Birthday Girl

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Happy Birthday, Jill.

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Faster Yet

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Bringing Everything Else Home

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This is a response to one of my friend’s, James Naugle’s, commentary on the Thomas Barnett video in my last post.

For the purposes of kicking off some discussion I should say that although I get a big kick out of Barnett, we need to keep what he is saying in context. He is a visionary… by trade… he comes up with big ideas and visions of what the future ought to look like.
He kinda glosses over details… they aren’t his department. And those details can be a real pain if the operational/ tactical guys don’t handle them early.

If you want a more tactical look at things I highly recommend John Robb. His book Brave New War should be required reading for everybody in the Department of Homeland Security.
If you read the comments that John Robb and Thomas Barnett have made about one another you get the sense that they […]

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I will be moving tomorrow to somewhere in central Orange County. I can’t say where, because its Tustin Ranch. I’m not sure yet if it’s a real city. Anyway, my point is that some services will be disrupted while enterprise is being moved. DNS should be fine, but obviously anything thats hosted or running on enterprise will be unreachable. I should be setting up enterprise’s replacement in the next couple of weeks, with an actual data center for it to live at.

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To Commemorate Independance Day

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Thanks to logikal for this one

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The Start of a Slippery Slope

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People seem to hate the design of this site, especially the font choice. I’m quite happy with it, but I don’t want to dissuade people from reading my site because they find it ugly. So I’m just starting to think about changing it.
The thing I like most about my design is that it’s simple and not cluttered. However, I’m thinking of adding this:

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