So we adopted some kids….

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While reading the thrifty nickel on our way to Lava Hot Springs we came across these guys.
We picked them up from a real red-neck farmer. We picked both up for 80$. They will be priceless in our war with the weeds in the yard. No names have been picked out yet, but i’m sure something suiting will come sooner or later. Right now all they do is sit there shivering in fear. In a couple days and a new pen later they will be good to go.

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I’m sure you don’t really think you are a robot…

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AshesTooAshez:: what made you pick your name?
me: its part of my last name
me: and im a robot
AshesTooAshez:: i had a feeling
AshesTooAshez:: oh you are?
AshesTooAshez:: lol
me: do you like robots?
AshesTooAshez:: I don’t have much experience with them …
AshesTooAshez:: tell me more
me: well im hooked up to Lees brain
me: so he is laying in bed chatting with you
AshesTooAshez:: is that right?
AshesTooAshez:: lol
me: you know it
me: so what do you do ash?
AshesTooAshez:: sorry, one sec, brb
And then she signed off and blocked me. Later I got this email…
Hey… sorry I missed your IM.
I’ll be straight forward with you. I don’t see this going anywhere. It’s a few things, including the fact that you said you were “a robot connected to Lee’s brain” while he’s in bed … it was just a little startling. I’m sure you know you’re not really a robot, and I’m sure you’re nice, but aside from that you’ve just expressed a few of your opinions that are just too different from mine. I’m sorry. […]

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Jdate is like the WoW General Forums

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A friend sent this to me. This might be the worst typer in jdate history.
JoshSS1979: do you feel like tocking
jdatefriend: sure
jdatefriend: i like that you plan to open a pet store
JoshSS1979: I love all my pets will you like to no
what I hav
jdatefriend: sure
JoshSS1979: whell the puppy in the picher that is
my sisters
JoshSS1979: I hav my pets for one thing I hav 3 cats
1kition and 1 perit
JoshSS1979: and som other pets that ar smoll and I
just breed them
jdatefriend: whats your learning disability if you
dont mind me asking? i have one too
JoshSS1979: whell I just hav a hard time keching
things at first like most pupple
JoshSS1979: I hav a smoll medicoll problim
JoshSS1979: but that desnot stop me from keeping
in shape
jdatefriend: oh ok thats good
JoshSS1979: did you see my picher of me on the
jdatefriend: yeah. i like the puppy one the most
JoshSS1979: I no but I just pout that picher of me on
the […]

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Computing Wiki

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I’ve been working on a Wiki with some friends for the past few weeks. You can find it at Fishcracker. I’m currently in charge of the Emacs tutorial, and I’ve put a lot of work into it. There are also tutorials for other applications I pretty much consider essential: lftp, vim, and screen to name a few.

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Everything about this makes me want to /facepalm
This is totally an email I got on jdate:
are you jewish , i never knew guys with a name like jewberg.
What kinda girls are you trying to pick up:)?

Her profile (buffy6960):
My name is Bronwyne People call me Brony for shortnot paper towels anyways i have four fabulous friends who mean the world to me it’s very hard to describe my personalty….. i will tell you i am up for no games …. fun , calm , laid-back , shy , and have no time for drama . Guys if you are ego-tistical and are always serious then forget it . I enjoy good laughs and long walks , love the club scene (good times) enjoy flirting . I have a boy-frind but only on here to talk when i get board . haha anyways if there is anything i forgot feel free to […]

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What they say is true…

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After 8 million or so jdates, I’ve decided change my ways a bit. Normally I just meet for coffee. This is good for many reasons, all of which I refuse to enumerate during my coffee break. But a couple weeks ago I actually met some girl for drinks! She was nice and all… but she tricked me into meeting her without a pic by telling me she was 6th runner up for Miss College Florida or some bullshit. She was fat.
Anyway, last night some girl actually convinced me to bring my dog to our first meeting! Then we walked my dog to the coffee shop. But still, the dog got me a date! Isn’t that why guys get dogs?
So this girl was really cute and pretty cool but there were some red flags. There is that whole three month rule which needs an addendum at some point. She was great […]

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I hate Persian bitches on Jdate

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Every Persian girl on jdate is the same. They went to UCLA, then go to USC Pharmacy, drive a BMW or Mercedes, live with their parents in Beverly Hills in their mid 20s and are still virgins.
suite9300: so if you dates a girl that you really liked
but wouldnt have sex with you
suite9300: its over…….????????????
Jewberg: no, id have to deal with it
Jewberg: she would have to be awesome
Jewberg: and be sexual in other ways
suite9300: yea oral sex would be a no no
suite9300: and DEGRADING!!!
Jewberg: are you serious?
suite9300: hell yea
suite9300: so ur saying the relationship wouldnt
Jewberg: hells no, who wants to go the rest of their
life never getting head !
and now to piss her off..
suite9300: so fuckin israeli
Jewberg: so fucking 21 st century
suite9300: hells no
suite9300: whatevs
suite9300: maybye the bitches you meet…………………
are low class
Jewberg: ive fuck […]

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Some flips and some rocks

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I skydove today and did some forward flips. Very fun stuff. I also convinced my sister she wants to do AFF certification with me. Who needs laser eye surgery, anyway? Not her, that’s who.
There will be camping with rock climbing going on next weekend as well. Furthermore, my calendar is very cluttery and busy through June. Probably good for me, but I hate doing things.

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something fun and interesting

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in other news, I will be traveling outside of the Known Universe on the weekend of the 11th in order to jump off of some rocks to an uncertain demise in Joshua Tree National Park.

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