the PC by Climax, and was published by Microsoft Game Studios.

If you have no idea what this game is, let me give you a quick overview. You play as a farmer, aptly personified with a shovel avatar. It’s your mission to attract Pinata-animals to your garden and domesticate them, while converting evil “sour” Pinata’s to your cause so that they do not kill your livestock. There are a few different super-varieties of Pinata that will require different varieties of plants and landscapes. For instance, you’ll need to have a water garden to get the Chippopotamus, and Dragumfly–and a savanna to get a Horstachio.

You can use your shovel to whack open Pinata’s. As you do so children will cheer. Your other Pinata’s will then rush over and eat its sweet sweet candy.

I’ll post a screenshot of the credits whenever I am able to do so. ;D

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