the obligatory seasonal update

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Been a while, mostly since I was trying to keep the last post at the top so that I could reference its date.

This weekend should be really neato. Friday, camping with Wendy and some people. Hurray camping! It’s been too long, because of that stupid hot daystar thing. I got a neato headlamp that I actually need to go pick up, and the footprint for my tent. Plus, I got these awesome fold up dishes that are about the coolest things ever. I got the set you can see here for a whopping $15. So neat.

Saturday, we’re going to the Magic Castle. I’ve never been, but everyone I know who’s gone has said that it’s ridiculously awesome. And hey, who doesn’t love magic. Only zombies don’t like magic. You’re not a zombie, are you? Good. If you were I’d have to beat you in the face with a bat or something. Really, that’s just too much work.

I skipped a rank in Bujinkan! I’m now a 5th kyu budoka (how we refer to people who take bujinkan)! Hurray me!

I’ve been playing a ton less WoW… like, I’m not sure I can still be considered to be playing it. I still dunno how I feel about that. I miss the playing with people, but I do like all the other stuff I’m doing instead. Meh, probably just another couple-month break.

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New Phone, Moto Q9m

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So i saved my pennies and got me a replacement for my vx5200 cell phone. Its a moto q9m. So far i have been pleased with it. I have e-mail, mp3's, videos, google maps, internet, and office on it.
I need to get a smaller headphone adapter so i can plug headphones in, but when i m by myself, the built in speakers sound really nice.
I have noticed a little slowdown sometimes, but its not too bad.
I mostly use it to check my work assignments.
The verizon people couldn't figure out how to hook my old phone up, so i had to use bitpim and pull the names out of my old phone and then use The Missing Sync on my Mac to put them on my Q. (Active sync required outlook, ahahaha! riiiiiight!) Missing sync worked wonderfully.
After my data plan runs out i […]

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Dan’s Road Trip

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So hippie dan took a little trip to utah with his new love. Well, on the way back he stopped thinking (or maybe he was thinking about miche…)and drove right past the fork in the road. well, his 90 mile trip turned out to be amost 200+ miles, hehe.

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The Ukulele…

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…is the most under appreciated instrument ever. A while back I saw a retrospective of Leonard Cohen songs and one of them was a guy playing Leonard Cohen songs on a ukulele. It was awesome.
And here is some ukulele music for you to enjoy.

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